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Seoul Dynasty is the team representing Seoul, South Korea, in the Overwatch League. On March 30, Dynasty transferred Chae "Bunny" Jun-hyeok to, This page was last edited on 12 April 2020, at 11:29. On August 21, 2017, the team announced the acquisition of the players and coaching staff of Korean Overwatch esports team Lunatic-Hai, which consisted of the following players: The most popular matches of the Seoul Dynasty and the tournaments in which they participated. On February 26, Dynasty signed Heo "Gambler" Jin-woo. ... Seoul Dynasty. ", "Welcome to Seoul Dynasty, Bongwoori and Dorong",, July 12th - Franchise is officially announced, as part of the first seven franchises of the, November 18th - The team announces that they have signed. November 4th - Bunny and KuKi are … ", "ryujehong is announced as Seoul Dynasty's captain! (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Blizzard Entertainment ) The Korean team was expected to drop one player, as the changes they’ve made put them above the player limit. "Seoul Dynasty Releases Miro, Wekeed and Gido", "Seoul Dynasty continue overhaul with three new players, coach", "The Los Angeles Valiant have acquired KuKi from Seoul Dynasty", "Seoul Dynasty release Munchkin ahead of Stage 4", "Overwatch League's Vancouver Titans sign ryujehong, release Bumper", "Florida Mayhem adds former Seoul Dynasty tank xepheR to season two roster", "Seoul Dynasty part ways with zunba ahead of 2020 Overwatch League season",, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 March 2020, at 14:22. On August 21, 2017, the team announced the acquisition of the players and coaching staff of Korean Overwatch esports team Lunatic-Hai, which consisted of the following players:[1], In September, the team signed an additional coach in veteran Kim "nuGget" Yo-han. All rostered players during the OWL season (including the playoffs) are included, even if they did not make an appearance. ", "Seoul Dynasty Announces Addition of Gambler to Overwatch League Roster", "Los Angeles Valiant have purchased the contract of Jun-hyeok Chae from Seoul Dynasty. [11] After finishing all four stages with worsening map scores, starting the first stage with a map differential of +9 and ending the last stage with a map differential of -6, the Dynasty fell out of season playoffs contention and finished the season in eighth place overall with a record of 22–18, a far cry from the expected and predicted success. 2018 Marve1 Minseo Hwang: Tank South Korea: 2019–present Michelle Minhyuk Choi: Tank … Seoul Dynasty is a South Korean esports team founded in 2017 that competes in the Overwatch League (OWL). October 27th - Wekeed is revealed to have joined the team in the preview video for the full roster reveal. Individual accomplishments Zunba (Kim Joon-hyeok) – 2018 Fleta (Kim Byung-sun) – 2018, 2019 ryujehong (Ryu Je-hong) – 2018, 2019 Seoul Dynasty Roster Changes Dramatically . "Lunatic-Hai to represent Seoul in OWL: "We'll lift up the trophy for OWL just as we did for APEX. ", "블라썸 오버워치 팀에서 활동한 박제민 (@ow_illicit)선수가 더욱 큰 무대인 오버워치 리그의 서울 다이너스티 팀으로 이적 하게 되었습니다. October 26th - The Seoul Dynasty is announced as the name for the Seoul franchise. [5] The final two members for the inaugural season, Chae "Bunny" Jun-hyeok and Kim "KuKi" Dae-kuk, were revealed by Blizzard in November. The team may finally become a real dynasty in 2020 thanks to a few new additions to their roster. The team is owned by Kevin Chou, co-owner of Gen.G. This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 02:05. However, after key losses to New York Excelsior, London Spitfire, and Los Angeles Valiant they fell out of Stage 1 playoff contention and finished the stage in fifth place, sparking discussions about a disappointing start to the season for a team favored to win it. "Seoul-based Overwatch League franchise signs seasoned coach", "Team Seoul adds three players to its Overwatch League roster", "THESE ARE YOUR OVERWATCH LEAGUE TEAM ROSTERS", "From Overwatch to PUBG: A conversation with EscA", "Seoul Dynasty Fall from Overwatch League Stage 1 Playoff Contention", "Overwatch League: Day 2 of Stage 2 Playoff Weekend Seoul Gets Upset", "Seoul's dynasty is already starting to crumble", "New York Excelsior crush Seoul Dynasty, clinch stage 3 playoff berth", "Overwatch: The Fall of the Dynasty: Will Seoul end OWL Season 1 like this? [6] Before the season started, Kim "EscA" In-jae retired. However, their parting ways with two big presences in the team has come as quite a shock. The 2018 Seoul Dynasty season was the first season of the Seoul Dynasty's existence in the Overwatch League. Falling further behind the top teams in map differential. ... 