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Biochemistry graduates can engage in evaluative and critical thinking across the disciplines of chemistry and biology and integrate these disciplines into their chosen career paths, or medical, professional and graduate educations. Our BBA degree gives you a solid, real-world understanding of the role business plays in society – from its history, impact on individuals, economic influence, as well as the social responsibilities that come along with it. After a generation in the NAIA, Rockhurst University joined NCAA Division II in 1999, as a founder of the Heartland Conference. Rockhurst University offers a business degree that supports you with the best in business acumen, leadership expertise and ethical decision-making skills. Sociology is a useful complement to a variety of Rockhurst degrees, improving preparedness for the professional world as well as enhancing hiring desirability for graduates. profile and get matched with the right choices. Here you'll have access to specifics on the school and details on their Men's Basketball program like who to make contact with about recruiting, names of past alumni, what scholarship opportunities are presented and ways to start the recruiting process. This minor provides a well-rounded educational experience and can increase hiring potential after graduation. The degree explores the intersection of law and economics, preparing you to analyze and formulate policy. You can also ask your parents to call us Why choose the RN to BSN program? if the inclusion of a test score increases the student’s overall admission criteria and/or scholarship level. The American Dental Association describes careers in dentistry as competitive in salary with a wide variety of career opportunities, including working in hospitals, research laboratories, private practice, education, as well as international relief organizations. According to information you submitted, you are under the age of 13. Biochemistry, Biophysics and Molecular Biology. It is one of the most comprehensive and diverse engineering disciplines, and the mechanical engineering degree offered by Rockhurst is an effective way to enter a lucrative, essential industry. Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences' Bachelor of Science in Nursing program provides quality education to a diverse student population through innovative educational programs. Materials science drives the development of novel materials in industry and medicine. Note: BSN program tuition is not reduced by merit scholarship aid, but students in the program are eligible to apply for need-based scholarships. Data science jobs are in great demand and a degree in analytics and technology from Rockhurst University equips students with the business intelligence skills to fill these challenging roles. The visual arts program offers a minor to students who wish to explore the field of visual arts and its relationship to all fields of study offered at Rockhurst University. Rockhurst’s corporate accounting and finance major is a concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree offered through the Helzberg School of Management. In the Management concentration of the Helzberg School of Management Bachelor's in Business Administration, students broadly explore theories in organizational change, project management and leadership. Accountants impact business decisions through financial information that helps organizations manage risk, set strategies, and maintain stability. Mechanical engineering encompasses a variety of job duties, including the design, development and maintenance of electrical equipment from generators to engines to robots used in manufacturing. The German minor provides students with a robust education in both German language and culture, preparing them for careers that can extend overseas. Our major, which has human communication and mass communication tracks, emphasizes areas such as listening and group communication skills, journalism, public relations and advertising. Rockhurst University Men's soccer Program Coaching & Recruiting Staff The sequence of courses will lead to a senior capstone on a research topic that fascinates you, along with personalized mentoring for it. Rockhurst University offers a four-year pre-professional program for students interested in obtaining the Doctorate in Optometry, O. D. Based in the division of natural sciences, the program leads to a Bachelor of Science degree and provides students with the undergraduate courses necessary to pursue the advanced professional degree. Students in the Public Relations and Advertising major apply and uniquely develop both human communication and mass communication skills with a goal-oriented approach to understanding communication in interpersonal relationships and the media. Additional key personnel include: 55-acre, urban campus in Kansas City (population: 447,306); Served by air, bus, and train. The English major includes four tracks that advance students’ skills in writing and analytical/creative thinking, deepen their understandings of the major developments in literature and strengthen their competence in applying critical methodologies to a wide range of literary and cultural artifacts. Employment growth is driven by an increased use of data and market research across all industries, cementing analytics as one of the strongest trends in marketing today. or D.O. Looking for a new outdoor activity to complete during this time of social distancing? Step 1: Check to make sure you have met the requirements to begin your application. The Catholic studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that introduces students to issues and themes in the study of the Catholic Church and Catholic beliefs. We provide opportunities to supplement your knowledge beyond these two tracks with an understanding of human and environmental biology.

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