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With Sean Bean, Daragh O'Malley, Toby Stephens, Padma Lakshmi.   |  Sharpe's Waterloo is one of those films, and it should have been much better because it had an interesting concept, yet…. The pinnacle of Sharpe nostalgia. This is how you end a series. Let me know if…, The Napoleonic Wars were a series of wars in the beginning of the 19th Century tied together by one man:…, Romantic Period [1795–1848] & Classicism [1770-1840] The period typically called Romantic varies greatly between different countries and different artistic media or…, Sharpe 1990s television series that was on British television. Sharpe risking hanging so that others wouldn’t die needlessly.   |  I think as far as the "dickish superior with no idea about soldierin'" that Sharpe deals with throughout the series goes, the Prince of Orange is definitely the best one--he's not one dimensional, and despite that, his dick-ness outranks any superiors Sharpe had to deal with. Report this film. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? Wellington sends Sharpe to investigate on what turns out to be his most dangerous mission to date. He spots French troops and sends a Dutch cavalryman on patrol to alert the Allied command. Furious, Sharpe shoots the prince at long range from a secluded spot, but only succeeds in wounding him. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Sharpe is sent to command the defence of a crucial farmhouse at La Haye Sainte, which is manned by the King's German Legion and the 95th Rifles. As Sharpe is leaving, he runs into Jane and Rossendale; he chases Rossendale and challenges him in front of the guests. Sharpe's Waterloo is a British television drama, the 14th part of a series that follows the career of Richard Sharpe, a fictional British soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. He then alerts the Duke of Wellington (Hugh Fraser) at a ball in Brussels that Napoleon is on the move. Two years after the Duke of Wellington crushes Napoleon at Waterloo, dispatches from India tell of a local Maharaja, Khande Rao, who is threatening British interests there. He saves a King's German Legion officer, Macduff. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Sharpe is assigned to the Prince of Orange's staff, and is rejoined with Sgt. Sharpe takes both Rossendale's sword and pistol and breaks them. When the French are climbing up the ladders, one British soldier falls over without being shot. However, unlike his adulterous wife Jane (Abigail Cruttenden), she forgives him and accompanies him to the battlefield, where he finds employment as a lieutenant colonel on the staff of Prince William of Orange (Paul Bettany) and makes the acquaintance of his aide de camp Colonel Rebecque (Oliver Tobias). The adaptation is based on the novel of the same name by Bernard Cornwell. Last edited on 17 September 2020, at 21:38,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Shaughan Seymour as Lieutenant-Colonel Ford, This page was last edited on 17 September 2020, at 21:38.   |  Doggett: In spite of flat lighting, cheesy effects, reused footage, and stilted dialogue, there’s a poignant tinge watching Sharpe walk off into the smoke and fire after saying goodbye to Harper. It lingers permanently in the memory, even if you’re not actively remembering it. That this is from the man who penned The Charge of the Light Brigade ought to be clear to all, just as it is clear that he is relishing the…. Moments in film does it in a way few other things do. A fitting finale, feels amazing to have everything set up in the rest of the series to be pleasantly and satisfyingly resolved. Film data from TMDb. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. Based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell, "Sharpe's Waterloo" brings maverick British officer Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe to his last fight against the French, in June of 1815. As the battle rages, both Lucille and Jane wait for news; Lucille praying for Sharpe's safe return and Jane writing in her diary that she is pregnant with Rossendale's bastard child. Sharpe's Waterloo ein Film von Tom Clegg mit Sean Bean, Abigail Cruttenden. When Rossendale shows his cowardice by refusing to fight (and wetting himself in the face of Sharpe's rage), Sharpe extracts a promise that he will get back the money Jane stole from him. You did it again! Sharpe re-encounters Rossendale on the field; Rossendale draws a pistol on Sharpe, but does not have the courage to fire as Sharpe calmly rides up to him. It's no Bondarchuk's Waterloo when it comes to scale, but it's still a good conclusion to the TV series. (The real William of Orange played a large role in and was wounded at the Battle of Waterloo.) Doggett: That night, Rossendale invents a story for his fellow officers to explain the destruction of his sword and pistol, but later confesses the truth to Witherspoon. The "Collection Name" is in the notes. TV-14 Georgian era [1714 to 1830] & Romantic Period films [1795-1837]. But, having revisited Sharpe's Waterloo tonight I am glad that they ended on such a rousing high and they certainly saved the best til last. And while my teens are some fifteen years behind me, I found moments of this to stick out in my memory like only the things from adolescence can. IMDb Paul Bettany does his best attempt to rip off Hugh Grant's Prince character from Blackadder in this quite excellent if not fictitious portrayal of Waterloo. Rebeque: Witherspoon tells him the only way for Rossendale to regain his lost honor is to fight like a demon in the coming battle. At the crucial point of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon sends in his elite Imperial Guard. Directed by Tom Clegg. