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She’s a singer, songwriter and producer who has spent the past two decades being quietly peerless. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our, How Robyn Beat Depression to Make the Best Music of Her Career. Her sensibility was shaped by late-'80s pop. “I felt like I didn’t want to make music,” she says. It’s a cloudy day in London and we’re standing outside a convenience store, both of us staring at our respective phones, trying to navigate to the National Gallery. “It wasn’t about coming back to a normal life,” she says. Maybe that’s why Honey feels so different: because it’s not about anything as simple as a broken heart. The song celebrated its 10-year anniversary earlier this month. Those luminous swells of feeling, all of it—the joy and the sadness, the dancing and the crying, the high and the comedown. In 2003, Robyn returned home, defeated, to Stockholm. Proof that decadence and vulnerability can happily coexist. She sets off in that direction, her backpack-—half-unzipped, its contents visibly jostling—-bobbing behind her. These songs felt different to her: more personal and more visceral. “The idea of getting to the chorus wasn’t as interesting to me anymore,” she says. Even the things we take for granted …” She grips the edge of the countertop with her hands and shakes it for a second, as if trying to lift it off the ground. But once it clicks into place, it’s as satisfying as anything she’s ever released. The subject is a young man, his shoulder exposed, his hands contorted like claws. As a child, Robyn spent a good chunk of time touring with her parents’ experimental theater group—an experience that ignited one of the more unusual trajectories in modern pop. “Listen to this,” she says, putting the headphones over my ears. A teen star becomes an underground disco queen for the new millennium. I wanted it to be more than mood. As I follow her through Leicester Square, crowded with tourists, nobody stops her or even does a double take. You can listen to the clip and see the posts below: English date format btw don’t worry people it’s coming Wednesday lol. “This is the one I wanted to see,” she says. But this is kind of a lifelong prize to be the Songwriter Of The Decade and I appreciate it so much,” Robyn said. Caravaggio was a pioneer of that technique; he called it chiaroscuro. But it’s beautiful and sad, even if it doesn’t sound like anything Robyn’s done before. “It was like tripping on sadness.”. It looks like a collaboration with SG Lewis. “I think I had it coming,” she says. Credit: Getty Images. Robyn has hinted that some new music is on the way this week after sharing a new clip on social media. Once we finally make it to the National Gallery, Robyn wants to find paintings by Caravaggio, the Italian Baroque painter. released the ‘Honey’ single back in September 2018, Robyn recently shared a special quarantine performance of her hit ‘Dancing On My Own’. The collection comprised remixes of the songs ‘Honey’, ‘Between The Lines’, ‘Beach2k20’, ‘Ever Again’ and ‘Baby Forgive Me’. “You know when you have those experiences that are fundamentally changing, or spiritual, almost? What she’s wrestling with now is more existential than that. Writing these songs was a different kind of drug. “What if you have people on your Instagram, texting you, ‘Yeah, I’m so excited you’re going to work!’” It was a joke, of course, but the sentiment—bringing the rush of pop to a human scale—is one she built a career on. After taking a nearly eight-year-long break from releasing solo music (a gamble almost unheard-of for a pop artist in their prime), Robyn returned in 2018 with Honey, recasting loss—romantic and personal—as the fire in which strong hearts are forged. Booting pop into the future with confidence and heavy beats. It’s on Robyn’s face even now as she studies the painting. “It became all about pleasure,” she says. “I couldn’t catapult my way out of it.”. You can listen to it below. “The only way I could make music was to start making it in a way that made me feel better,” she says. “I was very raw,” she says. When Lorde performed on Saturday Night Live last year, she did so with a framed photo of Robyn above the piano. She began going to therapy several times a week. I feel like I’m at the awards show at the Fifth Element, the [Luc Besson] film and I’m very flattered for the appreciation that NME has shown me over the years. When you have to stay in both the light and the dark. Robyn has hinted that some new music is on the way this week after sharing a new clip on social media. On Honey, she’s reaching out in the dark, trying to make a connection, in songs that are atmospheric and full of white space, instead of dense with glittering synths. “I wish everyone could have a fan club that would just cheer them on and root for them,” she told Beats 1’s Tom Thorogood. In a new post on Twitter, the musician shared the clip with the caption “5/8”. She listens to the audio guide, her eyes widening as she reacts to the narration. It takes a couple of listens to begin to understand the album Robyn ended up writing, which is called Honey. She sighs. It’s layered and psychedelic, like a Balearic dance party—more tactile than sonic. Robyn's 'Body Talk' served as a blueprint for the sound of mainstream music in the decade that followed. Gays, assemble! “I think we go this way!” she says brightly, pointing down one road. 'Honey' is something totally new. His work, she says, is so sensual: “All those naked women thinking about God.” She loves the hedonism of these paintings, the way they celebrate pleasure. Acoustic versions, breezy juvenilia, and Snoop Dogg collabs. Robyn had long since emancipated herself from teen-pop by the time she released her seventh album. “I spent more time on that song than I did on any other piece of music in my whole life,” she says.

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