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Fax: 215-729-8202, AFRICOM empowers African and Caribbean communities in the greater Philadelphia area. For more information on benefits and eligibility, check out this, Receiving medical care for COVID-19 does not count towards public charge determinations. Each testing site has its own requirements, and that information is included for each location on the map. The heavy rain and high winds of Tropical Storm Isaias caused flooding and power outages in the City. Philadelphia residents aged 13 and older can get the cards, as long as they can prove their identities and addresses through combinations of documents, such as birth certificates, letters from social service agencies, school records, and bills. Consulates promote commercial, cultural, educational, medical and governmental relationships between our state and their respective countries and serve the diplomatic needs of foreign citizens and visiting dignitaries in Pennsylvania. Fax: 215-735-9718 301-305 North 9th Street Phone: 215-854-7019; 215-854-7018 (Spanish) 4415 Chestnut St, Suite 202 Residents can apply online for these benefits at the state’s online application at To speak to a health care professional about COVID-19, call 1-800-722-7112, dial 3-1-1 with questions about City services, or visit for the latest updates. Thanks to our hard-won victory, countless immigrant families in Philadelphia remain together and are safer from deportation. 7 South Cedar Lane For those with a higher education (education beyond the secondary level) degree moving to Pennsylvania, you can get a credential evaluation or other assistance in finding a job online with the World Education Services (WES) or Upwardly Global . All persons, including non-citizens, have rights. To confirm your eligibility, please visit Protecting Immigrant Families to verify. 610-789-6355, Legal Services for eligible low income immigrants on matters related to employment. Restaurants cannot allow more than 25 percent of their normal capacity. This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available. . Please check for the latest schedules. Find a resettlement agency in your area . You can receive medical care regardless of your citizenship status and your ability to speak English. City leaders have outlined a $17.1 million plan to provide 35,000 households with free internet in order to allow all Philadelphia students to participate in virtual classes. For questions about City services, call 311. In this time of uncertainty, be sure all information on COVID-19 is from a trusted source. Read about Philadelphia’s welcoming policies and your rights in medical settings. Contact. Public live streams are on: The City of Philadelphia has launched a new. CLS also works with policy makers and offers training and community education on legal issues affecting low-income clients. 900 Spring Garden St, Suite 300 Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 The National Immigrant Justice Center provides legal services to LGBTQ immigrants across the country. Beginning on September 8th, the City will open 31 free “Access Centers” across the city for students who can’t stay at home during days of online education., SEAMAAC provides linguistically and culturally appropriate services for refugee communities in metropolitan Philadelphia. The school year will start on Wednesday, September 2, 2020, and all K-12 students will engage in digital learning five days per week. There are many organizations and institutions which provide information on immigrants’ rights, immigration legal services, employment services, resettlement services, workforce training, advocacy and new residents’ guidance and support. The finder is available in six languages, and the map will be updated regularly as new testing sites change. To speak to a health care professional about COVID-19, call 1-800-722-7112, dial 3-1-1 with questions about City services, or … PHDC will accept applications until September 30 or until the funding runs out. Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 Check out this blog for some tips on how to stay safe. Federally Qualified Health Centers  are in most cities and many rural areas. Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) is now accepting completed applications for pandemic mortgage assistance on their website. If you need help applying for benefits, call the City’s BenePhilly program at 833-373-5868. Read more about our progress on the Reopening With Care site. Before the founding of the United States, William Penn established Pennsylvania, a commonwealth for people in search of freedom, tolerance, and happiness. Diners must wear masks when they aren’t seated at their table. Philadelphia, Pa. 19103 For more detail, please visit the School District of Philadelphia website. On Thursday, July 30th, the Board of Education approved the proposed changes to the District’s reopening plan and the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar. You can also call the 24/7 coronavirus helpline at 800-722-7112 to speak with a health care professional or submit a question to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health via our website. If you need help applying for benefits, call the City’s BenePhilly program at 833-373-5868. Check out this social media toolkit to support Philly Counts by promoting Census 2020. Phone numbers are available on the map. Pennsylvania County Assistance Offices (COAs) can provide guidance for local housing options with a housing authority, public/Section 8 housing, homeless shelter or abuse shelter; or make a referral for federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) housing. to help people locate COVID-19 testing sites. The primary resources, as well as agencies for legal or undocumented or illegal immigrants to contact are below. We're still working on this page's design and content. Case investigators and contact tracers will never: Check out this page for more information about contact tracing in Philadelphia. The centers will be open on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students will be supervised and receive meals and recreational activities. Fax: 215-467-5301, PCDC provides services focused on creating Chinatown as a regional destination, helping low-income families meet basic needs, empowering youth, preserving heritage, and promoting the businesses and residents of the Chinatown community and beyond. All SEPTA passengers are required to wear a face mask or covering. Philadelphia, Pa. 19107 For detained undocumented immigrants, an attorney is the one asset guaranteed to give them a fighting chance against removal, which for many can have dangerous or even fatal consequences.

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