tides foundation oil sands

His actions make it clear that he wants to crush the oilsands, and the oil industry is in crisis. Other funds go toward management services to existing activist organizations in return for a percentage of their gross revenues. In some cases, the Tides Foundation has been used to funnel money from one Fenton client to another. ... McCain, Bombardier, and Tides Foundation of laundering money for interest groups critical of the oils sands. Well, Jihadi Justin is driving Alberta to do the same and even Alberta is landlocked there is USA just next door and probably Alberta will join Sask in doing the same thing. Foundation and the Tides Foundation, the Tar Sands Campaign is an international initiative designed to stop expansion of the Canadian oil industry, reduce demand for Canadian oil sands crude in the US and stop or stall pipeline and port construction. Social economy has been implemented to foster global equity, a model for Communism supporting equity, not just within our great nation but expanded globally, whereby western society is financially supporting the third world community through taxation. © 2020 Financial Post, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. All rights reserved. The Tides Foundation, ... With the fall in oil prices, such a social economy became unsustainable. Of these, 26 organizations were funded by the Tides USA. Another 1999 missive from Working Assets called for a permanent ban on the use of antibiotics in livestock feed, claiming that “mounting evidence” indicated that such practices exposed humans to additional health risks. THE FREEDOM ROAD SOCIALIST ORGANIZATION EXPOSED, AGAIN; THE CCP CONNECTION! Breakthrough on the Salonika Front by the Serbian First and Second Army September 1918 - A decisive victory against the Central Powers in WWI / 1918. године, после тродневне офанзиве, Прва и Друга армија српске војске пробиле су Солунски фронт. In order to get an idea of the massive scale on which the Tides Foundation plays its shell game, consider that Tides has collected over $200 million since 1997, most of it from other foundations. This hasn’t exactly been out in the open. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. Tides, and the U.S. foundations that fund it, have incredibly deep pockets. When is a foundation not a foundation? Just think, we have another year of the insanity of Turdo and the Lieberals. If all this money isn’t enough to get Alberta to “rethink,” there’s plenty more where it came from, which means the Alberta oil industry is up against a billion-dollar gorilla. The Tides Foundation is an American public charity and fiscal sponsor working to advance progressive causes and policy initiatives in areas such as the environment, health care, labor issues, immigrant rights, LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights and human rights.

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