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-The Robotics;Notes cast had to answer a Chaos;Head based question: If you had gigalomaniac powers, what delusion would you want to bring into reality? Also you can really see how tall he is especially when Kimura Ryohei was standing next to him. Its preview text reads: The two short stories were also published in the special book that comes with the Japanese Limited Edition Blu-ray bundle of the movie, released on December 13, 2013. Who was your favorite character? However, he disappears again right in front of Kurisu at the lab before she can tell him her feelings; Kurisu then breaks down in tears and almost uses her time leap machine a second time before grudgingly accepting his warning and deciding to try to forget him. The anime had a pretty good dub why not the movie .-. The anime is able to do things the VN cannot, after all, like better animation and music execution (as mentioned in the visual novel thread). Not to mention that Kurisu's actions being the cause for Mayuri's rescue contradicts the original message at the end of the TV series, that tomorrow is unpredictable, that man isn't in charge of his own fate. Pleiades!! A week later on August 11th, as Kurisu finds a fork that Okabe had given her and remembers the words the stranger left her, she learns Itaru "Daru" Hashida had for some reason hacked into SERN, suddenly giving her the urge to use it to build a time leap machine. The Japanese Limited Edition Blu-ray bundle also includes drama CD's to accompany the film. Those who reserved their copies of the movie early received a bonus gift of the drama CD 『意材言外のフラクタル』(I-zai gengai no furakutaru - Fractal of Unexpressed Thought Material), featuring Tennouji Yuugo, Kiryuu Moeka, Tennouji Nae, and Shiina Mayuri. Want to join the Steins;Gate discussion?Check out the MyAnimeList forums and share your opinion now! Okabe ostensibly refuses, as he emphatically feels neither time machines nor time leap machines should exist, and doesn't want Kurisu to go through the same suffering he experienced, saying he would prefer her and Mayuri continue living in peace even if it meant he would cease to exist. That's not how it happened in the VN, where Mr. Braun deliberately acted coldly towards Moeka to drive her away in order to protect her. Kurisu wasn't a bad character, but when I get the VN later this year, I will definitely be taking Mayuri's path first. I admit that it could have been handled with more tact in the VN. D-Mail/FG204), and this actually makes sense physically. Some people need that kind of closure, as ambiguity just isn't satisfying enough. Cover of the 2nd novel version of Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu. After his painstaking journey across multiple world lines due to the invention of D-Mail, Rintarō Okabe has tricked the universe and the attractor field convergence itself into falsely believing Makise was murdered, effectively creating a new world line he calls Steins Gate; here, the deaths of both Mayuri Shiina and Kurisu Makise are prevented while a peaceful future for humanity has also been provided, simultaneously averting World War III as well as a SERN-propelled dystopia. Loved the movie but I couldn't help but keep be a bit niggled by the lack of cohesion with the worldline rules that the anime and game established. It probably would not pass my standards, but I would not know unless I see it. Ascending/Descending. Kurisu's character is fleshed out more in this film as we examine her vulnerable side when she's put in Okabe's role. Film-goers between May 11 and the 24th were given one of two new short novels as side stories to the movie. She explains to both Kurisu and Okabe that Okabe's strong memories of previously visited world lines are overloading his Reading Steiner, causing him to involuntarily time-leap on his own between the unstable Steins Gate world line and the "R" world line, the only other world line in which neither Mayuri nor Kurisu die and which has a divergence difference of .000001% from Steins Gate. This space looks exactly like the depiction of the R worldline in the movie. Some of my favorite shows consisted of low-concept plots, like Friends, Hourou Musuko, and Mushishi. Obviously no one minded and the audience cheered like mad, -STEINS GATE MOVIE UPDATE YES FINALLY. [10] Written by scenario supervisor Naotaka Hayashi. The non-canonness of the ova/movie is quoted round these parts because it wasn't made by the original author. She kept Okabe going even during the most bleakest moments. I was planning to see the movie, but I think this one would kind of fail to be anything okay with me, according to what you said. Do not post multiple times in a row. The story centers around Kiryuu Moeka. Suzuha declares that, to keep Okabe in the Steins Gate world line, he must be implanted with a powerful memory that helps distinguish it from other world lines. Episodes. SCIENCE ADVENTURE LIVE 2012 WAS SO BLOODY GOOD. The picture above is the movie visual. [8], Movie-goers between April 20 and 26, 2013 received one of 8 lab-mem stickers.[1][9].

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