tier 4 visa bank statement requirement

Copyright Cardiff University. You must provide specified documents to the Home Office in order to prove you meet these requirements. 1. You can use money in a bank account held by one or both of your parents instead of your own money. %PDF-1.5 %���� You can use more than one bank account to show the right money, but all statements need to show the funds in your account for at least 28 days and you must have the correct amount of money in total throughout the 28 day period. The amount of money the sponsor is giving to you or a statement that your official financial sponsor will cover all of your fees and living costs. The Home Office may want to verify that you have the correct funds available and that these are available to be used for your studies in the UK. [>lCi['�45��b\*�]v��s�N� �ϖ%y�D��1���"O;����^��BjM�7���i�4хT���'d����,7>�]�������3��-.�\#,/��Ub��)�:�˳Y����d��/zc�] JJ重�\�y�5�F%�ԙP���MZ��[�b���g����׃�F����TQ;�X!��*�J֫V *�{�P�C.w>l�o��ڗ����]?l�b������fQ�S)���DGsI�r�[3�]�L&�4[�G�4zIc]��:g�5�������? An alternative would be to ask your bank for a supporting letter printed on their company headed paper and which confirms the authenticity of the electronic bank statements. The Home Office will always use the closing balance that most favours you. If you are using a US Federal Direct Loan, you can use this as evidence of your application. The balance cannot drop below the total amount of money you need to show for any of those 28 days. If you're an American student who is applying for a US Federal loan, you'll need to submit a "Notification of Student Loan" letter with your visa application. If it has dropped below the right amount even for just one day, you will not meet the financial requirements and your student visa will be refused. Registered charity no. i�F��aY�>�/�s��ӰNHFMf�)p��+c? Money paid to private landlords or letting agencies cannot be deducted from your living costs. You can be sponsored by an international company, government, scholarship provider or a university. The document used must be a legal document or a notorised copy. Ln�,6`RL~�ǃHf�9�SAd�zyl�2�d��������S����D��C������ � ��w The UK Government website lists these institutions. Bank Statement Guide Tier 4 (General) visa: Application guide 2017‐18 1. Is Your Bank Statement Acceptable? h�bbd```b``z"[��vɖf��� �U H��TM��0�ϯ�q9L�N�6�F�:�8 q�7@h���H�|�8n�Ѭ��Q�L������f�zBl�~�Yo\�C���Dt�Y��W���h?b�l͙�ϧw h�%/ " δ� ���0`?�� �VSX�?�w�ܱ]�����@� g�� 6�A��M�a�|�Ռ��\'�|���n�r�/{��q�, that your parents or legal guardian have given their consent to you using their funds to study in the UK. The bank statement ideally needs to show a series of transactions covering a full 28 consecutive day period and within this 28 day period, the money held cannot have dipped below the total amount you should be holding. You may be exempt from paying the advance fee payment if you have confirmation of the educational loan. The account will need to be a current (cash) and the funds in your account must be available immediately. If you do so, your application will be refused. We use this information to make the website work as well as possible and improve government services. Yes, you can. Can I use more than one bank account as evidence?

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