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However, you'll be told what to expect in advance. Prepare for your Social Work university interview. You should also keep any jewellery and piercings to a minimum, and dress modestly (so no low-cut tops or shorts, etc.). Can you answer these Oxford University interview questions?How to choose a UK universityDispelling the myths around elite universitiesOxford university, postnatal depression and meCommon grammatical errors to avoid in your university application, Ashleigh, first-year student in law studies in Europe, from Aylesbury. They might also lower your offer conditions based on interview performance. don't be afraid to consider new ideas but if you don't understand something, say so and feel free to ask for clarification at any point if you need it. “What would you put in a bone?” was one of the questions I was asked. The University of Oxford released sample interview questions across a range of subjects, with advice on what would impress them in students' answers. But hold your ground if you still agree with what you said after being challenged. and Colleges work, assimilation of new ideas and information, intellectual flexibility and analytical reasoning, relevant to the course you've applied for, about the information you provided in your written application. We can help. I made sure that I had answers to any questions that the tutors might ask me about my personal statement. I did as many mock interviews as I could just so that I could understand, to some extent, the pressure and atmosphere of an Oxford interview, which is quite different from other universities. We’ve got help with deciding which offers to accept and answer your queries, from changing your mind to what happens next. Ok, maybe ignore the Boy Scout bit; you don’t need to know how to kindle a fire in the interview room. You've earned this interview based on merit and with proper preparation and honest answers there is nothing to worry about. Oxbridge Interview Questions; University Interviews Do’s & Don’ts; What’s the point of the LNAT? You’ll need to make your firm and insurance choices based on the offers you've received. The majority of applicants are invited to attend an interview. If you've expressed a particular interest – in an author perhaps, or a recent article or programme, or some work or travelling you've done – be prepared to be asked about it. There may be another more general interview with someone not directly related to your subject, probably a College Admissions Tutor, the person in charge of admissions for that College. Why do universities hold interviews? The majority of applicants are invited to attend an interview. Don't fret, this isn't unusual. Frequently asked Alternatively, they may ask you to read something just before you go in for your interview. Not all candidates who are interviewed will be successful/made an offer of a place, but all those who are made an offer will have been interviewed. Sometimes there is only one interviewer, but in other interviews there might be two or three depending on the subject you are applying for. For most admissions tutors, it's just one of their jobs alongside teaching or other roles – and as you can see from the above, response times and policies differ. All rights reserved. University and Colleges work, Care leavers and estranged students overview, College vacancies and course restrictions, Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ), Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ) overview, Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA), Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA) overview, Events for care leavers and estranged students, Oxford and Cambridge: the similarities and differences, How the University Prepare for your Vet Science university interview. Finally, while many popular or competitive courses will be closed to applicants after 15 January, many other courses will remain open, in some cases right through until the end of June, and will continue to make rolling offers until July. I didn’t expect to get an interview and, to be honest, I was terrified when I arrived. The interviews were enjoyable – being asked challenging questions outside the normal school environment I was used to was tough but rewarding. Pick a comfy pair of shoes for your interview day. When can you expect a university to reply (with an offer, hopefully!)? Evaluative interviews can be expected in order to gain admission to particularly prestigious universities such as Oxbridge. To find out more, we spoke to several different universities about their approach, which typically fell into one of three categories: In some cases, decision-making only starts after the deadline has passed and all applications are in. But I’d been to Oxford’s state summer school, UNIQ. Stop quaking in your boots, university interviews aren’t that scary. A guide to unconditional and conditional offers from universities you’ve applied to through Ucas. The University conducts a number of overseas interviews. If you’re asked to stay overnight, the College will normally cover the cost of your accommodation and meals. In order to minimise COVID-related risks to our applicants, students and staff in the coming undergraduate admissions round, we are making plans to interview applicants this year without requiring them to travel to Cambridge in December. It’s best to contact the uni or college to find out how and where you will receive information about your interview One or two will be with specialists in the subject you've applied for, one of whom is usually the College Director of Studies who would oversee your academic studies and progress at Cambridge. Universities hold interviews to try and gauge your interest in the course and to convince you to choose their university. Don't feel intimated or panic - just answer the best you can. See what makes a university special and discover where you belong. I met some people who I’m lucky to call my best friends now. If your number one university didn't make you an offer, pick yourself back up and see what to do next, whether that's accepting another offer, or going through Ucas Extra or Clearing schemes instead. In all cases, the College will explain the format of the interview in the invitation letter and if you have any queries, please contact the College to ask. Try to relax and enjoy it! Here, a selection of current students at Jesus College at the University of Oxford provide some top tips on how you can prepare. Or maybe they’ve heard from four of their choices but not the fifth. When you’re nervous, you’re less likely to think clearly and logically. Questions here will focus on your career aspirations. No advance registration is required for at-interview written assessments and your interviewing College will provide full information. If you’re applying for a course which has an at-interview written assessment you will normally sit this on the same day as your interview(s). University interviews can last anywhere from 10 or 15 minutes to around an hour. Jobs. Read some example questions to help you prepare for your interview. Have your responses to these questions polished and memorised. This could also be through debating or other school activities. It might be within a few days, but equally it might be a few weeks or even months. You need to be comfortable with being challenged on why you have a particular view. It's the process of reaching your answer that's generally of more significance  than the answer itself. The main focus of interviews is to explore your academic potential, motivation and suitability for your chosen course. By Alan Bullock(Careers Adviser)|16 September 2019|4 min read. Follow the university interview tips below to help increase your chances for success.

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