turkish airlines cancellation policy

For myself and my daughter, they are waiving $300 in fees so that is significant. Thanks. You have non-refundable tickets than you get tax portion of total fare if you cancel within 24 hours of original purchase. You can change the ticket any time before May 31. Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy states that passenger needs to pay cancellation fees if they cancel tickets after 24 hours of the original booking. Apart from that, passengers can send their concern to the authentic department of Turkish airlines for immediate feedback or response from the dedicated team of airlines. 4. All refunds will be transferred to your account within 20 business days. We cannot give any refund on no-shows for tours, activities or airport transfers. Useless customer service. Has anyone had luck with that? I must reconsider my opinion about this particular airline. Within 1 week of departure, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee. That is awesome news! *for large groups, please refer to your agent for the cancellation policy and booking requirements, Aydinli Mah. I have until March 16 to make the change. How Can I inform Turkish Airline and ask to refund my ticket? The turkish airlines number is engaged, it keeps beeping! Unless you hold a domestic Turkish Airlines ticket, you can make a change to it. Turkish Airlines Cancellation policy expresses that traveler needs to pay cancellation charges if they want to cancel their tickets after 24 hours of the original booking. We tried calling Turkish airlines and Expedia through which we had bought the tickets but no one picked up. US Passport Update: Progress is Slow but Good News for..., More Stimulus Checks Ready to Go Out – Here is Who Gets Them and How [Deadline Extended], Second Stimulus Package - This Calculator Shows You What You COULD Get, The NEW Stimulus Package is Coming - Here is How Much You Could Get, More Stimulus Checks Ready to Go Out - Here is Who Gets Them and How, Switch from Garmin to Apple Watch Series 6 (Pro)? India has cancelled all the visas and only Indian citizens can travel. The website also lists refundable and non-refundable fees.Economy promotion fare tickets are non-refundable and if the passenger has the economy promotion fare tickets, they do not qualify for any compensation (refund) after cancellation of this ticket. Cancellation and refund are not allowed less than an hour before the flight. To find out about countries that Turkish Airlines flies to that are currently being affected by Coronavirus, check this link. I bought 3 tickets with my chase points and have been trying to contact Turkish airlines and Chase for 3 days now and can not get thru. They may offer you to change at no cost or they may offer you a voucher but ultimately you are entitled to a cash refund. F15558_sb_requiredFields.push('F15558_sb_feedid'); The flight I need to cancel is leaving tomorrow! They clearly say it can be done over the phone or even online. The problem is that many are using “creative” terms under which to give the money. Hi, Charlie! What are my options. var fbz_F15560_pop_logged=false; if(!fbz_F15558_sb_logged){fbz_SmartForm('F15558_sb',feedblitz_full_form); Thank you for this thread! We are planning to go to Istanbul via Frankfurt from Japan on Mar16 and leaving Istanbul for Dubrovnik on Mar21. I am travelling from Ottawa to Lahore, Pakistan on Tuesday March 17th at 7pm. Also, all the ticketing service fees are refundable. Within 1 week of departure, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee. Completely useless. To visit the representative, the passenger can check the status of their flight. } catch(e){} if(!fbz_F15560_pop_logged){fbz_SmartForm('F15560_pop',true); Yes, it is still on. We’re booked for Australia April 2nd. So here you will see the detailed steps to cancel the air ticket. If your flight is not for a week or more, just wait.

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