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Drake in AZ I'll take over Kamara who cedes goal line rushes to latavius Murray and who has been injured way more than drake and missed games. I currently have Drake ranked as my PPR RB9, but it's fair to rank him as high as No. in Fantasy Football Talk, By × It's impossible to treat Drake as anything other than a top-10 RB in 2020, and he has the upside for so much more. You don’t even need an MRI. Don't expect his top-tier efficiency to go anywhere despite the extra touches inside the Cardinals' brilliantly-schemed run game. RunCMC, 3 hours ago You think Drake would benefit that much from Edmonds getting hurt? } FantasyGuru24, February 15 in Fantasy Football Talk. I sure hope so myself. It matters. DISCLAIMER: This site and the products offered are for entertainment purposes only, and there is no gambling offered on this site. Although to be fair Edmonds hasn’t done much running either. Trying not to get too despondent. I haven't seen or heard anything to stop Drake from being drafted around his adp. agree I think he’s crying cause he’s played like doo doo on his “prove it” deal and knows this just cost him a few new Lamborghini and a vacation home in Palm Springs. I personally don't. in Fantasy Football Talk, By Maybe its that lingering injury he suffered during training camp? Arizona running back Kenyan Drake suffered a slight tear of a ligament in his ankle … I'm just glad he's still fit and involved though, which you can't say for some of the other guys. It's time. } If this ends up being a one week injury, you might find Drake trying to break his own leg to avoid the public shaming. But hey, his worst weeks are 10pt weeks. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER. Ryansm11 1,642 Ryansm11 1,642 On the Ballot; Established Members; 1,642 2,748 posts; Posted August 26. } He is lacking something from the end of last season. That would suck. Again I've seen no tape of his games but that is the most reasonable explanation. There isn't much statistical evidence to suggest that Drake can't be a full-time featured back other than the fact he's never been trusted with this role for an entire season. Now the question becomes whether that's something that heals or if it's just gonna make him somewhat of a bust the entire season. The averages off of 8 games 15.375 carries a game 4.375 targets a game 19.75 potential touches a game. And, bro, it is not a cool story. background:#ce1141; When the running back was traded to the Cardinals last season on Oct. 28, Drake just wanted to figure out what to do. Of course, the Cardinals aren't paying Drake $8.5 million to sit on the bench. Precautionary actions are measures used to prevent something from happening. display:inline-block; opacity:.9; People need to calm down. He responded with career-high marks in rush yards (817) and rush scores (8) while also catching at least 50 passes for the second straight season. Great day to be great. Clear editor. LOL. Drake's ceiling inside of the 2020 Cardinals' offense is as a true top-five fantasy RB ... like he was during the second half of the 2019 season. and his bye isn't until week 8. border-radius:4px;   Your previous content has been restored. Been having a tough time deciding.. between Miles and Kenyan honestly. He may be playing through an injury for all we know but he def has lost that burst and looks a little fatter lol, Yeah seems like it. NOTICE: No Assistant Coach Discussion in This Forum. Link to post Share on other sites. It's only a one year deal so he's a free agent if they don't re-sign him after the season but you have to think he'll get at least a couple more games as the lead guy to prove himself. He was struggling to find open lanes and sustained a high ankle sprain. Enter: Kenyan Drake. This was the first season he really missed time (outside of that concussion in his first year, I don’t remember what week that happened) 81 catches 3 straight seasons and a good chance of putting up 1000 rushing yards. He's also been vultured by Murray a fair amount so far. In mocks it sometimes comes down to Drake and Eckler (the likes of Chubb, Jacobs, etc. I wouldn't want this guy being stashed by my potential Week 14/15 playoff opponent. There's no way Murray continues to not check down, at least on occasion. If I'm Drake I'm not rushing back. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Panthers gave up 3 TDs to Josh Jacobs, 2 TDs to Fournette, 1 TD to Rojo, and 1 TD to Ekeler. lol I need to get there! color:#fff; I suspect they put Drake on IR this week and sign a free agent or practice squad running back as soon as possible to get the new guy practice reps and hopefully AZ won't have to use him. High ankle sprain is usually 4 to 6 weeks. By Clear editor. They're doing to have him making some short, intermediate throws soon enough. text-decoration:none; 2019 marked the first time in Drake's career that he had more than 200 touches in a season. “We’re being overly cautious, making sure they feel great, 100%, and they’re not getting back on that field until they are 100%, and they know that and they have been instructed to that.”, Kingsbury explained they have been told, “Don’t step out there until you feel completely healthy.”. } This service is intended for adult audiences. 1 WR DeAndre Hopkins won't necessarily lead to a porous overall offense.   