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The book isn’t bad, though. Welcome to my not so serious blog. The segment resembles a ghost story that you'd hear around a campfire at summer youth camp, and delivers its scares in a straightforward and unsurprising manner. Plot Summary: Consisting of three more stories, this is the second half of the ambitious, 2-film anthology series from Hong Kong Review: While I generally enjoyed the first film's stories for what they were, the tales this time around are blander and nonsensical. The people he encounters, including a would-be thief (Kelvin Kwan) and a beat-up prostitute (Aliza Mo), have differing reactions to his good deeds, and he occasionally hints that controlling his temper would be a good thing. The good news: Tales from the Dark 2 is for the most part better than its predecessor, with a more consistent tone and fewer obvious instances of WTF. 31 Days of Halloween …or that has a security team leading their discarded scientists out the door as you’re walking in. But considering how good the first issue was, this one still feels like a bit of a let down. But the remaining four parts are decent to excellent, making this experiment in Hong Kong horror a solid success. News "Hide and Seek" comes courtesy of Lawrence Lau, who takes a bunch of unknown young actors and lets them loose in an abandoned school. DC Preview: Dark Nights: Death Metal Rise of the New God #1. Lawrence Lau eschews any postmodern commentary, delivering little more than a generic and serviceable diversion that's sometimes refreshing in its uncomplicated simplicity. Pretty sure that firing an employee for their inherent/persistent bad luck violates federal labor law. AIPT Comics Podcast Episode 95: Marvel, DC, and all the other Halloween season frights! The simple fact that they don't make Hong Kong movies like this anymore gives them extra cred. I am just another dork on the internet who has watched far, far too many movies, and I've decided to share my thoughts on whatever I come across, with emphasis on horror and Asian cinema. to Review Archive - T. "Hide and Seek" offers little surprise and the kids can be annoying, and yet there's routine fun in seeing them frighten each other before getting snatched to the afterlife. The main character (Newman) is impressively dedicated to solving Rubik’s cubes. X-Men. Said visits, however, may be of a metaphysical nature. They're no patch on the Three movies or even Herman Yau's uneven but occasionally sublime Troublesome Night films, but the Tales From the Dark films are well-produced and quite watchable exercises in horror. There is no other way that a game of Monopoly between adolescents can end in anything other than tears and violence. Tales From The Dark 2. "Pillow" is a nifty update of classic Chinese ghost tales, except with a female protagonist and some slightly amped eroticism courtesy of Fala Chen's body double. ‘Batman: White Knight Presents: Harley Quinn’ #1 review, ‘Lovecraft Country’ episode 10 ‘Full Circle’ recap/review, Marvel Comics expands Marvel Unlimited to feature new comics 3 months after print. All rights reserved. Michael Benedetto does a good job translating Joe Hill’s script to the page, particularly in how he makes Newman the type of person who you would feel sorry for and want to stay away from. Days later, he's nowhere to be found and Ching Yi starts to suffer from insomnia. I try to be as fair and unbiased as possible and have even broken down the way I score if you want to consult that list. Kam-Yan, Iam Yim, Chan Fat-Kuk, Sham Ka-Ki, Kiki Tam, Pam Cheung, Tang Kit-Leung, Wong Yat-Ho, Lai Hon-Chi, Teddy Robin, Aliza Mo, Cheung Kwok-Keung, Lana Wong, Yick Tin-Hung, Wan Following a strong debut last month, IDW’s Tales from the Darkside miniseries rolls on with its second issue. Unfortunately, the rest of the book gets bogged down in so much by … The memory of laying on table and waiting to go to sleep is still pretty fresh in my mind—which made the last image of Tales from the Darkside #2 make me want to piss my pants. "Black Umbrella" takes its cues from Chinese cultural lore and compensates for its occasional aimlessness with an intriguing premise, fine cinematography and also its ending, which puts an exclamation point on the segment and indeed the entire Tales from the Dark series. Unfortunately, the rest of the book gets bogged down in so much by setting things up that we don’t get much of a story. The group intends to play games in the school after dark but run into the clearly disturbed caretaker Uncle Chan (Lai Hon-Chi) before white-faced child ghosts begin picking them off one-by-one. Gordon Chan creates decent, though sometimes tediously inert atmosphere and Fala Chen is fetching as the depressed protagonist. Podcasts Unlike last issue, this one is the first chapter of a two-parter. Exclusive previews, reviews, and the latest news every week, delivered to your inbox. Plenty of cheesy ghost stuff like in the first one, but this one for me felt just a bit more "serious" Recent reviews Gordon Chan kicks off Tales from the Dark 2 with "Pillow", about Ching Yi (Fala Chen), who suffers a break-up with boyfriend Hong (Gordon Lam) that ends with him leaving their shared apartment. A little less than a year ago, I had to have major surgery for the first time. The way he draws people and monsters with malicious intent is so chilling that it makes you worry they might come off the page and pull one of your teeth out. The only way I’d ever get through that many is if they let me use the ones with stickers on the squares that you can peel on and off. (Kozo, 8/2013), Return Never trust a company that purposefully misspells their name…. There's little here that hasn't been seen before, with some segments (Simon Yam's "Stolen Goods" and Lee Chi-Ngai's "A Word in the Palm") going for style or scripting over scares or substance. The Tales From the Dark films arrived in Hong Kong cinemas with an overblown "quality" marketing push from Edko Films, with testimonials from actors and directors about how awesome or revolutionary their new film is. AIPT Comics Fala Chen, Gordon Lam Ka-Tung, Joman Chiang Cho-Man, Tony Ho Wah-Chiu, Lam Chiu-Wing, Crystal Kwok Simon Yam's portion of Tales from the Dark 1 ended similarly, which begs the question: Are we looking at some weird new trope? For some people, anyway. Updated Review #9: Shutter (2004 Thai original), Updated Review #4: One Missed Call (Japanese original), Updated Review #20: Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. I don't present myself as a pretentious critic and write my reviews in the way I speak in person...assuming you can tolerate my brand of humor. Those claims are, unsurprisingly, not validated by the final product. Of particular note: the segment's resolution involves the dead sending text messages. As usual, Gabriel Rodriguez is awesome. Let’s hope all the foundation work the creative team did allows them to really cut loose in the latter half of the story. The last page gives me hope that we’ll see something really cool now that the exposition dump is finished and atmosphere gases have been sprayed. Review by Kozo: Tales from the Dark 2 brings Edko Films' two-part horror omnibus series to a close, and there's good news and bad news. However, a scented pillow from a local dry good store restores Ching Yi's ability to snooze and soon after, Hong begins to visit her for regular makeup sex. There's also minor satire in the form of Wan Yeung-Ming, who plays a parody of controversial local politician Paul Chan Mo-Po. ... Review by iluvOP ★★★ Prettymuch the same as the first one, except this one was probably just a bit better overall. Take a look around, I'm sure you will find a new movie to watch as I'm at 800 posts and counting! Teddy Robin directs and stars in the closing piece, "Black Umbrella", about a curiously wise old man (Robin) who wanders Hong Kong with his black umbrella, doing minor good deeds and commenting on his place in the world. Tales from the Dark 2 Review Disclaimer: Contains spoilers! Yeung-Ming. © 2011 - 2020 AIPT, LLC. The memory of laying on table and waiting to go to sleep is still pretty fresh in my mind—which made the last image of Tales from the Darkside #2 make me want to piss my pants. Comic Books "Hide and Seek" is far from the best horror short you'll see, but it does its job so it's hard to fault it. Minor satire: always a plus. Then he loses his temper AND IT ALL GOES TO HELL.

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