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We go on to examine the different ways that rivers can be prevented from flooding through the use of flood defences. Tyler tells us that our Monday to kick off the new week across Central Louisiana calls for a mainly dry day. Besides backing up waters behind them, ice jams can also produce river floods downstream if they are abruptly breached. River levels rising after Hurricane Delta, many reach Major Flood Stage, Front Street in Natchitoches will close to hang Christmas lights, The Rapides Foundation announces creation of hurricane relief funds, Traffic accident on Hwy 28 East closes both lanes, SportsNite crew breaks down Marksville's win over Grant, Public Inspection File - - (318) 483-4211. Fowey, Cornwall  after high tides, strong winds and torrential rain hit the town in February 2014. The Calcasieu River near Glenmora in Rapides Parish is at Major Flood Stage following rainfall from Hurricane Delta. Those predictions showed a crest of 22.3 feet, with the river not dropping below flood stage until Saturday morning. The SES says those who choose to evacuate their homes should remember to take pets, mobile phone, spare clothes and medications. Bureau Home > Australia > Victoria > Victoria Rainfall and River Conditions. An SES spokeswoman said six houses on the Great Ocean Road had been affected by flooding in the south-west on Saturday, with 20 homes still currently sandbagged. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced .  … A Leesville property owner backed out of his proposal to start a hemp farm. Technology has been widely adopted in schools but the provision of teaching resources available to make full use of these resources has failed to keep up. They are not to be resold. Record Mississippi River Floods . A group of teachers with one thing in common - we all have a passion for the subject of Geography. A 100-year flood isn’t a flood that only happens once in a century. The Director-General of SEMA in Cross River, Mr Princewill Ayim, told NAN in Calabar that the objective was to enlighten the people, especially those living in swampy areas on the dangers of flooding. It was made worse by the buildings and the roads helping carry the water away quickly instead of allowing the water to soak into the soil. Pre … This is the situation, for example, for the Lena River in Siberia, the Mackenzie River of northwestern Canada and the Red River of the U.S. Upper Midwest and Manitoba. The Calcasieu River in Oakdale is at Moderate flood stage. Both the Merri River and Russells creek systems are expected to very slowly recede today. 25 September 2020 | 12:08 pm Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on … “Cross River is a riverine area and most of the communities are prone to flooding. A river basin may experience more than one 100-year flood in a hundred years; in fact, it could experience 100-year floods in consecutive years, as long as the relatively rare conditions that produce them – say, extreme rainfall amounts over a short period of time – recur. “What it means is that no provision would be made for us again while we are annually affected and it so a confirmation that NEMA has been doing nothing,’’ she said. Constructed levees are meant to confine floodwaters and protect floodplain communities, though they can also result in larger floods by backing up flows above their bottlenecks and by limiting the lateral spread of high-volume discharges, sometimes forcing water levels up enough that levees are overtopped. Ethan Shaw is an independent naturalist and freelance outdoors/nature writer based in Oregon. “The forecast captured 14 local government areas in Cross River to be affected and this will spread across 254 communities in the state,’’ he said. A farmer in Ubeta Community of Ahoada-West LGA, Mr Andrew Egbelu also said that farming business had been destroyed in the area because of the flood. NAN reports that no serious cases of flood have so far been reported in the state this year. Keris Arndt, senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology, said the impact of Wednesday and Thursdays rains was delayed and the coastal towns were only now bearing the brunt of flooding. They made their views known in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Port Harcourt. The prediction shows the river dropping below the action stage overnight Friday. He said there were about 40 crews of both SES and CFA volunteers between Warrnambool and Port Fairy still out on Saturday morning sandbagging and pumping water to protect homes from flood waters. Telemetered data showing current river levels and rainfall is provided publicly as a service for general interest only.. As of Saturday morning Melbourne was .8mm away from hitting the 648 millimetre yearly average, which will be the earliest it's done so in 24 years. Similarly, livestock can be lost due to the rising floodwaters. This street flooded after heavy rainfall. He’s written for a variety of outlets, including Earth Touch News, RootsRated, Backpacker,, and Atlas Obscura, and is presently working on a field guide. Got any ideas that you would like to see us include or have you got any suggestions on topics that you would like us to find resources for? According to Ogbonnaya, in spite, of losing her farm to flood, she mobilised princesses in the area to contribute money to support women and children. Nonetheless, humans often perceive floods negatively because of the damage and loss of life they often wreak where natural floodways have become heavily developed and populated. in Wildlife Ecology and a graduate certificate in G.I.S. After the floods of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, many homes were uninhabitable making their residents temporarily homeless. Failures of both levees and dams can also result in catastrophic flooding. Then please contact us with your suggestions and comments so that we can improve our website further. Please remember to refresh page so the data is up to date. 45 : Ovens River. The Rapides Foundation is offering the funding in response to back-to-back hurricanes, which brought catastrophic damage and flooding to Central Louisiana. You can find out what causes floods and which floods caused the most damage. Please consider making a donation so we can continue to bring you the latest news and information on COVID-19 in our community. Russells Creek peaked late on Friday, with drone footage shared by a local SES unit showing a vast low lying residential area inundated near Wentworth street. Allansford, near Warrnambool, was already experiencing inundated homes on Thursday. These also have the added benefit of making the river more navigable to boats. Heavy snowmelts, historic rainfalls, and April's tornadoes triggered flooding from the Ohio River, as well. 1       Yangtze River                           China          1931          2,500,000 - 3,700,000         River flood, 2       Yellow River                              China          1887            900,000 - 2,000,000, 3       Yellow River                              China          1938            500,000-700,000, 4       River Ru                                       China          1975               231,000                                   Dam failure. The river is forecast to crest at 19 feet, in Major Flood Stage. It’s officially flu season, and the high-dose flu vaccine – recommended particularly for ages 65 and older – is available locally. Announcement. Dr Patricia Ogbonnaya, one of the farmers and Crown Princess of Ekpeye Kingdom, Ahoada-West Local Government Area of Rivers, said farming had ceased in the area. In Allen Parish, Whisky Chitto Creek near Mittie, and the Calcasieu River near Oberlin and near Kinder are at Major Flood Stage. Mr Arndt said there would be a "weak front that moves in overnight Saturday across Melbourne meaning Sunday would be slightly cooler than Saturday with a top of 17 degrees. Please feel free to send any feedback on our new site to He holds a B.S. River Conditions; 24 Hour Rainfalls; Rainfalls Since 9am ; Last 1 Hour Rainfalls; About Map Note: Map contains unchecked data from automatic equipment. Copyright 2020 KALB. You’ll often hear hydrologists, geographers and newscasters speak of 10-year, 50-year, 100-year, 500-year floods and so on. In Warnambool, areas adjacent to the the Merri River, including Dennington and Woodford are currently flooded after the river peaked at 8.132 metres on Friday morning.

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