sentence structure for fiction writers

Anna made the breakfast, ignoring the fact that the house was falling down. In fact, the word paragraph comes from the Greek word paragraphos, a line marking a change in the speakers of dialogue (classical Greeks were famous for their plays, so this would be very important). A USP - Unique Selling Point (or Proposition) is all well and good, but today it must address what's in it for the customer. Longer paragraphs usually signal that the story is slowing down, while shorter ones indicate that the pace is quickening. *Wedding Speeches Dialogue tags attribute a line of dialogue to one of … Slowing the pace down before another sprint. When none of the above apply and you are in the middle of a long section, but you need to give your reader some incentives to get through it. They may continue speaking throughout the paragraph; you may break it up to tag the dialogue, to describe theirs, or another character’s, internal or external responses before adding more dialogue; or intersperse their dialogue with action. Journalism can be especially helpful to beginning writers, because journalism requires clarity and directness. But this paragraph, from A Farewell to Arms, shows his skill with more complex construction, giving the reader a sense of the character’s languor: They left me alone and I lay in bed and read the papers awhile, the news from the front, and the list of dead officers with their decorations and then reached down and brought up the bottle of Cinzano and held it straight up on my stomach, the cool glass against my stomach, and took little drinks making rings on my stomach from holding the bottle there between drinks, and watched it get dark outside over the roofs of the town. This sentence is a simple sentence with a few more words added. The most basic complex sentence consists of a main clause and a dependent clause. I was relieved. Which information should come first, which second, third, and so on? Did you enjoy this post? For example ... do you know how to express your 'USP?' A USP - Unique Selling Point (or Proposition) is all well and good, but today it must address what's in it for the customer. Writers spend so much time talking about plot, character, setting, voice, point of view, and other elements of narrative craft that we sometimes forget to talk about one of the most essential building blocks of story: the sentence. In his appendix on ‘perspicuity’, Lindley Murray states several rules for promoting what he calls the ‘strength’ of sentences. Point of view is another challenging topic and you will find my ideas about this in other columns. But there’s a time and place for both short, powerful sentences and for more complicated and complex sentences. One of the easiest ways to spot text that requires variety is by noting how each sentence opens. This is indeed a long sentence, but it isn’t a run-on sentence at all; a run-on sentence simply means that two independent clauses have been joined without a coordinating conjunction or appropriate form of punctuation. (Unique Selling Proposition/Point?) To join two related clauses/sentences without a conjunction – and so create a more enigmatic sentence – use a semi-colon., “Banana Skin Words and how not to slip on them”...over 1,500 spelling and grammar tips to perfect your written English … INSTANT DOWNLOAD now available! Get one-on-one guidance with Victoria Grossack's personal writing class; find out more at The coronavirus pandemic has seen many weddings cancelled but gradually, some weddings are going ahead on a small scale. Welcome to Part Fourteen of our popular fiction series. Longer paragraphs are also a place to develop intricate action, detailed description, or even profound, complicated thoughts. Review the following paragraphs sentence variety: When the focus of your narrative changes from one character to another – especially if you are changing from one person’s point of view to someone else’s – begin a new paragraph. Taking in such a sentence, we feel the extra demand being made on our memory. If sentences are the building blocks of prose writing, paragraphs are the panels, doors and windows in the walls of your narrative edifice., “Banana Skin Words and how not to slip on them”...over 1,500 spelling and grammar tips to perfect your written English … INSTANT DOWNLOAD now available! But there is another important consideration regarding the structure of paragraphs for your story: how do you order your sentences within each paragraph? *Social Media Want to learn more about crafting fabulous fiction? The second develops action or thought and moves the story along. Amy cooked breakfast despitehighly dramatic circumstances!Check out Lucy’s tips on how to getthe grammar, syntax and punctuation just right…. So, even when you begin a paragraph with a strong lead sentence, you may want to end with a bang as well. Wells — The War of the Worlds. -------------------------------------------------------- So far this article has concentrated on what you should consider when separating your paragraphs. It has also helped me to build my own post on paragraph structure in non-fiction writing. If you think of a paragraph as a frame for a certain amount of information, how to give it the right shape and form becomes clearer. These three sentences demonstrate a number of principles of good sentence structure. There may be some examples of writing that have not been updated to APA 7 guidelines. An occasional paragraph of a single sentence, or even one word, whether dialogue or narrative, can have a more immediate and powerful effect than several longer paragraphs. Another easy way to amp up your fiction-writing style is to simply look at the length, variety, and structure of your sentences. A really long subject, especially one containing difficult words or concepts, may make such a demand on our working memory that we have to go back and read the sentence again, as in this tax-return instruction from the 1960s: Particulars of the date of sale and sale price of a car used only for the purposes of your office or employment (or the date of cessation of use and open market price of that date) should be furnished on a separate sheet. Although I believe that most scenes should be shown through a single point of view, many writers do not agree with me. . Readers of creative writing are heavily influenced by the flow of the writing and can easily be turned off by work that consists of nothing but three-word sentences or page-long paragraphs of long, loopy sentences. It was a principle that the prescriptive grammarians recognized too.

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