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GLONO: When do you remember first being aware of the tapes? “There isn’t anything else like it out there.”, More:Scaled-down music events to run Fridays at Campus Martius, More:Detroit's musical legacy celebrated in new 'Roadshow' with Steven Van Zandt and Drew Carey. I did my job, which was to stir (expletive) up. “The Stooges: Live at Goose Lake, August 8th, 1970” was released Friday by Third Man Records, the Detroit-born, Nashville-based label founded by Jack White, Ben Blackwell and Ben Swank. It was the last show with the original line-up. Melanie Rogers attended the Goose Lake fest as well, not with Cassily, but with her “radical hippie boyfriend” at the time. (Laughs) He would also love the release of the recording, the engineering prowess involved, and the view into the process given me and others this experience. There was the sweet old face of a woman smashing the cheek of James Newell Osterberg Jr., more widely known as Iggy Pop. As for the local gossips they’re still gossiping.”. No Iggy, no release. “He never called himself a roadie, he never used that word to me ever, but I’m sure that’s what he was.”, In 1968, while working with Robert F. Kennedy’s campaign team, Cassily met Tulsa, Oklahoma, folk-rock duo Teegarden & Van Winkle. The new album is one of the few live chronicles of that Stooges era, with Iggy’s snarling vocals, Ron Asheton’s live-wire guitar, Scott Asheton’s meaty drums, that high-flying McKay sax. And that they do so much in-house is amazing considering Third Man is a small operation compared to the majors who seem to crank out fewer and fewer acts every year. Marketplace 0. It’s a rare live document of a group that wound up exerting a stealthy but pivotal influence on rock music, setting the stage for punk. And that humbles me the most.". They meant that much, at least. She'd been at Goose Lake that day in 1970, standing behind Rod Stewart while watching the Stooges from side stage. Flash forward to April of this year:  the pandemic is in full swing, and Blackwell is working from home, taking a phone call in his daughter’s bedroom. Cassily was a Detroit musician and a role player in the city’s bustling music community in the 1960s and 1970s. “You have to decide to focus on what seems likely or probable for your time.”. Eventually, we were invited to Third Man Records HQ in Nashville so Blackwell could see the tapes for himself. And today, August 7, 2020, fifty years to the day of the start of the festival, The Stooges Live at Goose Lake 1970 is released to the world. Jim Cassily loved Josh’s musical projects and loved facilitating them however he could. “That they’re just being kept for sentimental reasons.”. "That myth is now totally dispelled.". Phillips had a connection and reached out to Third Man in 2017. hey guys, just got back the transfers. With no known recording of the performance, that’s the way the story has been told for much of 50 years. ‘The Stooges Live at Goose Lake: August 8th 1970’ (Standard Black Vinyl), $19 at Third Man Records, 441 W. Canfield St., Detroit; 313-209-5205; O ver the summer, Third Man Records released Live at Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970, a recording of The Stooges’ concert at the massive “Woodstock of Michigan” music fest in Jackson County. “The Stooges: Live at Goose Lake, August 8th, 1970” was released Friday by Third Man Records, the Detroit-born, Nashville-based label founded by Jack White, Ben Blackwell and Ben Swank. What if it’s mis-labeled or--God forbid--been taped over? Rogers had no equipment to play the tapes — he wasn't even sure they actually contained music — but Phillips knew who could help: the folks at Third Man, who specialized in high-end historical releases and had a passion for Detroit rock. As I said, Josh and I have been in countless bands together over the years and our first bands rehearsed in the basement of his family’s homestead, a farmhouse in southwest Grand Rapids that his mother’s great-great-grandfather had built and is believed to be the oldest home in Kent County. From the outset, he knew the importance of the show to The Stooge’s legacy and was determined to answer some long held questions. It’s that simple. GLONO: What was your expectation of what was on the tapes? I listened to all the stuff again recently with that in mind. He carted them to his home in Chicago and eventually began cataloging each one based on info scrawled on the labels. The story as recounted through the decades, in countless articles and books, is that Alexander froze onstage, unable or unwilling to play his instrument. Whatever the number, Goose Lake was big — a gritty, Michigan version of Woodstock the prior summer, with ample drug use, nudity and a bill of era-defining rock. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. So the Stooges project with Third Man is a bit of posthumous justice. The idea that something he had recorded and apparently forgot about should come back to be significant — anticipated and enjoyed by so many people — was really nice.". Out at the soundboard, Cassily’s machine was rolling, capturing a direct feed of the Stooges’ performance on quarter-inch tape. Kathleen Asheton also got an early listen, hearing "TV Eye" on Blackwell's cell phone. Crammed in cardboard boxes, they’d followed the family from home to home through the years, from Rogers’ youth in metro Detroit through a move to western Michigan. "This is something that he did that’s going to make a lot of people happy," he says — while it makes a lot of rock historians swoon. As a kid, Rogers "grew up backstage" at shows by touring acts, where his father "clearly got off on having access, having friends in the scene and being able to show me a good time and rub elbows with rock stars. As long as he could remember, Joshua Rogers knew about his dad’s tape reels. Cassily taped throughout the weekend, although the reels that eventually emerged are scattershot. Contact Detroit Free Press music writer Brian McCollum: 313-223-4450 or Alexander died in February 1975 at the age of 27 of a pulmonary embolism, and after all this time, Blackwell sees the recording as his redemption. This pile of musty old liquor boxes has been following us around for some time. Turn the volume up and enjoy , just wonderful stuff . All rights reserved. “If you get the possibility of hearing unheard Stooges recordings, you want the whole office to say, ‘What the (expletive) is going on here?’”. Ahead of their 8:45 p.m. set, Iggy and two band mates — like many others on site — found themselves zonked out after ingesting what may unwittingly have been a horse tranquilizer, Uhelszki writes.

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