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The story revolves around a traditional family in Kerala which is haunted by Yakshi, a vampire. The St. Joseph’s Congregation (SJC) was founded on July 3, 1928 in Kaipuzha in the Archdiocese of Kottayam, by the Servant of God Poothathil Thommiachan with the approval of the then Bishop Mar Alexander Choolapparambil. ... in Kattur which was the custom at that time. Seems a straightforward softening to “Kyriakose”. Earlier it used to be in the format as ( House/Family name) + (Father’s name)+ Given name. If you want to put as Chessy K Cherian, then given name can be either Chessy or Cherian, on your choice, then the other as Middle name and expansion of K as surname. Thanx to you again. They received their religious formation under the direction of the Founder himself, with the assistance of Sr. Catherine and Sr. Johanna of the Visitation Congregation. Bravo! One of the factors which grab attention while updating the database are the names. Our sisters offer their services also to different centres abroad such as Deggendorf, Munich (Germany), Rome, Torino (Italy), Tenero (Switzerland). Best regards, Thomman. Are you sure about that Sunita? Dummini is Dominique, Outha, is ouseph or joseph, thanks “anthony” for the tip. There are still other kerala christian names out there, and do comment us about them. It is good to have a Syrian Chrrisitian Mallu equivalent English name. Malayalam. So if you take my case, my parents have the english version, but my grandparents would be having the malayalam versions. It is my brothers wedding and I sent them the pictures for inspiration. Many of my forefathers were Thommans. Well, could there be overlapping as well… (? There are more pictures offline. A compilation of these names, with their origin, have been given in tabular form below. Chacko – nearest Western equivalent would be Jacques and/or Jake – (Jacques / Chack o – both sound similar and both trace back to Yakob, You might be interested to know that Jago is the Celtic name for Jacob. I am curious, though, as you list the English vs. Malayalam names, I have met many Malayalees with the English forms.. is there a tradition that would encourage the use of English over Malayalam or is the Malayalam used more to connect with village or villagers use more than city folk? However there is still a chance for it to be correct. Don’t think there is any connection with the Mallu name. Here…Chessy is the name which everybody calls, K is the father’s name and Cherian is the official church name…. Slavs are Indo-aryans, but they are not from Persia. Be the first to review “Nigoodamanna- 1 St. Kochuthresia” Cancel reply. In such a case, all family members can easily take the same surname. Since then, I have always cherished using Sarah as a part of my name. Reference: 1. 2. 3. Thanks for your advice, but we are not so religious centric on names . Hence do not take this list as conclusive or exhaustive. Is the three name format good for documentation purposes or 2 name system? Yes, Kuriakose could have originated from Greek Kyrillos (english equivalent: Cyril), like Kurula, Kuruvilla, etc. I need your opinion as to which format would be best. The first five members were: Sr. Josephina Poothathil of Neendoor, Sr. Thomasia Kollalappara of Koodalloor, Sr. Ignatia Elanjimattathil of Edamattom, Sr. Kochuthresia Paravarakath of Thidanad, and Sr.Magdalena Kollamparampil of Aruvithura. Had she lived, she would have been only 52 years old when she was declared a Saint. I am not sure how reliable your ancestry test is. Thats why we have lot of Achans(pappachan, thomachan..) and Ammas(rahelamma, sosamma..) :)). This print version of Kochuthresiayude Lokam has 20 lovely pieces of writing filled with life and laughter. My Family name is Killethu (could be Kilethu) any idea if this has any historical basis, we are are Syrian Orthodox and have a long family tree but it’s so tricky with Kerala names? I am also not sure about the origin of the name, but its his baptismal name, also searching my best to find out the origin and meaning of the name. The Congregation was started on July 3, 1928 with the permission of Bp. This is new information to me. Ha ha ha. Hope you know the meaning of Rahel/Rachel?! With passage of time and the natural change in its form, we don’t even realise that these are actually real names! On December 24, 1939 Sr. Josephina and Sr. Thomasia made their final profession, and Sr. Josephina was officially appointed Superior of the small community of  St. Joseph’s Sisters. The eldest son/daughter carrys the name of the paternal grand father/mother. Dear Roxy, Your right!! From what I know, it doesn’t have a direct connection with the traditional names used in Kerala (?). Dear Thomman, as you said, earlier, the naming style used was: (House/Family name) + (Father’s name) + (Given name). What pictures do you need? ), yes, and similarily we have many kurians on my side and sarahs on sarah’s side , Thanks to this . Your email address will not be published. Miguel, thanks for the info. Hebrew, Gr. Armenian, Ir. Anyways, thanks for your valuable suggestions. Have read somewhere that chinnamma comes from anna/hannah. Kuriakose: Not sure, but I don’t think it is from Zachariah. We