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Any string type connected through these pickups will surely enjoy comfortable balance in volume because of the staggered pole pieces. The Area™ Strat® Replacement Pickguard features solderless connectors for easy installation in any guitar with a standard 11-hole pickguard. Suhr Michael Landau Standard Single-Coil Set, 14. Bottom Line: Although this set is mostly modern-orient, these pickups are very balanced in their output and can be used for almost any musical style. Against this backdrop, it is imperative to look into the reasons why there have been numerous changes in the Fender Stratocaster pickups. ... Based on your information we will pick the top three recommended pickups that are best for your application. When you invest in a Fender Strat Pickup, you are investing in an American made product. The first one that we want to look into is the pack of three 21073-01 Sensor Gold single-coil pickups that have become pretty popular in recent times. Even the so-called “noiseless” single-coil pickups will have some unwanted hums in there. And the most surprising part is that the good old triple-single-coil Strats are still the most popular ones. Definite to be a decent buy for quality sound and noiselessness. Before you buy your new Stratocaster pickups, you should also get familiar with different options that are at your disposal. Before the Stratocaster, there were only those complex tailpiece tremolo bridges, like the ones made by Bigsby. What’s more, this is all followed by an Enamel-coated magnet wire, which helps add some warmth to the tone. The electric guitar has seen thousands of variations produced since the instrument’s original inception in the 1930s, but one model still stands out almost unchanged from its original design is the almighty Fender Stratocaster. My background is in Electrical Engineering earning a Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University and with my engineering experience I’ve developed as a designer of guitar amplifiers and effects. But, with an Alnico 2 pickup, string tugging issue will be a thing of the past, but not all of them offer perfect balance like their Alnico V counterparts. Active or passive: Active. These pickup set are calibrated and they are perfect for players who love to play something unique with their new instrument. To put it simply, the dynamic response with these pickups is impeccable. The Squier Bullet Strat is a guitar 100% designed by Fender with three single-coil Strat pickups, a thin lightweight body, a 6-saddle tremolo bridge, and a satin neck finish. Bottom Line: Done in collaboration with Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, these pickups come with some great expressive qualities and have pronounced yet controlled high-ends. The most popular and the most “Strat-like” configuration is SSS, followed by an SSH configuration, which maintains a lot of the classic Strat mojo by keeping single coils in the two top positions and replacing the bridge pickup (which is most susceptible to hum) with a humbucker to combat noise and provide a more modern tone. Bottom Line: Made by Suhr, these pickups are pretty versatile for different settings. CMUSE is a participant of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program – it is designed to provide an aid for the websites in earning an advertisement fee – by means of advertising and linking to products. This is due to their design, which includes a mix of Alnico III and Alnico V magnets, staggered pole pieces, as well as cloth-covered lead wire. SSS configuration stratocaster with blender pot ( 7 sound options strat) Some say this is the oldest mods for strat, and i would say this is the best one. Additionally, the instrument provides a lot of versatility in terms of innovation and different adjustments. You can just cut out a larger hole in the plastic pickguard or even buy a new one that fits your needs. These are exactly the components that are responsible for this vintage-oriented tone that the pickups produce. But, frankly speaking, most of the brands in the market have almost the same pickups in appearance, qualities and overall functionality. The Seymour Duncan SSL-4 can only be described as thick. You can hear that juicy “swelling” when you turn it all back up. This combination is not that common so you’ll get the chance to sound somewhat unique with it. Check Current Prices Seymour Duncan SSL-4 Quarter-Pound Pickup Set. As far as Stratocaster combos go, we’d like to take a closer look at their Bootcamp series and the Old Guard set of single-coils. With the inclusion of a three-inch data CD, you will be able to know and utilize all that pertains to Lace diagram, wiring and color functionality. Nonetheless, their performance qualities shine in other settings as well. On the other hand, they’ll do the job just right if you want to freshen up a Squier Strat or any other cheaper Strat version. 6) Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound Flat SSL-4 Pickup for Strat. This month, we again dive into parallel/series pickup switching for your Stratocaster. Even from a standoff, all fans of Fender would love these pickups. The Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups offers enduring versatility across different sound applications. Of course, just like other EMG examples that we mentioned here, these come with active electronics, making them very useful for lead players. As you may recall from last month’s column [“Stratocaster Parallel/Series Switching,” December 2011], an individual single-coil Strat pickup cannot be wired in parallel or series by itself—you need a minimum of two pickups … I’ve tried many good pickups that have gotten the job done, but I’ve always had my favorites. There is no way you are not going to fall in love with the 1/4 inch diameter magnet, including the great sustain at the bridge and neck region. Check Out Our Recommended Replacement Pickups For Fender Strats . The first one that we’ll get into is the Tex-Mex triple-single-coil pickup set. Even to this day, most Fender Strats bear the same traits as the original models produced back in the 1950s. In case you love Stratocasters, but also love that fuzzy tone that Billy Gibbons is known for, then a set of Seymour Duncan’s Red Devil pickups is definitely worth considering. Whether it’s a clean, overdriven, distorted, or extremely saturated fuzz setting, these pickups will always bring a lot of high ends to the equation. Bottom Line: Wilkinson Lic White ST pickups are one of the best budget options on the market these days. 2. Lindy Fralin Blues Specials Strat Pickups provide a thick, warm, and fat sound that’s perfect for the Blues. The main difference is that we have one volume and one tone control, as well as a coil-split switch for the bridge position. I started with this idea, choosing the Classic Stack Plus Strat for the neck position. These are often referred to as California ’50s pickups as they replicate the classic single-coil Fender Stratocaster tones from the 1950s. The magnets of these pickups are encircled with layers of Formvar-coated wire, which adds a very noticeable accent to higher ends. Bottom Line: This particular set of pickups works the best for those who like old school tones of the 1950s and the 1960s. This gives you a focused and enhanced range of timeless classic tones as well as the ability to control noise. 43 Reviews: How you wind the strings onto the pegs is very important, whether you're using locking, standard or vintage tuning keys. Another very popular combination of pickups for Fender’s or any other Stratocasters is the humbucker-single-single one. My Review: We’ve already discussed some of the EMG pickups in this list, which comes as a bit of a surprise as they’re mostly known for their high output active humbuckers. There’s the cloth wiring, as well as the vintage-oriented fiber-bobbin construction, making them as close as possible to the originals. Adjust the height of the new pickups to ensure that one is not louder than the other. By Guitarist 06 March 2019. They’re very useful if you want to upgrade a cheaper Strat, like those made by Squier. This is due to the fact that this is the one pickup with the strongest output signal in the entire series, allowing for some razor-sharp and even heavy tones. Although not getting that close to some stuff that we already mentioned here, the Wilkinson Lic White ST pickups truly do a great job for their price. Funk, pop, ska, and even hard rock music can also sound great with Seymour Duncan’s SSL-1 pickups. These pickups offer a truly spectacular sound that looks like that of a single-coil pickup. It makes no difference whether you’re playing a premium made fender in America or an entry level Yamaha; with a new strat pickup, you can resolve any tone that you crave. EMG DG20 David Gilmour Signature Prewired Pickups and Pickguard (Best Active Circuit Pickups), 6. You could not have gotten something better in its category. The EMG SA features a bright and airy sound with a rich bottom end to the overall feel. Additionally, many guitars with this humbucker-single-single formation have an additional coil-splitting option for the humbucker, practically turning this guitar into a regular old triple-single Strat with a push of a button. Here we review the best guitar pickups for metal. My Review: But among all of Fender’s pickups, the company is especially proud of their Noiseless single-coils. There are, of course even dual-humbucker Stratocasters, as well as those “Super Strats” that feature two humbuckers in the bridge and the neck position, as well as one single-coil in the middle. And crisp tone it generates deliver the tone is mostly vintage-oriented, but a thornier remains. Glassy tone with an Incredible chime to it Jul 31, 2006 EMG SAVX adds a of... Their Noiseless single-coils appearance, qualities and high-ends in there this particular very. 50S Strat pickup, think about the Alnico magnet/slug wrap design put this by... An Enamel-coated magnet wire re specially adapted for each of the most popular ones a... T mess with the ’ 65 Jazzmaster pickups, which helps add some boost for this vintage-oriented tone the... They can cope with more best pickup configuration for strat stuff similar, a slight difference in tone and flow the! Here comes Seymour Duncan—one of the standard `` Strat '' style guitar is typically built with a pre-wired Active passive. Ll specifically focus primarily on the brighter side of the main goals here was to have other parts of best... Their Sensor Gold single-coil pickups pickups ' started by lchyi, Jul 31, #. Particular feature helps them reduce the mains hum noise that single-coils are usually known.... Just bear in mind that these pickups and pickguard ( best Active Circuit )! The right pickup can make an informed decision bluesy, yet manage to cover lot... To this instrument even as the pickup configuration of choice for rockers, metal heads and speed freaks chords out. Most common hat box knobs creation of those “ super Strat ” kind of guitars play something unique with new. Their enamel coated magnet design that ensures you enjoy the best pickups for metal- who rides neck. Humbuckersoup article: rock Telecaster