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Her role was finally given to Yoyo Chen as a villain palace maid. Beyond the Realm of Conscience tells the story of the life of a protagonist who struggles to survive in the palace, but rises in status through a kind heart. “Who knows how many rolls of toilet paper she has at home? |- This starts a feud between the two friends who have once sworn sisterhood. Right now, my neck and shoulders are swollen. |Leo Tsang || Physician Si史太醫 || The Royal SurgeonBribed by Concubine Lai to assist killing Suen Ka Pik, Man Po Yin and Empress Dowager ChengDied in Episode 32 (Killed on Ma Yuen Zi's command)Villain |Tracy Ip || Noble Concubine Wong王貴妃 || Concubine to Lee ChinKilled by orders of Grand Empress Dowager Guo to be buried with Lee Chin Tavia Yeung's acting skills initially received criticism from viewers saying that she was not "evil" enough for her role as "Yiu Gam Ling", however by the end of the series she won praise for her facial acting, which showed off her villainy. Yuen Chui-Wan - In the beginning, Chui-Wan serves as Deputy Leader of Jewellery Proceedings. Two previous TVB award-winning actors, Moses Chan and Kevin Cheng are also featured. Beyond the Realm of Conscience is a 2009 Hong Kong television series. Enjoy my stash of interesting pictures and videos from TVB's past! |Ram Chiang || Bo Kat Cheung布吉祥 || Head Servant in the PalaceBo Siu Chun's Adopted FatherDied in Episode 22 (Killed by Concubine Lai)Married to Chung Suet Ha on deathbed 2012 is easily Tavia's best year, with the release of three highly popular series: The Hippocratic Crush, Three Kingdoms RPG and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. [1][2] The drama aired five days a week on the TVB network with 45-minute episodes starting October 19, 2009. Set in the latter years of the Tang Dynasty, Beyond the Realm of Conscience tells the story of palace maid Lau Sam-ho and her relations in the Imperial Palace, beginning with her experiences in the Imperial Household Bureau (尚宮局). By clicking Sign Up, I consent to Terms & Conditions. The 42-year-old entered showbiz just two years after Tavia graduated from TVB’s acting class in 1999. |- style="background:cornflowerblue; color:white" align=center Around the time of Choi-king's death, Dowager Concubine Cheng's son, Lee Yi (prince) encounters the six years old Sam-ho. Filmography Film The ten facts you need to know about Tavia Yeung, including life path number, birthstone, body stats, zodiac and net worth. The comparison of the series to TVB's 2004 War and Beauty received much retaliation from fans. Emperor Xuānzong of Tang (Moses Chan) - based on Emperor Xuānzong who succeeded Empress Dowager Guo's grandson Emperor Wuzong of Tang as Emperor of the Tang. However, during the Empress' daily walk around the imperial garden, the phoenix headpiece suddenly weeped tears of blood. Disclaimer: This is only a blog dedicated to TVB and favourites, and is not affiliated with TVB. During her time in the department, she suffers and perpetrates back-stabbing and torture. The announcement that the drama attracted 1% more viewers than Jewel in the Palace, with 98% of viewers against the formers's 97%, pleased both drama's producer and cast,[29] and meant that Beyond the Realm of Conscience finished as TVB's most viewed series for 2009. She was posthumously honoured as yinfei by Emperor Xuãnzong, who was in reality moved by Consort Wang's devotion to her husband. Kevin Cheng's wig with middle parting was made by the same master who crafted Tony Leung's wig in Red Cliff while Moses Chan's emperor wig was specially created with braided pattern. Tavia, who stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 6 inches tall, grew up with her sister named Griselda Yeung in her family. Sam-ho and Kam-ling continue to enjoy a very close friendship, treating each other as sisters and this provokes jealousy among other palace girl servants. Then Elaine Yiu added to the cast, replaced her on December 12, 2009. |- . |Ching Hor Wai || Choi Jong Ping蔡仲屏 || Head of Palace ProceedingsRetired and stripped of her status and possessions in Episode 19Assumed dead due to hepatitis. Gong Choi-king is forced back into the palace with her daughter, Lau Sam-ho and their servant, Yiu Kam-ling. The actress, who has a daughter, is keen to expand her family. |- Having a very… Because of this, the young prince begins to develop a small affection for her. Though they are sisters, there could not be wider financial disparity between Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜) Tavia Yeung (楊怡). TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Female Artist, TVB Anniversary Award for My Favourite Female Character, TVB Anniversary Award for Most Improved Female Artiste, TVB Anniversary Award for Most Popular Female Character, TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actress. Lau Sam-Ho - Sam-Ho is a kind-hearted maid who took her mother and father's teachings to heart. However, the actress clarified that she was merely “asking [her] friends to buy [toilet paper] with good intentions”. Sam-ho started her service in the Department of Embroidery, but was eventually promoted to be the Head of Jewellery Proceedings.

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