working in qatar

You will then have access to the public health service found in Qatar, which is very reasonably priced for expats, and free for natives. Use filters on the left to narrow your search results, Power Systems & Information Technology (PSTech), Doha Petroleum Construction Company (DOPET). Working in Qatar is not without its challenges. Think about banking; whether or not you keep your UK bank account will depend on a number of factors. They are also handily located near expatriate places of interest such as schools and the city centre. Your working week is likely to be Sunday to Thursday. Qatari nationals as well as those open to expats. Fees for these schools can be quite high but again you may find that these costs are covered by your employer. Westerners in particular are treated with respect and politeness. As soon as you have arrived, your company will start the ball rolling with your work residence permit. Sirelo has a network of more than 500 international removal companies that can move your furniture and possessions to your new home. Business visa applicants will need to provide a letter from the sponsoring company. Find information about working in Qatar as an expat woman; including recruitment advice, job interview tips, insights into the laws of Qatar, and Qatar's labour laws plus more. Qatar, and its capital city of Doha, is fast becoming another popular location for expats in the Middle East. Your working hours in a government position will be shortened during Ramadan. To complete this procedure you will have to undergo medical examinations, take a blood test and also offer a finger-print sample. Take note that under the country’s strict Islamic law, unmarried couples are not allowed to cohabit and same sex couples are not recognised, even if they are married in their home country (and homosexual behaviour is severely punished). A 72-hour business visa can be issued on arrival, and extended for an additional 72 hours. The popular international schools include: Qatar International School, Doha English Speaking School, American School. Nationals of Israel are prohibited entry to Qatar, as are holders of passports with evidence of travel to Israel. Qatari law prohibits employers from holding the passports of their employees. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a traffic accident then you must always remain at the scene of the accident otherwise you will not receive any insurance payments. UltraCare policies in Vietnam are insured by Baoviet Insurance Corporation Limited, and reinsured by Aetna Insurance Company Limited, part of Aetna International.

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