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Personal Statement Service is a collective of experienced professional writers, dedicated to helping as many students as possible when it comes to the writing and editing of a personal statement for university. How much material you have consumed on your subject is not as important as how deeply you have thought about each one. This means that for many, the university application process is made twice as stressful, when Oxbridge applications are in the pipeline. So the best personal statements explain the personal motivations and interests of the candidate in a way Not sure whether to take the ACT or the SAT? At Oxbridge Applications, we read through thousands of personal statements each year and too many of them start with quotes, it can take away from the quality of a personal statement and influence how the rest of the statement is assessed. Give an example of something you found particularly interesting in what you learned, and explain why you found it interesting. If you’re called to an interview, it will give your interviewer a solid starting point for discussion. If you find you are struggling to reach 4,000 characters or 47 lines, you probably need to revisit the body of your personal statement and discuss more subject-specific content. Forming your own opinions, and devoting a sentence or two of your personal statement commenting on the implications of current news stories for your subject, will ensure that your personal statement for either Oxbridge university is strong. concerning your specialist subject knowledge, especially your knowledge of your chosen degree course. This is where your ability to be perceptive and original comes in. Don’t fall into using clichés like "I’ve wanted to be a doctor for as long as I can remember". Admissions decisions at Oxford and Cambridge are solely based on academic ability and potential, so you should focus on showcasing your understanding and passion for your chosen subject. In preparation for writing a personal statement, it’s important to read widely, visit places of interest, attend conferences/lectures and get work experience. Rather, the best Oxbridge personal statements carry an unequivocal message that you are interested in one Often, students find this one of the most challenging aspects of drafting their personal statement for Cambridge and Oxford as the other universities they are applying to place a greater significance on an applicant’s extracurricular activities, to show evidence they are a well-rounded and dedicated student. Show that you are intellectually curious and thoughtful. They will genuinely be interested to have a conversation with you if you can bring an interesting or original thought to your Personal Statement and interview. Thinking about and engaging in the current debates of your subject will be a fundamental part of your life at an Oxbridge university. For the latest updates, visit our dedicated COVID-19 page. Progression-related teaching materials, and insight from the Unifrog platform, emailed to you once a month. Whilst it's of course true that an excellent personal statement will not automatically As with any content that is going to be submitted digitally, you should write it in a word document first (Microsoft Office, Google Docs, OpenOffice) where you can save a copy locally to your computer (and back-up regularly). Outlining why you want to study your chosen subject, along with anecdotes indicative of your personality and hunger for the subject, will be how you get the admissions team to notice your university application. You’ll also come across as a genuine person who the teaching staff will look forward to working with. Don’t try to be original for the sake of it. Having enjoyed these experiences immensely, I am determined to build on this foundation by studying for a degree that will increase my understanding of how trans-national and cross-cultural transactions work. For example, almost every Classics student out there will know the plot of Medea, but how many of them will be able to demonstrate that it’s since been stolen by the screenwriters of Eastenders? You also shouldn’t pretend to have an interest in a something just because you think it will sound impressive. She blogs about getting into university and exam success at I am eager to pursue a career path that will take me into an international and cross-cultural environment. We’ve written a guide about navigating Oxbridge’s attitude towards extracurriculars which explains more about this. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising. I have been elected to the captaincy of two football teams and have played a consistent role in promoting youth involvement, through coaching a junior football team and being involved in the Olympic FLAMES programme. My advice is always to try to give equal weight in the personal statement to each discipline comprising the Joint Honours course. In my experience there is a parallel between inter-personal and international relations and I want to understand the ways in which states and people operate. So, in effect, your preparation for the Oxbridge interview begins with the personal statement. Keep an eye on your inbox or the blog. As long as these activities have given you skills relevant to your subject, this can only serve to improve your personal statement. Good Oxbridge Personal Statements: Interview in Mind. contact me for details of my services. It’s also important to remember that academic sources shouldn’t be only limited to books. All wiki articles on: Oxford personal statements. A successful Oxbridge application campaign boils down to trying to win percentage gains, at The admissions tutor at the University of Cambridge recently conceded that You can then construct a chain, or arc, of concepts and readings that lead on to each other. UniAdmissions: The Oxbridge and Medical Experts. This Personal Statement for PPE is a great example of a statement done right. plenty of opportunity to pose ice-breaker questions that help you relax in My background has made me more aware of complex international issues, such as Australia’s current problem in reconciling the fact that its major trading partner has the potential to become its biggest adversary. If you are struggling to use the available space or you feel like you need to write more, then you need to start doing more such as reading more books that you can include or arranging work experience. Students applying for Oxford or Cambridge Universities must do so through UCAS, and are required to submit a personal statement as part of the application process. The personal statement has two principal roles. Have you done something very few people have done? OK I'll take you to the Clearing search now, Entry Requirements to Study a Civil Engineering Degree, Entry Requirements to Study a Physiotherapy Degree. Similarly, a good Oxbridge statement does not create any hostages to fortune. One should be subject-specific who can check over the content of your paragraphs and the other can be from a different department to provide feedback on grammatical accuracy and quality of the statement. For subjects like Medicine, work experience is integral not only to the application process but will help build a strong personal statement. Many students have very similar sets of experiences. Resources up to and including books written specifically to advise on the Oxbridge interview process are available at your fingertips. They’re real people after all. Can You Get A Student Loan For Online Degrees? every opportunity: a good personal statement pulls its weight in your overall application. Use words that you’re comfortable using with your teachers and would be comfortable using when talking to lecturers. What are the benefits of online summer schools. What are the best Oxbridge Personal Statements? That means you won’t have to decide what font or colour to use and there is no need for styles such as bold or italics. This is another area in which research can be helpful — no one college is quite like another, and it will be really worth your while investigating which would be the best fit for you. In my experience it is a mistake to try to construct a personal statement that addresses more than one course (e.g. This probably stems from my travels across the globe, which took me from childhood in Moscow to my more recent time in Canberra. Follow posts on education, social justice and social mobility: Donate in aid of UNICEF, my chosen educational charity: demonstrating that you understand your chosen course, proofing the statement for correct grammar and punctuation. A successful Oxbridge personal statement will provide the interviewers with plenty of opportunity to pose ice-breaker questions that help you relax in the interview. You should never claim to have read a book that you haven’t (even if you plan to read it after submitting your UCAS form, because who knows what will happen!) candidates who are applying for Economics elsewhere, for example, face this problem. Your tutor will give you actionable feedback with insider tips on how to improve your statement for the best chances of success. Secondly, it's an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you understand I want to develop an academic arsenal which will best establish me as a positive contributor in an increasingly trans-national, interlinked world – where global understanding looks set to become an essential attribute. This is the final Personal Statement in the series so we thought we’d make it a good one. This is a real Personal Statement that was used to apply successfully to the University of Oxford on one of it’s most competitive courses.

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