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Clinical research on cannabis suppositories is limited. Here are some other strains to really ramp up erogenous play and give you the tingles: There’s no simple answer to this question, because these classifications are less important than the terpenes in a strain, according to Renko. Another little-known use for hemp is fuel. Cannabis sativa is valued for its uplifting effects, providing a very different experience than cannabis indica. Cannabis indica can provide an effective alternative to medications that can be addictive and even damaging to the body. They grow relatively fast regardless of climatic conditions. A few common uses for hemp are: Hemp seeds can be used for a variety of food and health purposes. If one cannabis plant smells like diesel and another reminds you of lemons — that’s terpenes at work. This may be due to the fact that many sativa strains are high in CBD, which has been studied for its ability to increase feel-good chemicals in the brain. Sativa flowers tend to smell sweet, floral, and even fruity. Sativa strains are often recommended for people who need a burst of creativity or productivity to get things accomplished. Royal Queen Seeds watches industry developments closely, and when it comes to Kush, we want to see if any fruity, sweet, or savoury strains catch our eye. If you are looking to pretty up your garden with a flower that can help you relax whenever you absolutely need to, browse through the numerous types of kush and find the one that suits you best. Looks like getting your “Kush” on is the way to go if any self-consciousness is making your adult playtime less enjoyable. Both are indica-dominant, high-THC hybrids that hit you fast with a body-warming euphoria before melting to blissful relaxation. Topical application of CBD can be slow to take effect and research is ongoing into ways to improve delivery for faster results. Of the three main types of marijuana, cannabis indica is known for its sedating effects. Users report a slow start before an intense euphoria with a gradual come down. Now that you’re armed with some cannabis strain and product ideas, here’s some advice to help you get the most out of the experience. Chronic, painful conditions such as fibromyalgia and persistent migraines often results in patients being prescribed powerful painkillers over the long-term. Inhalation methods and tinctures taken under the tongue are quick-acting methods, which make dosing a bit easier. The kush flower they produce can range from simple to awesome depending on the quality of the seed you are using. When it’s smoked, indica flower often tastes floral and fruity. After it’s turned into fiber for clothing or paper, hemp’s naturally light color means it doesn’t require bleaching. Tip: make sure to download my free Grow Bible for more information about types of marijuana Experts disagree on the role strains play when it comes to effects. He advises his patients to ignore strains altogether and focus on dosing and method of delivery. Among the conditions for which indicas are frequently used are: People with conditions such as multiple sclerosis often experience painful spasms in the muscles throughout their bodies. If marijuana…, There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between the different components of the cannabis plant, especially with current laws. To be legally considered hemp, U.S. government requirements state that a plant must have no more than 0.3% THC. If edibles are your preference, they’re probably better saved for a solo sesh. There’s nothing sexy about cotton mouth or vaginal dryness when you’re trying to get your freak on. Sativa buds often have a sweet, floral fragrance. If you want to give a THC or CBD lube a go, you have a few to choose from, starting with GoLove CBD Intimate Lubricant. This is also the time to discuss safer sex and make sure you have barrier protection on hand. Both Dr. Tishler and Renko agree that edibles aren’t the best way to go for partnered sex because they’re too slow and unpredictable. • Related Page: What Is Hybrid Marijuana? For a novice in the world of cannabis, hearing discussions about the various strains and different types of marijuana can be dizzying. Users of CBD and THC suppositories, like Foria Intimacy Suppositories, say they’re great lubricants that also help mitigate pain during and after anal or vaginal sex, as well as enhance sexual pleasure. Certain terpenes are treasured for the particular taste they lend a strain. John Renko is the cofounder of GoLove CBD Naturals, along with sexologist and bestselling-author Dr. Sadie Allison. Get consent and set clear boundaries before getting started. Unlike many cannabis strains commonly found in dispensaries, cannabis ruderalis is naturally low in THC. When she’s not holed-up in her writing shed researching an article or off interviewing health professionals, she can be found frolicking around her beach town with husband and dogs in tow or splashing about the lake trying to master the stand-up paddle board. (Credit: Le Loup Gris). They are a bit more costly compared to regular seeds, are easy to grow, and demand average maintenance. Communication is key to great sex and it needs to happen before you get high. Dosing varies between the different methods of delivery, as does the time the effects take to kick in. One of the most resinous strains available at coffeeshops in Holland, Buku is the result of crossing an authentic Burmese Kush with the clone-only OG Kush so well known in the Los Angeles area. Regular seeds are what nature intended for us. Ruderalis is a lesser-known autoflowering kind of marijuana. This type of cannabis isn’t popular among recreational users, but it is highly useful for breeders due to its unique characteristics. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. So were we. For centuries, it’s been used to make rope and canvas (In fact, the word “canvas” comes from “cannabis.”) Hemp fibers can also be used to make paper and clothing. Sativa. Hybrid in-depth. In fact, many people use sativa as a non-pharmaceutical treatment for ADHD. The only catch is that you need to dig deep into your pocket in order to buy autoflowering kush seeds. Meanwhile, a varying range of terpenes help round out the effects of each individual strain. Considering using CBD to improve your sex life? It also grows in Afghani, as well as Pakistani mountains, but its flavor is so unique that it stimulates a musty earthly sensation to your taste buds. Different types of marijuana plants don’t just vary in their effects; they’re also different in their appearance. There is no one set of effects from hybrid cannabis. “Those actually are just physiological plant classifications made around the physical plant properties and not its flower profile, which is where the focus should be,” he explained. Indicas also tend to stimulate the appetite. Because it’s high in CBD, however, it can be useful to those who use marijuana for health purposes. Here are some of the diseases and ailments that sativa strains are often used to treat: While the effects of cannabis sativa feel very stimulating to most, they can actually be calming to people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). People battling cancer often consume cannabis to control their pain, as it has the added benefit of controlling chemotherapy-related nausea and stimulating the appetite. Before you do, find out what the experts have to say about its effectiveness. The truth, however, is that different types of kush, will get you high in a different way. To ramp up your sex drive, Renko recommends choosing strains with high levels of the terpene limonene, like Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake. The different types of cannabis go far beyond just sativa and indica. Just because it has no psychoactive effects doesn’t mean hemp is useless, however. The calming effects of indica tend to calm all manner of anxiety – from panic attacks to social anxiety. Hemp is useful as an industrial product and as a health supplement. Farmers find hemp to be an excellent cash crop. Many people in the “cannabis construction” movement use it to make fiberboard and a material known as “hempcrete.”. Different weed strains will have different strengths; some will affect the body and some will be more psychoactive. This makes them good for growing indoors. They find that it slows their minds down and helps them focus on tasks for long periods of time. Though research continues into cannabis and its benefits in and out of the bedroom, 68.5 percent of people in one study said sex while using cannabis was more pleasurable. It might be tempting to smoke all those stems that are gathering dust in your jar, but you may want to think twice before lighting up. This gives them the opportunity to combine ruderalis traits into higher-THC indica and sativa cannabis strains. Here’s What Experts Think, 12 High-CBD Cannabis Strains to Ease Anxiety, Is There a Safer Way to Smoke Cannabis? From its seeds all the way into its final form as a finished product, hemp proves to be useful and to have very little negative impact on the environment. In general, the Afghani mountain regions have given birth to many types of kush besides the two just mentioned. Everyone’s different, so some strains may enhance touch for you, while your partner’s body may respond to different strains. A lesser-known species among the different marijuana types, cannabis ruderalis once grew wild in the harsh climates of Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Asia. Sufficient lubrication is key to comfortable and enjoyable penetrative sex. This doesn’t mean they don’t have other effects that can help you below the belt. Make sure you stay hydrated in every way by keeping water and lube on hand. It can also help put any of your cannabis worries to rest if you’re concerned about any less-than-sexy effects. A couple of options are Papa & Barkley’s Releaf Body Oil, Relax Aromatherapy CBD Oil, and CBD Daily Massage Lotion. Due to its stimulating qualities, people with anxiety disorder are often warned against consuming strong sativa strains of marijuana. Consuming hemp comes with a long list of health benefits, as well; it’s full of CBD (cannabidiol), a cannabinoid that’s known for its calming, pain-relieving, antidepressant effects. Which is better: indica, sativa, or hybrid? Strains containing the terpene linalool — known for a nice calming effect — are the way to go to enhance your solo session, according to Renko. Popular strains: Three popular indica strains are Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, and Granddaddy Purple. The best one for that encounter will depend on how your body responds to specific strains and on the type of romp you’re aiming for. The truth, however, is that different types of kush, will get you high in a different way. Beyond marijuana itself, there’s also non-psychoactive hemp, which is valued for its industrial uses, its nutritional benefits, as well as its medicinal potential due to its high levels of cannabinoids such as CBD. With…. Hybrid strains can also be helpful to growers who want the effects of one strain and the physical characteristics of another – an energizing sativa-style strain that’s small enough for an indoor grow area, for example. The fibers from the hemp plant can be woven into many different materials. For some, cannabis works wonders for their symptoms, but for others, it ramps them up. Hemp is also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids. We’ll take a…. Ruderalis plants are not only hardy; they’re also small in stature – growing to only 1 to 2.5 feet.

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