2018 in New York City. [12], In response to their inability to clinch a playoff spot, the team underwent large coaching and staffing changes in July.[13]. Transactions of/for players on the roster during the 2018 regular season: "Lunatic-Hai to represent Seoul in OWL: "We'll lift up the trophy for OWL just as we did for APEX. [7], The Dynasty began the first stage of the regular season well, winning their first five games. ", "We at #SeoulDynasty would like to thank nuGget, Bubbly, & Alwaysoov for their services during the season. The team finished with a regular season record of 22–18, placing them eighth overall, behind the Houston Outlaws due to tiebreakers, who had the same record. With a rocky start to the third stage, coverage for the Dynasty shifted towards continued failure, with an article by ESPN's Emily Rand stating "Seoul's dynasty is already starting to crumble. The Overwatch League roster shuffle season continues. [8] They went on to finish fourth in the second stage as well, once again missing the stage playoffs. Seoul did not qualify for any of the Stage Playoffs and did not qualify for the Season Playoffs. Latest roster transaction: March 30, 2018. October 15th - XepheR, Munchkin and Fleta join. ", "We are excited to welcome KDG as the Head Coach & Changgoon (@changgOW) as the Assistant Coach", "Gambler will be retiring as an active player of SeoulDynasty & becoming a professional streamer within Gen.G esports. Seoul Dynasty viewership statistics in Overwatch tournaments. ", "Welcome to Seoul Dynasty, Highly & ILLICIT", "Regarding the Seoul Dynasty Roster Change for Stage 4", "Welcome to Seoul Dynasty, Profit & Gesture", "Welcome to Seoul Dynasty, @WizardHyeong", "We are very excited to welcome the man, the myth, the legend, @ryujehongsexy to the Vancouver Titans! … [2] In late October, they revealed 3 additional players to their Seoul-based roster, Kim "Fleta" Byung-sun, Byeon "Munchkin" Sang-beom, and Koo "xepheR" Jae-mo. Top 25 Overwatch League Free Agents for… Spark Promote 18 year old DPS Shy… Seoul Dynasty: What is Known With Their… The Dynasty compete in the Pacific East Division. The Dynasty began playing competitive Overwatch in the 2018 season. Overwatch League 2021 Offseason Roster and Free… Toronto Defiant Sign Logix for 2021 Season Which Players will be at Scouting Grounds… Dallas Cowboys: Keys to the Game for… How Important is the Plus/Minus Statistic? Seoul Dynasty roster The Dynasty roster is the old Lunatic-Hai squad mixed with a few players from other high-performing Korean APEX teams. ", "We at #SeoulDynasty would like to thank Gong Jinhyeok 'Miro', Moon Gido 'Gido', & Choi Seokwoo 'Wekeed' for their services during the season. "Seoul Dynasty sign former Spitfire support Bdosin", "These Are Your Overwatch League Team Rosters", "LA Valiant Acquire Bunny From Seoul Dynasty", "Seoul Dynasty resign tobi and add Creative to roster", "Fissure leaves Los Angeles Gladiators for Seoul Dynasty", "Seoul Dynasty's Fissure announces Overwatch League retirement", "Washington Justice and Seoul Dynasty announce new players ahead of 2019 OWL season", "Team Seoul adds three players to its Overwatch League roster", "Seoul Dynasty bolsters Overwatch League roster with the addition of Gambler", "Gambler Retires from Professional Overwatch", "Seoul Dynasty acquire Gesture and Profit from London Spitfire". Seoul Dynasty at Overwatch League Season 1, Seoul Dynasty walkout from Overwatch League Season 2, Seoul Dynasty Team Uniform Inaugural Season, Overwatch League 2020 - Playoffs - Grand Finals, OVERWATCH LEAGUE™ WELCOMES FIRST SEVEN TEAMS, The Seoul Team of the Overwatch League™ Announces Its Official Name, “Seoul Dynasty”, "THESE ARE YOUR OVERWATCH LEAGUE TEAM ROSTERS", "APEX Season 4 Chamions former GC Busan Coach (이호철) has joined Seoul Dynasty! He joined the Dynasty as an assistant coach in August 2018, working for Kim "KDG" Dong-gun. Roaring on: Seoul Dynasty team preview. "[10], They once again failed to reach the playoffs in both the third and fourth stages of the regular season, going 5–5 in Stage 3 and 3–7 in Stage 4. [3][4] On October 27, the addition of Choi "Wekeed" Seok-woo was broadcast in the Dynasty's roster preview video. ", "Seoul Dynasty undergo coaching and staff changes ahead of Season Two", "Seoul Dynasty bolsters Overwatch League roster with the addition of Gambler", "LA Valiant Acquire Bunny From Seoul Dynasty",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. [9] After the stage playoffs were expanded to include the team in fourth place, the Dynasty were predicted to be able to clinch a playoff spot thanks to their consistent fourth-place finishes in the prior stages, though their inability to defeat the top placing teams in the league brought up concerns over team management.

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