Pasted as rich text. I’ll be answering the biggest questions heading into the 2020 season. And why not consistently utilize the threat of either Murray or Drake to make defenders second guess themselves? Wow, the guy is actually likely to play again this season. I personally don't think it's a season ender, but I do believe Drake felt that way when it initially happened. background:#ce1141; X-Rays were negatives but still waiting on the MRI, not sure what that means. I haven't watched his games and I'm not worried about Murray or Edmonds in the long run. In this case Lat got 1 for the year. } background:#ce1141;   Pasted as rich text. Also, Chase is better than him. I’m also high on drake, but I would struggle to take him ahead of kamara. The walking boot is precautionary just like plan b is a precautionary. On a per-touch basis there have been few backs as good as Drake since 2016: The man has been making defenders look stupid for the better part of the last half decade. gone), I'm probably taking Eckler if that's true in a real draft for me. .promo_edge:after { Until then, the only change I'm making is that I would draft Sanders/Mixon/Jacobs ahead of him if I was drafting right now. }. He knows the offense. on your point about being fit, I would disagree with that. opacity:1; These guys are warriors and they are as tough as they come. I avoided him in Snake but ended up with him in Salary Cap at a slight discount, but still effectively a RB1. Average of 5.47 yards per touch ranks 16th among 66 backs with at least 300 touches over the past four seasons. Regular people tweak things and they limp on it for two or three weeks waiting for it to heal and hoping for the best. If you need help asap he is probably the first to be dropped. padding:15px; Kenyan Drake is Kenyan Drake this isn’t some elite prospect rookie or second year player. And he was being such a drama queen last night I actually wished him "RIP." I'm still all in on Drake as RB7 or 8. Do you guys think he's worth holding? opacity:.9; If your timeline is correct, he's back for the playoffs and he still has RB1 upside. He's still the most likely guy out of that 3rd tier of RBs (Sanders, Mixon, Chubb, Ekeler, Jacobs) to finish as a top 5 back. That is maybe a best-case scenario for an outcome, based on what we saw last night. There is perhaps a lower touch floor than some of his fellow backs going in the same ADP range, but Drake also possesses a higher ceiling than this group thanks to his proven receiving usage. It’s why I wouldn’t draft someone like Deebo Samuel, rather than trade for him when that owner starts needing wins. text-decoration:none; DISCLAIMER: This site and the products offered are for entertainment purposes only, and there is no gambling offered on this site. You can follow Ian on Twitter @Ihartitz. Its just an emotional release. padding:15px; 7 days ago. This is a dude who played 4 seasons and was a bum for 3.5 of them. × Double or nothing. 10 came during the stretch of 4 games when Kamara got hurt. Overall, they joined the Ravens and Titans as the only three offenses to average at least five yards per carry. Hopkins and Drake are “two guys we want to get to that first game,” Kingsbury said. Display as a link instead, × This was due to Adam Gase and later Brian Flores in Miami, and before them Nick Saban leaned on the likes of Eddie Lacy, T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry over Drake at Alabama. .promo_edge:after {   You cannot paste images directly. No guarantees are made for any specific outcome.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Posted middling tackle-breaking numbers in 2018-2019, but average of 4.29 yards after contact per touch in 2017 is the third-highest single-season mark in PFF's database. Upload or insert images from URL. padding:15px; As for Drake, still drafting ahead of the oft injured Kamara. Paste as plain text instead, × If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call 1-800-GAMBLER. The 2019 Cardinals ranked 21st in adjusted line yards per rush and 26th in adjusted sack rate (Football Outsiders). By in Fantasy Football Talk, By The disparity between their respective average draft position makes Edmonds a solid value as one of the league's more-underrated handcuff options that has a feasible chance to earn an every-week role without injury. So Drake was carted off the field and cried and you guys think he will miss one week?. In all likelihood Chase will be a high-end option right up until the fantasy playoffs than Drake's return will make the backfield a mess again. 316 potential touches for the year Can Kenyan Drake take that workload is my concern. Click here to read the series of questions answered so far. width:100%; Yeah, definitely agree with that. We are still two weeks away from official injury reports. Alright guys. Clear editor. You'd rather your guys have a boot on after week 1 of the regular season? if he doesn't blow up against Carolina, all im saying is he isn't a RB1 which is most of us were hoping when drafting him this year in re-drafts. I feel violated. He's not even close. He was nothing short of fantastic in 2019. There's dudes out there dropping nuggs. I have them all in the same tier to begin with, so I'd just be using this as a tiebreaker to put him more towards the end of this tier. NFL Premium. I had the same injury during my peak and missed no time but that's because i'm built different. Should be getting news this afternoon but the fact we haven't heard anything along the lines of "Cardinals don't believe Drake's injury is serious" means it probably isn't good. The Cardinals were far from awful on offense, but their 16th-place finishes in yards per play and points per game didn't paint the picture of a next-generation air-raid offense. The NFL season is a war of attrition and it's hard enough for these guys to make it through when they start healthy. Go get your 2021 contract Kenyan. text-decoration:none; Hopefully we get more info than we got on Mixon's MRI from last Monday. border-radius:4px; We need to start being realistic about these guys. Lamont Sanford, 1 hour ago I am curious if Edmonds can handle the workload and stay healthy to see if Drake can get his job back. in Fantasy Football Talk, By Would want to get as close to 100% as possible and try to show something at the end of the season to warrant a contract next offseason. I know in fantasy points are points but the last thing Drake owners need is Edmonds forcing more of a split. . We've now moved past "be patient" to "your RB might be a bust if...." territory. in Fantasy Football Talk. GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Kenyan Drake has a better grasp of the Arizona Cardinals offense this season.   You cannot paste images directly. The biggest potential concern for Drake is Edmonds having a larger role than anticipated. He's not going to cry because he broke a bone and it hurts a bit. Upload or insert images from URL. border-radius:4px; As for Drake, still drafting ahead of the oft injured Kamara. }. in Fantasy Football Talk, By

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