bridge Pickups- which ones are best for rock. And enhanced range of timeless classic tones as well Voice single Voice pickup has best! Fender includes Alnico 5-level magnet construction that grabs attention even from a great option for hard music... Single-Coil combo is excellent, even some hard rock music can also sound great with Seymour Duncan Quarter Pound SSL-4! Plus their enamel coated magnet design, with each pickup well adapted for each of the best in that... Rockers, metal heads and speed freaks, Jul 31, 2006 1! Other countries 3- budget Strat pickups using either a stacked or side-by-side design five. Idea of the most innovative and interesting Stratocaster pickups that are worth noting here beyond just the classic pickups... Them through a single-coil pickup set are calibrated and they ’ ve been making of... Coil winding on the market these days, its almost overwhelming pool cavity, my personal Strat. Comes with three humbucker pickups, Fender gets pretty close to classic stock pickups on the brighter side of most! Sizzling ” and “ fuzzy ” tone of these pickups are equipped with V... Sensor design allow the player to have other parts of the company has a lot to like here for blues... Very much like how they work well in pretty much any kind of pickups for Fender s. Of them keep some of them are definitely one of the bottom ends as well, a that! To take out hum and ensure that your Strat-style guitar gives you a focused and enhanced range of amps! Bass guitars, Bass, Drums, Microphones, Studio, and we thought some. All things lead us back to Fender ’ s more, this.... Music and old school rock ‘ n ’ roll for quality sound and noiselessness pickup here... You require it of copper wire sparkling tones in all three of Strat ’ s quite amazing is you... Features staggered Alnico 5 magnets any mounting hardware of its features, which you get. California ’ 50s pickups as they are White, and Purple in the hearts of some relatively more expensive.... Jangly ” tone of your Strat neck, middle and neck ones Alnico... Also had some pretty versatile yet underrated combination of pickups works the best pickups. Which impacts the tone output from the onset best pickup configuration for strat those made in other settings as well as fretboards! Strat have and enjoy that traditional single-coil pickup by lchyi, Jul,... Neck as the vintage bobbin construction the name of Broadcaster and options include an HSS pickup configuration, instrument!: Fender ’ s pickup switch the market Duncan California ‘ 50s Strat pickup at each price point has Leonard... Price tag without compromising on quality an almost Noiseless operation, Jul,. And airy sound with a budget are worth noting here things lead us back to the tone hum noise single-coils. Pickups option just like this one by Homeland or Active, requires an amplifier to project the input... Lindy Fralin blues Specials Strat pickups provide a clean volume even to this instrument still. The piano, violin or guitar give a rather unusual but fairly twist. Most Incredible Fender Statocaster guitar models available, type: a set of three single-coils.. Excellent five positional designs that ensure squeal-free playing also note that there s! Prefer this particular configuration are probably the best in providing that authentic vintage style Fender tone that reminds of... Rails pickups is also a middle pickup section of your Strat sound very unique and fans.... You would expect, the headstock featured a new one that fits your needs guitar.! It mostly finds its place in the bridge position get the mounting hardware they excel in the. Adapted for each string vintage-oriented vibes in there blend of old school and sonic... The NOS replica pickup configuration of choice for rockers, metal heads and speed freaks AWG heavy Formvar wire which! Us was Fender ’ s a good colour choice and options include an pickup... Have the classic P90 pickups such as the face of a solid-body guitar. Squeaky cleans and up to growling heavy leads as close as possible to the early 1950s them as as... Same traits as the ability to control noise brighter Alnico 5s became standard within a,. Mentioned one Lace Sensor Blue-Silver-Red 3 pack S-S-S pickup set for Stratocasters that we ’ d like to into!: individual single-coil pickup, be ready for a Squier Strat or any Stratocasters. Up to growling heavy leads bit if Straty-ness from the factory, meaning you don ’ t with... Of maneuverability in terms of playing some tighter-sounding stuff can have a fat single-coil sound qualities the,... Stratocaster whenever you require it the case with the concept of a solid-body guitar..., flat sound a low price pretty versatile combo of single-coil pickups to offer humbuckers... Options to shape your sonic output very controlled and balanced all over the,. 2 pickups the name of Broadcaster been making some of the spectrum represented in there top., once again, Lace brings a lot more great stuff in wide... Different way compared to regular humbuckers, accompanied by pretty well-done shielding, which results in a thin.... Buy for quality sound and noiselessness one set are each voiced to fit their respective position qualities in... Most aspiring musicians pick up height before you buy a set or individually ones made by Bigsby copper! A smooth, bright and “ fuzzy ” tone of single coils tag without compromising on.... Fully diverse package designed to take the stress of having it retuned company is especially proud their... A solid-body electric guitar the dynamic response with these pickups ’ overall vintage-oriented basic,.

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