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Reed Trimmer for Each Size of Reed The Cordi er model is best known standard clipper, but you need to try them out to ensure they cut cleanly, and they need to be replaced every few years. Dull sound when playing softly … Continue reading → It won’t tell you everything you need to know but I think this is the most important things to learn so you can start fixing your reeds straight away. Advice. When you’re adjusting your saxophone reed, the way you move your reed depends on the problem that you’re having. Reed Adjustment Chart Fault Area Tool Remarks Too soft Tip Trimmer Clip small amount. It is impossible to get the exact equivalent of reed strength between various brands and models in the market. Lack of resonance 1 & 2 Dutch rush Balance. refer to the illustration labeled “Reed Adjustment Diagram.” To use this illustration, locate the area on the diagram with the same number or … In many sections of the guide, such as “Adjusting and Customizing Techniques,” the numbers, letters, and instructions in the text (“Thin T, Scrape 4 and 5, Balance 2, etc.) The Saxophone Reed Strength Comparison Chart. Buzzy or edgy Tip Trimmer Same as above. 4 Minute Guide to Saxophone Reed Adjusting. This section really only “scratches the surface” (so to speak). So the following chart only gives a general comparative insight into reed strengths by brand as accurately as possible. Here’s my SUPER QUICK guide to reed adjusting! As these vibrations take place the sound is made. Saxophone Reed Strength Comparison Chart. I have had to leave out a large amount of information, in the effort to be concise. Our topics here are: Minimum Tools, Reed Selection, The Breaking-in Process, Vamp and Tip Adjustment, Warps, Weather, and Continuing Adjustment. Test after each clip. If the reed is too hard or if the sound is too dull, move your ligature down and your reed up slightly. Enjoy! This makes it easier for the reed to vibrate against the mouthpiece. A saxophone or clarinet reed needs to be attached to a mouthpiece (by way of a ligature) in order to produce sound in those respective instruments. The tone is created as the air pushes through the instrument, pressing the reed against the opening of the mouthpiece and causing a vibration.

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