transformers animated megatron

Megatron would not be so easily defeated however, and breaking free teamed with Optimus Prime to sever Starscream's connection to Omega. Special Task Force | Megatron realized he could control the extremely primitive (by his race's standards) technology around him. Ice Witch | He was also able to take control of Detroit's legion of robot workers forcing the Autobots to enact an elaborate plan to keep the AllSpark safe. Lockdown contacted Megatron to confirm that he had captured a purple-ish "Starscream" (who was acting quite odd and cowardly) and agreed to meet at an abandoned warehouse for the exchange. Transformers G1 Villains | Flying off into the sky, the enemies clashed sword with hammer. Despite putting up a decent resistance, Megatron was overwhelmed and held down by two of the Starscream clones. Slithe, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc Decepticons Before they could react, Omega Supreme appeared, offline. In "Blast from the Past", he revealed his existence to Professor Sumdac while he was repairing Sari's tutor-bot and the future Dinobots, which were accidentally destroyed by Bulkhead. In "Nanosec", he told Sumdac to hurry up with building a body and that he required Destronium (a play on the words cybertonium, the stuff all Cybertronians are made of and require in G1, and Destron, the Japanese name for the Decepticons), but the only Destronium available was across town, and if it wasn't delivered in under 10 minutes, then it would be futile. Unfortunately, Starscream managed to gain control over Omega Supreme, capturing Megatron again. A Bridge Too Close, Part II. Black Tohma, Transformers: Animated With the combined threat of a sharp mind, his signature fusion cannon, a pair of deadly swords and simple brute strength there aren't many who would dare cross him. Undeterred, Megatron accepted that even if he himself had to die he could at least take Prime with him. He was satisfied with the results he saw broadcast on television. He not only received repeated communications from his spy but gained directions to the Autobot base! With the ship now plummeting through the Earth's atmosphere, a wounded Megatron still managed to thrash the crew soundly and nearly claimed the AllSpark. During their second rampage, Isaac realized Megatron had deliberately built weapons into the Dinobots. The AllSpark Almanac II, Megatron took to hanging around online using the alias "Meg A. Tron". War For Cybertron Trilogy Villains, Tweeny Witches Hobby Megatron's Revenge, While Megatron gave an inspirational speech to his Decepticons (which seemed to be very similar to another message he'd sent out), Starscream proceeded to make fun of him behind his back—making faces, giving Megatron bunny ears, and shaking his butt at his leader.

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