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Before his death in 1773 Ranjit Deo had secured possession of the whole District, except the Sialkot town and its dependencies, which were held by a Pashtun family. [56] During the Shah Jahan period, the city was placed under the rule of Ali Mardan Khan. On the north-eastern side of the hill there are the remains of two large buildings, from which I obtained old bricks of the enormous size. [45] The city's metalworkers also provided the Mughal crown with much of its weaponry. Now it is remarkable that this is the exact length of this outer line according to my survey, which shows the utmost extent of the lake in the rainy season. Kahlon (6,285), The imperial troops marched against him, and when his fort at Uch fell he poisoned himself. [57] Sialkot was crept upon by Ranjit Deo of Jammu, who pledged nominal allegiance to the Mughal crown in Delhi. [p.191]: hill from Lahor which was most probably the position of Alexander's camp when he heard of the recusancy of the Kathaei. [24], Around 460 CE, the Hephthalites, also known as the White Huns, invaded the region from Central Asia,[25] forcing the ruling family of nearby Taxila to seek refuge in Sialkot. After passing Syalkot the Ayak runs westerly near Sodhra, where in the rainy season it throws off its superfluous water in the Chenab. And that was Targa. Contents: Population The population development of Sialkot as well as related information and services (Wikipedia, Google, images). [70] Much of the city's infrastructure was paid for by local taxes,[70] and the city was one of the few in British India to have its own electric utility company.[70]. इस उद्धरण से सिद्ध होता है कि महाभारत के समय में बाहीकों की राजधानी शाकल में थी तथा वहां जर्तिक (जाट) नामक बाहीको का निवास था। शाकल के निकट अपगा नामक नदी बहती थी। शाकल को महाभारत में शाकल द्वीप भी कहा गया है। महाभारत, कर्णपर्व 44,7 से भी यह विदित होता है कि बाहीक देश पंजाब की पांच नदियों से तथा छठी सिन्धु से घिरा हुआ था और इसका एक नाम आरट्ट भी था। कलिंगबोधि जातक तथा कुरू जातक में भी सााकल (शाकल) का मद्रदेश के रूप में उल्लेख है। सियालकोट के आसपास का प्रदेश तो गुरु गोविन्द सिंह के समय तक (17वीं शती) तक मद्र देश कहलाता था। (दे. Sandhu (5,054), स तस्मिन सत्कृतॊ राज्ञा सत्कारार्हॊ विशां पते, रत्नानि भूरीण्य आथाय संप्रतस्दे युधां पतिः (II.29.14), शाकलं नाम नगरम आपगा नाम निम्नगा, जर्तिका नाम बाह्लीकास तेषां वृत्तं सुनिन्थितम (VIII.30.14), Archaeological Survey Report of India, Vol II, Vanaras, Page 193, Kumar, Raj (2008). Maan (169), They are said to be descended from the Saroha family of the Lunar Rajputs and are closely connected with the Dhillon, Melti and Saroha Jats. [55], During the reign of Jahangir, the post was given to Safdar Khan, who rebuilt the city's fort, and oversaw a further increase in Sialkot's prosperity. [72] Hindu and Sikh refugees were unable to exit Pakistan towards Jammu on account of conflict in Kashmir, and were instead required to transit via Lahore. [71] The bulk of exports are destined for the United States and European Union. Iqbal Manzil, Sialkot: An Introduction. 2 Ibid., 513. He was also granted the Order of C.I.E. Always bear in mind that with and the best price is guaranteed! Coordinates: 32°21′50″N 74°29′35″E / 32.36389°N 74.49306°E / 32.36389; 74.49306, Location of Targa - Falling Rain Genomics,,_Sialkot&oldid=893470102, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 April 2019, at 15:42. In the midst of the ruins there was still a small portion of the old city inhabited, which was only 6 or 7 li, or just one mile, in circuit. [1] There were many people Included in that Village punchaiyat who changed the name from Himmat pur to Targa including Ch. The home of the clan is Batala in the Gurdaspur district. The Bajus, partly owing to the unhealthy climate of Bajwat, are an inferior race, but the Bajwas, especially the Sikhs among them, are as good as any of the JATS in the district. University of California Press. Sialkot is believed to be the site of ancient Sagala, a city razed by Alexander the Great in 326 BCE, and then made capital of the Indo-Greek kingdom by Menander I in the 2nd century BCE—a time during which the city greatly prospered as a major centre for trade and Buddhist thought. Placing the middle row 50 feet beyond the Sakala is described in verses 13-14. are referred to it and not to Sakala. Yas took service with the Rajput chief at Jammu and settled down at Gol, a village on the left bank of the Chenab opposite Hundal in Bajwat.

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