who wrote let's get it on

Their relationship would produce two children and a 1977 marriage. "[8] Gaye and Townsend rewrote the song's lyrics together with the original arrangements and musical accompaniment of the demo intact. It has been noted by critics for its sexually suggestive lyrics, and was cited by one writer as "one of the most sexually charged albums ever recorded". A 2011 Gold's Gym poll found "Stronger" by Kanye West the best song to work out to. [6] Following the earlier sessions in Detroit at Golden World, Gaye recorded at Hitsville West in Los Angeles from February to July 1973. After studying in Paris with a famous composition teacher, Charles became the most successful writer of TV theme songs. [7] "Just to Keep You Satisfied" was originally recorded by several Motown groups, including The Originals and The Monitors, as a song dedicated to long-standing love. In contrast to Motown's previously successful process of emphasizing an artist's single releases rather than their album, Gaye and fellow producer Ed Townsend followed a similar formula previously used on What's Going On, in which the album's songs flow together in a suite-form arrangement,[38] opposing label CEO Berry Gordy's strong emphasis on hit single success. But while the song centers around classically simple chord changes, the arrangement centers around a slightly eccentric rhythm pattern that deepens the song's power while covering it with a contemporary veneer. [11] Its signature guitar line is played by session musician Don Peake. [7] With re-recording the song, he had re-written the arrangement and lyrics to address the demise of his volatile marriage to Anna Gordy Gaye, who happened to be the original song's co-writer. [7], "Let's Get It On" features soulful, passionate lead vocals and multi-tracked background singing, both by Gaye. In the spring of 1972, Marvin Gaye was suffering from writer's block. [3] In his book Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye, David Ritz wrote of Gaye and the musical inspiration behind Gaye's second landmark record: If the most profound soul songs are prayers in secular dress, Marvin's prayer is to reconcile the ecstasy of his early religious epiphany with a sexual epiphany. [4] The single remained at number 1 for two weeks, while also remaining at the top of the Billboard Soul Singles chart for eight weeks. Above all, it has Marvin Gaye's best singing at its center, fine background voices on the side, and a long, moody fade-out that challenges you not to play the cut again.[2]. Its sexual balladry, multi-tracking of Gaye's vocals, and seductive, funk sound influenced later R&B artists and production. The Brazilian rocker sees pictures in his riffs. [7] Most of the instrumentation for the album was done by members of The Funk Brothers, including bassist James Jamerson, guitarists Robert White and Eddie Willis, and percussionist Eddie "Bongo" Brown.

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