value proposition examples

By boldly addressing them as "non-accountants," FreshBooks not only commands attention but always highlights a common marketer pain point of not being able to understand accounting software. Most companies couldn’t pull off using words such as “magical” to describe using a smartphone, but Apple can. Right off the bat, the benefits are emphasized instead of the features while also featuring its main selling point—price. Products/Services: Dogvacy is a platform that connects dog sitters with people that need dog sitting services. Making "travel backpacks for International, Urban Travel," the brand is going after hardcore travelers who are annoyed at the thought of checking bags and inspired by that of backpacking. Its APIs and tools are comprehensive, state-of-the-art, and trustworthy for businesses that demand nothing less. Primary benefit: Easy payment processing regardless of location. Let us know in the comments below. The non-profit organization charity: water is dedicated to providing communities around the world with clean drinking water. What makes this value proposition unique? Target market: Business owners and marketers. In this value proposition, Unbounce is very clear about what it offers while also addressing a common marketer pain point of needing to defer to or call in their "IT guys.". Target market: Small business owners and marketers. It simple, clear, but wonderfully powerful. It makes that clear with its latest homepage design that has not one, but three different value propositions -- one of each of its main products. We’ve got this.”. It quickly addresses its closest competitors, Quickbooks and Xero. , or the thing that sets you apart from all of your competitors. What makes it unique? The Value Proposition: “Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without I.T.”. “From cameras and drones to apps and accessories, everything you need to help capture life as you live it, share the experience and pass on the stoke.”. Use these as inspiration to blow your competition out of the water. RafflePress. Use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations and more. What does it feel like to use your product? Many people open stores and they succeed. Thank you, Roger! What makes it unique? Examples of compelling value propositions: Identify customer pain points and clearly express the benefit your product or service brings to your. Unlike others on our list, Lyft skillfully targets two different personas at the same time with two distinct value propositions. Primary benefit: The ability to learn via bite-sized lessons. This is especially important when your product or service's goal is to simplify the lives of its users. The above 15 are value proposition examples you can learn from. Social proof – evidence of customers and testimonials. Also, while clearly explaining the final stage of the process – paying and rating the driver – this information implies that there is a final definitive action required by the user, something Uber does not. Value proposition: The Dollar Shave Club helps people by offering quality blades and other products delivered to your door at lower costs than big brands in retail shops. Why it Works: This one focuses entirely on the brand’s biggest benefit: the ability to pack everything for a trip in one bag. For [target customer] who [statement of the need or opportunity], our [product/service name] is [product category] that [statement of benefit]. No fees. Ryan Deiss

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