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Each team will be required to be entered by the RLIF Member Nation and will be required to meet the RLIF eligibility regulations. RLIF Rugby League World Cup 2021 Qualification. They are expressed as a percentage of the Number 1 ranked nation (i.e. The first two pieces of advice to b…, IPC biweekly Caronavirus update | October 15, 2020, IWRF Non-Executive Board Of Directors vacancies, "United Through Sports" holds World Virtual Youth Festival. The Quarter-Finalists in the 2017 RLIF Rugby League World Cup will qualify as of right. To find out more about any of the major RLIF tournaments running over October / November, please click on the links below Fol…, The IWRF's new "Athlete Welfare" section have had the first articles uploaded! Detailed discussions concerning the International Calendar have been progressing for more than a year. It is an invasion and evasion game, the object being to carry the ball across the opposing team’s try line to score trys. The RLIF determined that a measure of success for the event and RLIF’s investment of $100,000 will be the legacy provided by players returning to their home nation to expand and further develop the sport. In addition to the Emerging Nations World Championship expressions of interest had been received by RLIF from regions to compete in their own competition. Expressions of interest to host the RLIF Nines World Cup have been received and a full report will be made to the 9 May Board meeting. Previously known as the Rugby League Imperial Board, the International Rugby League Board and latterly the Rugby League International Federation, the IRL is responsible for the Laws of the Game, the development, organisation and governance of rugby leagues internationally, and for the sport's major international tournaments; most notably the Rugby League World Cup. International Rugby League world rankings are based upon results over the past 4 years of competition. “The Board were mindful that every nation should have an opportunity to participate in a qualification process for the RLIF Rugby League World Cup in 2021. Wheelchair Rugby is a coed team sport for male and female tetraplegic athletes. Facebook The RLIF Chief Executive David Collier will now work with our Continental Federations and our International Competition Group chaired by Graeme Thompson to bring forward proposals to our 9 May Board meeting concerning complementary Continental competitions and matches to expand Tier Two and Tier Three Nation international fixtures. List of Rugby League International Federation members, List of men's national rugby league teams, "Italy Promoted to Full Member Status of RLIF", "Rugby League's international body RLIF has welcomed Russia, Ukraine and Jamaica to full membership", "Lebanon & Serbia promoted to full members of RLIF", "Brazil Rugby League to be recognised by the Rugby League International Federation", "Chile are the latest nation to gain Affiliate Member status with the Asia Pacific Rugby League", "Germany restores its affiliate membership", "Greece Rugby League Association admitted to RLEF", "Dutch upgraded following RLEF congress in Belgrade", "Turkey accorded affiliate member status of Rugby League European Federation", "Bosnia Herzegovina awarded observer status", "Bulgarian Rugby League Federation comes on board", "Rugby League Nigeria accepted as an observer", "Palestine Rugby League gain RLEF observer status",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 August 2020, at 07:23. The Board will make the required recommendation to the Members at our next AGM and we warmly congratulate the Officers of FIRL”. The International Rugby League (IRL) is the global governing body for the sport of rugby league football. FBRB. “This has been an historic meeting for RLIF. Substantive progress was made with the International Calendar. Official site of the international governing body of Wheelchair Rugby with news, events calendar, sport information, video, photos, downloads and more. Seven teams will be qualified from Europe, 6 from Asia Pacific , 2 from the Americas and one from a play-off series hosted in Middle East/Africa . RLIF Rugby League World Cup 2021 Qualification In respect of the qualification process for the RLIF Rugby League World Cup 2021 it was agreed that this would be a 16 -team tournament. This solution provides every nation with that opportunity whilst rewarding success for eight of our Members who reach the Quarter-Finals of the 2017 RLIF Rugby League World Cup.”. Belgian Rugby Union Rue de Ransbeek - Ransbeekstraat 227 1120 Brussels +32 2 479 93 32. [citation needed] The federation currently consists of 30 members (19 full and 11 affiliate), and 40 observer members. In respect of the qualification process for the RLIF Rugby League World Cup 2021 it was agreed that this would be a 16 -team tournament. © Copyright 2020 Rugby League Samoa. Whilst the detail of the matches will not be finalised until the Autumn RLIF is delighted to have identified a full programme for the next four-year cycle to enable the completion of the International Calendar.”. Should 6 teams not pre-qualify via the RLIF RLWC17 Quarter-Finals from Asia-Pacific then the 16th place will be awarded to Middle East/Africa. the number 1 ranked nation is 100 - the other nations are expressed as a percentage) MEDIA RELEASE: Rugby League International Federation. NATIONAL TEAMS. Of course, it's not quite as simple as that! The RLIF Board received a report that FIRL (Italy) had now fully complied with all criteria regarding RLIF Full Membership and therefore the RLIF Board now recommends to the Members at the AGM that Italy become a Full Member of RLIF. The IWRF are seeking two candidates for inclusion on our non-execut…, "United Through Sports" is holding a World Virtual Youth Festival this month for youngsters under 18 years old. Watch our videos to see the thrills and spills of the sport. Should 6 teams pre-qualify via the Quarter- Finals from Asia Pacific and Lebanon qualify via the Quarter Finals in 2017 that a play-off be held hosted by Middle East/Africa between the highest placed team in Middle/East Africa excluding Lebanon, the 3rd placed team in the Americas and the 7th placed team in Asia-Pacific. Whilst being unable to financially support such a competition the RLIF Board endorsed up to four regions participating in a parallel competition. Today we have progressed those discussions, made substantive progress with the Calendar and supported all levels of our Membership. The International Rugby League (IRL) was founded in its current form in 1998, consisting of … Home Wheelchair Rugby Ready Rugby Calendar IWRF News Anti-Doping Athlete Welfare Classification Competitions Development Governance Technical Your Zone Research Library Photo Gallery Video Gallery About Our Sport IWRF Partners … “Italy has demonstrated through its development programmes as well as its success in qualifying for the 2017 World Cup that the nation fully merits becoming a Full Member of RLIF. Check it out in the Athlete Welfare section…, The latest IPC biweekly Coronavirus update dated October 15th, 2020 is online, IWRF Non-Executive Board of Director Vacancies System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Fifteen-a-side Seven-a-side FOLLOW US. RWC New reports help nations prepare RWC bids that optimise return on investment. All Rights Reserved. The International Rugby League (IRL) was founded in its current form in 1998, consisting of 10 full members. In support of the RLIF strategic plan ‘Global Conversion’ the Board determined to support an Emerging Nations World Championship in 2018. “This meeting received the Tier One Nations proposed programme for the next four-year cycle together with the RLF Global Events. Should 6 teams pre-qualify via the Quarter-Finals from Asia-Pacific in 2017 and Lebanon do not qualify via the Quarter- Finals in 2017 then the 16th place will be determined by a play-off hosted in Middle East/Africa between the Middle East/Africa Champions and the 7th placed nation in Asia-Pacific.

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