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This is the type of packaging we might expect to see on a high-end motherboard or graphics card, not a humble computer accessory. As we have become accustomed to seeing, the drive comes from the factory with a built-in rainbow-like color-shifting effect. Joints and wires are the same, too. However, for our tests, we wanted to isolate the hard drive to maximize the performance and reliability of scores. There is no typical white plastic light diffuser, and indeed you wouldn’t even know it’s an RGB hard drive without powering it on. My particular sample has this large white particle under the shiny top, which is not very appealing once you notice it. Today, we are reviewing a unique RGB solid-state drive from Team Group. While the SSD guts are pretty basic that whole glowing top is absolutely gorgeous. When plugged in the Team Group logo is immediately displayed there is Delta Max text in the bottom right. Otherwise the static effect is absolutely gorgeous. By continuing to use this site we will assume you accept our, Team Group Dark Zα DDR4 Gaming Memory Review, Beginner's Guide to Water Cooling Your PC, Crystal Disk Mark Version 5.5.0 – Run at Default Settings, AS SSD Version 2.0.7316.34247 – Run at Default Settings, ATTO Version 3.05 – Run at Default Settings except for the QD Set to 10, Anvil Storage Utility Benchmark Version 1.1.0 – Default Settings. The Delta MAX rests comfortably in a hinged style presentation box. As for performance, it’s pretty standard for a SATA-based SSD. La Communauté Cdiscount répond à vos questions : Votre navigateur internet n’est plus supporté par notre site. Read More. According to the corresponding light control source, only one kind of cable can be used for each mode However, when it comes to multi-threaded 4k read and write tests, our drive falls behind the pack. T-FORCE VULCAN gaming solid state drive uses 3D NAND flash memory chip which can offer up to 560 MB/s of read speed. With its mirror-like finish, the drive only comes in one color. I recently reviewed the, The World’s LIGHTEST 15″ Gaming Laptop – Legion Slim 7i, Drop ENTR – The Perfect TKL Keyboard Under $100. The amazing sequential read/write speeds can reach as high as 5,000/4,400 MB/s! Equipe commerciale dédiée au 0801 820 054 (appel gratuit). Vendeur Professionnel et support 7/7j à votre écoute. Paiement comptant par virement et carte bancaire. Since their release, we have seen NVMe drives take center stage in the computer storage realm. Our read results are in line with other results we have seen up to this point. This website will modify this policy irregularly to comply with the newest privacy protection specifications.

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