are basically from Kunnamkulam, near guruvayoor, trichur, and my dads name UKRU is found only in that locality ( as per my knowledge), so would like to know the English equivalent of the same, as I need to name my son after him. We were baby boy 2months back, we both searched many sites got through manynames but one name which striked was “AHMIK ” origin- hbrw,meaning- strength of god’s flock but when it came for makin of birth certificate there was a huge uproar it sounds like muslim name and name is egoistic name as it starts with ‘ahm’ from our parents I would like to know the people in this family tree that you should have a name which always introduces as a christian and a name makes your more religious and god fearing thanks, Hey Roshan, Ahmik is a good name! Fr. Experiments with Prakriti; our own & life around. It really amaizing.I am new in this. In view of that he asked permission to start a religious congregation for women in the name of St. Joseph. The Congregation was started on July 3, 1928 with the permission of Bp. Did you guys plan it or had a wedding planner? There are a lot of Teresa variants in our family tree . Mar Alexander Choolapparambil. Selections from Kochuthresia's famous blog 'Kochuthresiayude Lokam' at “kyriakon”, thus, is church, being “the house of the Lord”. It also has interesting illustrations by Namath. eg: Mathew Kurian. Your wedding pictures are just marvelous, especially with the bridesmaids. To add to the confusion Kochuthresia fell ill and died soon. The confusion could be because the real name of St. Ignatius of Loyola was “Inigo” which he later changed to “Ignatius”. There is some conjecture over this. I have come across the meaning of Kuruvilla as Invincible when i did a search. Former Croatian football captain was Zvonimir Boban. later only i found that chacko was derived from “yakov”(syriac) and not from its english variant. As mentioned in the article, the English versions came into extensive use around the 1950s/post-independence, probably due to the westernization. School adjacent to St. Stephen’s Church, Kurumulloor in June 1927, with a view to imparting education to the poor and illiterate children of the locality as well as raising some financial help for the maintenance of the disabled of the Asylum. eg: Kollamparambil Kurian makan (son) Mathew. a practical guide to genealogical research in kerala, sri krishna jayanthi and the legends of parana kananam, a practical guide to genealogical research in kerala | rocksea & sarah. Here i found a whole new meaning to the name and gives a new outlook. We are sure that Kurian is a form of Cyriac. I would really appreciate any help. [2],, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Pages using infobox television with nonstandard dates, Articles containing Malayalam-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Prakash Paul as Reverend Kadamattom/ Kadamattathachan, Harishanth as Ayilyam Thirunal Udaya Varma (Thripangott Thampuran), This page was last edited on 8 September 2020, at 04:16. The Martins had been beatified earlier on … Rocksea explains some of the common Syrian Christian names. Of course, a more straightforward application could also be for Kyriakose to simply mean “Christian”, since belonging to the Lord through baptism. Germanian, Sp. That is St. Mary’s Convent of the Congregation of the Mother of Carmel. I guess it is necessary to know how you pronounce “kill” in your family name “killethu”. I have a bit of guesswork to contribute: suggest the origin of Kyriakose is most likely from the Greek (through Latin) “kyriakon”, which in turn derives from “Kyrios”=Lord. Could you let me know the English equivalents of a) Idichandy & b) Idiculla? My own middle name or christian name that I inherited from my grandmother was unknown to me until I was 15 or 16 years old. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! I found that Kuriakose Elias Chavara was also known as Cyriac Elias Chavara (from several sources). Roxy comes from latin roxana which in turn came from persian (or Indo-Iranian) roshanak, meaning dawn or bright or even a shining star. Rappai is my sir name, […] did I figure that Itty was Isaac or Koshy was Joshua. A common practice among the kerala christians is to have the […], Your email address will not be published. Or is it a proper Mallu name or lack a Christian equivalent? Dear Rocksea, Please offer your views on which is the best format for a new born baby in the current scenario/century, but giving us our identity too. Thomas Poothathil, in his great desire to give shelter to the physically handicapped women, raised funds through local collection and helps from abroad. The special charism bequeathed by the founder to the community and lived by the first embers may be expressed as the yoga of Divine Glory and the dasyam of God’s Mercy. good work!! Kadamattathu Kathanar (a Syrian Orthodox priest of Kadamattom Church) also known as Kadamattathachan (Father Kadamattom) is a priest who is believed to have possessed supernatural powers and whose legends are closely related to the beginning of the Kadamattom Church, one of the oldest church buildings that still exists in Kerala the land of Saint Thomas Christians.

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