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Norman Bel Geddes designs a 5,000 seat complex for the Brooklyn Dodgers in Vero Beach, Florida, Brooklyn manager Wilbert Robinson brags that he could catch a ball dropped from an airplane at spring training. Check out his page on Pro Football Reference. [4] While there he received little playing time behind starting shortstop Marty Marion[4] and was unhappy with his prospects. Thank you Bob (Consadine, emcee), distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen. There greatness has gone on and will go on forever. I’m very honored to be inducted into the Pro Football’s Hall of Fame. [18] In 1964, Baugh coached the AFL's Houston Oilers and went 4–10. Obviously, such a change could not be totally brought about by one individual. Celebrate all of the Washington Redskins' Hall of Famers with this exclusive, one-of-a-kind, team color, t-shirt from the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Bill North's attacks Royals rookie reliever Doug Bird, St. Louis Cardinals ace Bob Gibson suffers a broken leg, Rod Carew ties Pete Reiser record of 7 steals of home in a season. Wiki Videos. sammy baugh. When you start putting your own money up and not having anything in return friend, you’ve got a little courage then. But to me the people who should be honored are the owners who stayed with it back in those days when they weren’t making money, losing money with pro teams. You are aware of this record in throwing and in kicking and all of that sort of thing but he has told me the record that stands out in his mind more than any which brings out the one platoon system is his pass interception record which is something that he is very, very fond of and that is the test of greatness in any person when he talks about something that didn’t score a touchdown. As noted by Michael Wilbon in The Washington Post, the football of Baugh's era was rounder at the ends and fatter in the middle than the one used today, making it far more difficult to pass well (or even to create a proper spiral). Samuel Adrian “Slingin’ Sammy” Baugh (March 17, 1914 - December 17, 2008) (QB/DB/P) signed a contract to play for the St. Louis Cardinals, straight out of Texas Christian University, but eventually quit baseball in favor if football due to his position on the Cardinals depth chart. But Baugh was the catalyst that changed the game. Jibran Tv. [10] He signed a one-year contract with the Redskins and received $8,000, making him the … [11], In the spring of his senior year, Redskins owner George Preston Marshall offered Baugh $4,000 to play with the franchise. To me this is a day that I’d like to pay my respects to one of the finest men I’ve ever been in contact with, Mr. George Preston Marshall, President of the Washington Redskins. Dodgers catcher Steve Yeager is seriously injured when the jagged end of a broken bat strikes him in the throat. He was then sent to the International League's Rochester, New York Red Wings, St. Louis's other top farm club. ©2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame All Rights Reserved. [4] After college, Sammy signed a contract with the St. Louis Cardinals and was sent to the minor leagues to play with the American Association Columbus Red Birds in Columbus, Ohio after being converted to shortstop. Sammy Baugh’s celebrity status off the field in Washington resulted in him agreeing to a separate personal services contract with Redskins owner George Preston Marshall. Certainly it doesn’t fit these other gentlemen that were being honored here today and those that are honoring them. Sign up and get Insider's information & Special Offers. The future Yankee outfielder is glad his father was not aware of […], Uninterrupted full game broadcast of the New York Mets and the Baltimore Orioles.

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