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. However, French cavalry are nearby and, with the British in exactly the wrong formation, destroy the unit and capture its colours, while Sharpe watches in disgust. If you enjoy history and period pieces, you might like this.…. Sgt Harper saying goodbye to Sharpe as they catch sight of Boney, slowly slipping back from the advancing soldiers. TMDb Whilst advancing, Sharpe glimpses Napoleon as he rides off in defeat. Sharpe was a family viewing deal in our house. Previously, Jane had persuaded Rossendale that he must kill her husband during the coming battle. Colonel Sharpe said you would do it again, and you did! Sharpe's obsession with Bonney is also fascinating, and it follows the historical battle with impressive pacing. "Sharpe" Sharpe's Mission (TV Episode 1996) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sharpe then rejoins his old unit, the Prince of Wales' Own Volunteers, taking over when its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Ford, becomes a casualty. I was likely, at most, a teenager the last time I watched this. In my review of Sharpe's Justice I argued that the premise makes little sense in the chronology it finds itself in and that it may have been better to have been the last episode of the series. Charles Wood was not only the best Sharpe writer for my money, he was also the greatest British military history screenwriter. As the Prussians finally arrived, Wellington gives Sharpe command of the regiment and tells him to pursue the retreating enemy. Sharpe's Waterloo is a British television drama, the 14th part of a series that follows the career of Richard Sharpe, a fictional British soldier during the Napoleonic Wars. TV Episode © Letterboxd Limited. Directed by Tom Clegg. Goddamn such a good ending. In 1815, war breaks out once more as Napoleon returns to France from exile on Elba. Sharpe's Universe: Cast of Characters ... Sharpe's Waterloo (Book) Sharpe's Ransom (Short Story) Story Contribution Big, fierce and unkempt, the dog was named Nosey on the grounds that the Duke of Wellington, 'Nosey' to his men, had spent 20 years giving Sharpe orders , so when Sharpe found the dog in peacetime, he decided to return the compliment. 101 min His Royal Highness cannot be called a coward. One was the Prince of Orange and he also makes a brief appearance as a common soldier. More details at Sean Bean Daragh O'Malley Abigail Cruttenden Cecile Paoli Paul Bettany Alexis Denisof Hugh Fraser, Celtic Films Entertainment Carlton Television Picture Palace, Sharpe 14: Sharpe's Waterloo, Ватерлоо Шарпа, 101 mins   Sharpe repels the last-ditch assault, much to Wellington's delight. Sharpe witnesses more instances of the absolute military incompetence of Prince William. 1997 With Sean Bean, Daragh O'Malley, Abigail Cruttenden, Alexis Denisof. Paul Bettany has played two characters in the Sharpe TV series. However that was going to happen sooner or later because the series spans around fourteen films, and you're bound to have a few lacking efforts. All those men dead because you wanted to get out? However, the cavalryman and his patrol are attacked and killed by French cuirassiers (who were pursuing Sharpe). Richard Sharpe (Sean Bean) cannot resist the chance to finally see his enemy and breaks his promise to his French lover Lucille (Cécile Paoli) to fight no more. You coward! Meanwhile, Lord Rossendale (Alexis Denisof) has joined the staff of Lord Uxbridge (Neil Dickson), Wellington's second-in-command, and has brought his lover, Sharpe's estranged wife Jane, with him to Brussels, but they find that not only will polite society refuse to accept or even acknowledge Jane but also that Sharpe is also in Brussels and close by. Check out our picks for family friendly movies movies that transcend all ages. He makes Rossendale write the required promissory note for Sharpe's money (which is actually worthless, since Jane has the money and Rossendale has no money of his own) and then tells Rossendale that he can have Jane since he has just bought her. Sharpe is assigned... See full summary ». Mobile site. Paul bettany plays a stupid british cunt officer WAY too well haha. Bernard Cornwell (based on the novel by). There, he is reunited with his former sergeant major and best friend, Patrick Harper (Daragh O'Malley), and two of his long-time "chosen men": Hagman (John Tams) and Harris (Jason Salkey). The long-standing adventure eventually had to come to a close and in spite of all its shortcomings, was good natured fun along the way and a start for the careers of many prolific actors working today, Bean included. The finale to the epic saga, RIP hagman & harris. You remember what hits you when you’re growing up. The adaptation is based on the novel of the same name by Bernard Cornwell. The battle for waterloo is expertly crafted. Over the hills and far away for the last time. Adventure, Based on the novel by Bernard Cornwell, "Sharpe's Waterloo" brings maverick British officer Lt. Col. Richard Sharpe to his last fight against the French, in June of 1815. Sharpe then scouts far south of Quatre Bras. Sharpe scouts the French forces, while a contingent of Dutch musketeers holds a French column off. I loved the Sharpe series but I have to disagree with comments about 'how British actors will have to speak so that us USA folk can understand' I see this statement so often throughout this site, View production, box office, & company info, Charles Wood, Sharpe then returns to the Prince of Orange's camp. Meanwhile, on another part of the battlefield, Rossendale finally bravely fights French cuirassiers, but is killed.

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