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Another swirled to the ground at Sweetwater, Okla., near the Texas border, killing MR. and MRS. CHESTER TIDWELL and critically injuring their 10-year-old son. Apart of the Tornado Outbreak of May 30-31, 2018, the Udall EF4 first touched down at 4:33 PM CDT south of Peckham, Oklahoma. The Udall Kansas Tornado: May 25, 1955. It moved across Bridge Creek and rural parts of northwest Newcastle, causing continuous F4 and sporadic F5 damage. Multiple locations were found. My wife called to me. Other similarities in the development of these tornadoes to the Massachusetts tornadoes of June 9, 1953, are pointed out. Proceedings of the 2nd Conference on Atmospheric Electricity, Portsmouth, NH, Pergamon Press, Pg 543-556. junction and moved into northeast Moore, at which point it weakened slightly to F3/sporadic F4 intensity and began a gradual turn to the left. VICKI KING, aged 3. This tornado was produced by the same parent supercell thunderstorm that had generated the violent tornado that struck Blackwell, OK earlier that evening. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. In fact, the bodies of three children were never identified, and one child who survived the tornado was lost and never reunited with her family. It crossed southeastern Oklahoma City and entered Del City as an F4 tornado, width 1/3 to 1/2 mile, along SE 44th between Sunnylane and Sooner Roads, and continued north-northeast to the northwestern part of Tinker Air force Base, near SE 29th and Sooner Rd. Norman, OKNational Weather Center120 David L. Boren Blvd. Winter Weather PATRICIA KAYE BOYD, 9. One fatality occurred at a business just east of the interstate, and one final fatality occurred in a home between Eastern Avenue and Bryant Avenue. The Udall tornado caused the highest death toll in a US town with a population under 1,000. SYLVIA ANN MANGRUM, 6 months. Today, we know that charge separation leading to lightning flashes occurs as a result of collisions between different types of precipitation particles. Wichita, Kansas2142 S. Tyler RoadWichita, KS 67209-3016316-942-3102Comments? © 1956 American Meteorological Society Severe Weather Safety J. EDWARD TAYLOR. [10] Brown, R.A., and H.G. At the same time a twister damaged homes and buildings at Braman, 10 miiles to the north, and a bolt of lightning killed 48-year-old FRANK KOHLER, an oil worker, east of Blackwell. The tornado traveled in a general southwest to northeast direction across the center of town. US Dept of Commerce Udall, Kan. (AP) -- The spring's most devastating tornadoes ripped through 14 Kansas and Oklahoma communities Wednesday night leaving 80 persons dead and property damage estimated in the millions. Suite 2400Norman, OK 73072(405) 325-3816Comments? Causing EF1 damage … In the Messer area, a new house that was destroyed even had the carpet pulled up, and all that remained on the slab were the carpet tack strips. A local business structure and a mobile home were destroyed in this area. Farther west, critical to extreme fire weather conditions are expected in the Desert Southwest, Great Basin, and California. [1] Montgomery, F.C., 1955: Tornadoes at Blackwell, OK, May 25, 1955. I jumped up and the door blew open. In all, at least 116 lives were lost in Oklahoma on that fateful night with another 68 deaths occurring in Texas. & M. College sferics project show the development of a cyclonic protuberance out of the left rear quadrant of the radar echo similar to those previously observed in Illinois, Texas, and Massachusetts. Despite the destruction of this elementary school during school hours, no fatalities occurred at the school. This turn took the tornado more to the north-northeast as it crossed I-240 between Bryant Ave. and Sunnylane Road. The tornado passed east of Braman, then turned to the north-northwest and dissipated to the southeast of South Haven, in south central Kansas. Communications were hard hit. HAROLD STONE, 63. MARY KINKEY, 80. MIKE WOOD. Satellite Imagery, Forecasts Office Staff Another tornado swooped down on a residential section of Durant, in the southeastern part of the state at 5 a.m. today, unroofing homes for four blocks. Damage estimates were at $1.5 million. Stay out from under heavy furniture and appliances on the floor above. What We Do The density of housing also decreased east of Bryant as the tornado moved east and east-northeast before dissipating at 2:35 PM CST east of Air Depot Blvd. Air Quality The Weather Bureau said the Udall twister was the worst killer in Kansas history. MR. and MRS. BOYD. The town was virtually destroyed. Weather Ready Nation Known as the deadliest tornado in Kansas history, the Udall tornado took the lives of 80 and injured 270. Latest Climate Report(ICT) Especially hard hit was the Falcon Lake neighborhood, near the Kingfisher County border. ALEX BUTLER. Please Contact Us. Because of the Woodward tornado and other devastating tornadoes in the late 1940's and early 1950's, and because of new technologies available after World War II, the Weather Bureau (now the National Weather Service) began a tornado watch and warning program in 1953. Probabilistic Snow Graphical Forecasts Social Media At least one death in this area occurred when the tornado struck an automobile. The south half of town was completely leveled. The tornado moved to the northeast and struck Antlers, passing from the southwest corner of the town through the northeast portion. Therefore, lightning flash rates are related to updraft size, speed, and duration. MRS. HUGH EMBRY. No estimate was computed of the amount of crop damage left by this storm. But it regained F4/F5 intensity and widened again to 1/2 to occasionally 3/4 mile as it moved northeast across south Oklahoma City, entering Moore just west and north of 12th and Santa Fe. MRS. W. A. BURRIS. MRS. SARA LeFORCE, 86. It caused some light damage as it moved almost due north into Kay County. Past Weather Events, Weather Safety The 60yr anniversery is next year. Never try to take shelter under a bridge. Please select one of the following: Averages and Records for OKC, Wichita Falls & Lawton, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Nationwide, Current Conditions As is moved northward, it swung eastward around the town of Oxford to a farm three miles north-northeast of Oxford where it took the lives of five children of one family. The supercell thunderstorm would produce at least another 4 tornadoes near the Oklahoma State line and in southern Kansas. The damage was massive with 500 homes damaged, 400 homes destroyed, 20 business establishments leveled, and 40 additional businesses were damaged. ROBERT LEROY COSTLOW, 2. Tornadoes also skitted about Texas during the night and one was blamed tentatively for the flaming crash of an Air Force B36 bomber in rugged country northwest of San Angelo. Many homes and businesses were swept clean by the tornado, and several inches of top soil were vacuumed from the ground in some of the affected areas. The physical state of this tornado varied as it morphed between multiple vortex and solid funnel phases during its lifetime. More Observations Past Weather Events Winter Weather Safety, Special Programs KATHERINE JEFFRIES, 4. 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