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Don’t touch your face. We (both in at-risk groups) have been there around 7 am each of the past few weeks and ever since the CDC’s mask recommendation, I can’t recall seeing a single unmasked fellow shopper. Please get in touch for more information at! Jmho. Pressing broccoli to your nose and then setting it back down for the next person to buy, is not only unnecessary, but not something people want to see right now. Though in some situations, it might make better sense for those individuals to not put themselves in public settings during this time. Sometimes you just have to make the best decisions you can with what you have in front of you. Seattle company says its spray treatment could make cloth masks more effective against virus I want to encourage people to request paper bags over plastic (better for the environment), and to ask for single bags rather than double, because there is a shortage of paper bags. The annual West Seattle 5k, originally scheduled for May 17, has been cancelled. Before preparing or eating food it is important to always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds for general food safety. I SIMPLY WON’T GO TO STORES WHO DON’T REQUIRE FACE MASKS. I personally am not interested in making one, but those tips might help someone else (hope I get a reply about buying one locally however). 1st Ave S has become a heavily trafficked corridor as part of the detour route for the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure. Phone (206) 937-0551. “It’s a beautiful day and we’re happy to be here!” she enthused, encouraging fellow singers to dance between verses of “Peg O’ My Heart.” Nearby, Roberts-Brown’s husband, Steve Atit Marmer, swayed while seated on his scooter, waving his arms gracefully as if blown by a rhythmic breeze. And anyway, if those things happen to be a secondary benefit to wearing a mask (again, don’t see them mentioned on the CDC website), with the first benefit being that it helps to lessen the spread of the virus, those aren’t bad things. Throughout the day use a tissue to cover your coughing or sneezing, and wash your hands after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing, or going to the bathroom. Subscribe NOW to be in the know!. Under the sunshine, song after song poured out: “Chattanooga Choo-Choo,” “My Blue Heaven,” “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes,” “It Had to Be You.” For the chorus of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” — “I’m in looove with you” — Roberts-Brown turned to face the building and opened her arms toward the singers in their windows looking down. WSHS has funds available to address the basic needs of students and can provide funds for food, shelter, supplies necessary to participate in school and more. I then wheel the cart to my car and bag things myself with my reusable bags. The virus particles are so small, it seems they can get around/through homemade masks. We know that there are lots of challenges out there with COVID-19 restrictions for families and for teachers and staff. During the Wednesday singalong, Roberts-Brown’s voice rang out loud and clear, despite the face mask she wore. Without our two spring fundraisers, we are facing a budget shortfall of over $6,000. Splash Fabrics online gets them out quickly. Phone: 206-684-7623. It doesn’t get much simpler. On Friday, Oct. 3, we performed maintenance on the West Seattle Bridge Trail near the Chelan Café. It’s an easy, good option. I load up my paper bags to the top and carry them from underneath, and haven’t had one of them break on me yet. Order 5 and they donate 5. Cancelling this and our other spring fundraiser has left us with a budget shortfall. You don’t want to wear a mask? At The Kenney, a retirement community in West Seattle, the residents have begun regular gatherings to sing their favorite nostalgic songs — from their balconies and windows, or standing (more than six feet apart) on the lawn. The singalongs are held usually once a week with good weather. It’s not judgemental to share information that may help keep people safe. Seattle did a study of the bag ban, but focused on bags recovered at the transfer stations rather than how many grocery bags stores were using before/after. It’s just a strategy to help us get through this health crisis, more safely and more quickly. Sounds like even more reason to wear one to me. Of course we should all do what we can do to, but are we going to wear masks during flu season too, since the flu also kills thousands and thousands of people every year and also spreads asymptomatically through talking? The newsletter includes information from all different areas of the school and the community as well. If they can require face masks, they should be able to kindly request folks not rummage through entire stacks of tomatoes with bare hands potentially tainting everything. I ordered mine earlier this week and got them today. “We love each other. I think arguments are helpful in threads like these, because sometimes people seem to be outside of reality and science, and judging their neighbors unnecessarily. This is the seventh consecutive Saturday for our weekly check-in on grocery shopping at West Seattle’s standalone supermarkets. We are going to miss you all and miss this wonderful community event! That’s so gross. To learn more and donate, visit their website. Local… plus SUPER easy website AND arrived within 5 days! Our cashier informed us that reusable bags won’t be allowed starting Monday. Every thing I have read clearly states that they really don’t know if homemade cloth masks help prevent the spread of coronavirus. What community leadership! Anyone have a recommendation on where masks are for sale? Each edition of the newsletter is available below. Do you think the whole world is overreacting, and that you know better than leaders all over the world? We are going to miss you all and miss this wonderful community event! Of course, by this Tuesday, their new rule will have kicked in anyway…. I have had to turn around/back track down an aisle (the ‘wrong way’) because I did not want to weave around people that were standing in the checkout lines just to get to the next ‘proper way’ aisle. The musical skills of the group “range from practically nonexistent to semiprofessional,” she said. I’m postponing my every 10 days or so trip until Monday morning. Most are truly doing their level best given the circumstances. Mailing Address: Thanks again for all your thoughts! Having said that, it’s hard not to be a bit surprised when you see someone wearing a mask over their mouth but then hold up fresh broccoli and literally touch it to their nose to smell it,  multiple times. Why have you been so bent on arguing they aren’t effective enough? Mailing Address: What is your point?Here is the CDC site: say wear your mask to slow the spread of the virus. I think you are confusing two things… what is being suggested here is that if all people were to wear a face covering in public (assuming people wear it appropriately) it will dramatically help reduce the spread of the virus.

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