when did it last snow in london on christmas day

The view across to St Paul’s from Bankside at low tide. Christmas two years later, in 1849, was at least cold enough for something wintry to fall. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. The Clean Air Act 1956 ironically saw the return of dull Christmas Days – though 1956 was a white Christmas with a light covering of snow and a maximum of zero Celsius. Yet the average sunshine total for Christmas Day for the first four years of Elizabeth’s reign jumped to 5.2 hours. Is this accurate, is a White Christmas a common occurance in Great Britain? Saturday, 25 December, 1999 -- London officially enjoyed a white Christmas yesterday, thanks to a few snowflakes that fell on the roof of the London Weather Centre. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Autumn overlooking The Temple in Wanstead Park, Convective clouds build over Wanstead Flats, Taken on 11/11/2017 at 1600 as a cold front cleared I managed to capture the remnants of a Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud, Summer overlooking The Temple in Wanstead Park, Looking north toward Aldersbrook. Like many things Royal down the years it really captured the public’s imagination of taking a spruce or similar evergreen into their living rooms and decorating it every Yuletide. A white Xmas is indeed a rarity, even going back a couple of centuries. It is remarkable that this record was set just over a fortnight after the Great Smog contributed to the deaths of 4,000 people though other studies put the figure at 12,000 people. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The 1840s and 1850s, decades where most Christmas traditions marked today began, were often very mild, wet and windy – indeed before 2015 the warmest Christmas Day maximum temperature at Greenwich occurred in 1852 when the mercury reached 13.3C. Many probably failed to notice it but it still counts as a white Christmas according to modern bookie’s standards. Do you remember the last time it really snowed in Cornwall? Learn how your comment data is processed. White Christmas Days that followed included 1957 (showery sleet), 1964, 1968 (sleet), and 1970. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Fog and frost were also frequent. ( Log Out /  * Statistics for every Christmas Day since 1840 can be found here. Sleet, which fell at the end of a 4-day cold spell, probably added to the drama of swimmers taking part in the first Christmas Day swim in the Serpentine, Hyde Park. | Wanstead Meteo, London winter forecast 2019/20 | Wanstead Meteo, 1816: the year without a summer in London, Time to resurrect Valentines Park lido (and other outdoor public pools), November 1940: London's wettest on record, February's record diurnal temperature ranges. When Good King Wenceslas was first included in Carols for Christmas-Tide in 1853 the day was cold but there was still no “deep, crisp and even” snow or “rude wind’s wild lament”. Given this definition, England last enjoyed a white Christmas … Of course we had a taste of what a Dickensian Christmas Day was like four years ago when the mean temperature for the day was -1.9C. View gallery Dylan Thomas' poem 'A Child's Christmas In Wales' tells of a British landscape covered in snow at Christmas. Warm air sourced from off the west coast of Africa sent dew points soaring, the minimum on Christmas Day night into Boxing Day did not fall below 13.5C, another record. Though the period either side of December 25th began to be marked with cold, snowy spells it would be another 11 years before London experienced its first official white Christmas in 1864. Last time I remember it snowing in central London around Christmas was 1969 and I think that was Boxing Day, although I could be wrong, but if you're looking for the romantic, snowy, crisp Olde London Towne seen in old films forget it. All Canadians know about snow, snow shovels and snow blowers. However the white Christmas you're talking about with snow covered streets was likely around 1895: although one has to go back as far as 1895 to find the last Christmas-card blanket of snow covering the city on Christmas morning. For a white Christmas to be official, a flake of snow must be observed to fall at the four specific sites between midnight on 24 December and midnight on 25 December, even if it is mixed with rain and is not necessarily snow lying on the ground. The joint-coldest Christmas Day on record followed five years later in 1870 with a mean temperature of -7.2C. London, however, was still coming to terms with its worst-ever cholera outbreak. The concept of a white Christmas in London is … I heard from friends living in London that there is snow on the ground for Christmas Day (the amount of snow on the ground on Xmas Day is the way North Americans determine whether it's a White Christmas or not) even though there has been none falling (the UK's way of determining what's a White Christmas or not). The following year an image of Victoria and Albert celebrating with their family around a Christmas tree appeared in the Illustrated London News. Frustratingly, there has been snow on several Boxing Days in Wanstead (1995 and 1996) and in the weeks running up to Christmas, but not on Christmas day itself. What did he want to sell that snow was impeding? ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  In the Bing Crosby movie 'White Christmas' what gift does Bing receive from Rosemary Cloony at the end of the picture under the Christmas tree. The snow blower was invented by Arthur Sicard. There were some places which had snow on the evening of 24th in 1970, and a lot of snow fell on Boxing Day that year, but sadly not on Christmas Day, although there might have been enough to build a tiny snowman with the Christmas Eve fall. They also said that 2015 was also “technically a white Christmas” in the UK with 10% of weather stations recording snow falling. It's less of a comic than the Star, which appears to be aimed at semi-literate celeb watchers, but it's a small difference. With around 14,000 deaths from the disease Christmas was probably not a high priority that winter. Who was the father of Christmas Noelle Snow. Like modern times, however, there were exceptions and 1840 was very cold – the record for Christmas Day mentions “trees coated with rime (ice) 3/8 inch thick”! Is this accurate, is a White Christmas a common occurance in Great Britain? With a new century and new monarch Christmas-time turned milder and London would have to wait until close to the end of Edward VII’s reign in 1909 to see a ‘white Christmas’ – a poor affair with just a bit a sleet mixed in with the rain late morning. Dylan Thomas' poem 'A Child's Christmas In Wales' tells of a British landscape covered in snow at Christmas. Four of the 26 Christmas Days of George V’s reign were white but the mean temperatures suggest they were all marginal affairs – the core cold weather happening either before or after the 25th. Word of warning too: don't rely on The Sun for accurate info. It is surprising how varied the weather can be on Christmas Day – we always think that Yuletide in the ‘Olden Days’ was a cold affair but a look back to 1840 reveals there were times when it was just as mild as it has been in recent years. Christmas Days since then have been mostly mild affairs in London. Of note also is the dominance of south-westerlies that brought mild and wet weather – nine out of ten Christmas Days in the 1920s saw rain falling – far in excess of the average for rain on Christmas Day which is 47 per cent. Just one Christmas was white during George VI’s reign, a ‘good covering of snow’ was recorded by observers at Greenwich in 1938 – the snow falling at the end of a 7-day cold spell. Christmas Day 1976 was the last time snow actually fell on Christmas Day in this area though, officially, the last white Christmas was 1996 when a few sleety flakes fell in the early morning.

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