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When we mean “met”, we mean “had a conversation and interacted with", not just seen them on the street. Yeah, that was really serious. Women that I have spoken to see this as one of the major problems in Aboriginal society. Dicko’s a very intelligent, funny, caring man and he knows the media and he’s able to use it- but as you saw he was moved to tears a few times and he said he was keen to bring his wife up at some point which I’m sure he will. The records below may not pertain to the individual that you're looking for, and may or may not pertain to the same charge. Disclaimer: By using this website, you accept the Spokeo Terms of Use. In First Contact, Ray Martin explores his Aboriginal ancestry and passion for photography The reason we haven’t solved it in 200 years is it’s so complex. But schools are the answer. David Oldfield surprised me in that he didn’t change his attitude. Over the past few years he has assisted in reporting with some major events including the Indonesian tsunami disaster in 2005. They feel put upon. The danger is that people who are like that- who aren’t prepared to listen- hear nothing. Did that knowledge make a difference this time around? But because he’s, by nature, a conciliator and an Elder and they don’t like to confront, he didn’t want the confrontation. I think in traditional Aboriginal society- when they were on the move- the mob looked after each other- if a woman was sick or pregnant or a man was sick or dying- an aunt or a cousin would look after them. A great believer in the generosity of the Australian public, Ray is the Chairman of The Fred Hollows Foundation, established in 1992 to prevent and treat avoidable blindness in developing countries and to improve the health of indigenous Australians; and is the Patron of the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for Children’s Services at Royal North Shore Hospital. I think that if you have ignorance then information can neutralize or can answer ignorance. Did they find answers to domestic violence and drunkenness and suicide? SBS acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia. But I think Nikki Wendt was really inspiring. But I know a lot- I’ve seen a lot, I’ve experienced a lot and I’ve spoken to a lot of people. He was now a senior correspondent for Channel Nine. He was a full-term member of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation from 1991-2000. I think for me the hardest thing to watch was David’s behaviour on the beach when he just refused to participate, or respect Timmy and his culture. Join 12,000+ professionals who get insights on trends and talent first, before they're released. I just think as they said at the end that all six- even David at times- were noticeably moved by the journey they took in a month. A man in one of the towns that I met told me that he 13 children. In 2003 he resumed as host of A Current Affair. Weediquette seeks the dope truth. It’s what made her so fantastic- she went there with an opinion: she said she’d never really loved Aboriginals or hated them for that matter- she’d never noticed much about them. Find Ray Martin's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information. Speakers, Celebrity Speakers, Master Of Ceremonies (MC), Keynote Speakers, As part of our commitment to the events community, and to help you create a safe and trusted environment, we have developed a detailed, 1987 Gold Logie – Most Popular Personality of Australian Television, 1993 Gold Logie – Most Popular Personality of Australian Television, 1994 Gold Logie – Most Popular Personality of Australian Television, 1995 Gold Logie – Most Popular Personality of Australian Television, 1996 Gold Logie – Most Popular Personality of Australian Television. It’s not every father and it’s not most fathers but it’s common enough for women across the outback to mention it to me over and over again. And you’re right- I don’t know how much Bill Leak actually knows about Indigenous Australia, particularly rural and outback Indigenous Australia. Dicko was great too. They would have to be aware of the problems, as our people weren’t. This isn’t even hyperbole. But I think that to go along with them as I did for every minute of their days I was staggered by how easily they were reduced to tears. And like I said, it’s not every father and it’s not even most fathers. They’re not part of our life. Our ethnicity data indicates the majority is Caucasian. I learnt next to nothing in school, beyond learning how to do dot paintings and reading a few dreamtime stories. They kept trying to find- as David did too albeit in a fairly unpleasant way- why they don’t pick their rubbish up or why they commit suicide or why is there so much alcoholism and domestic violence. As the moderator, I didn’t want to take a position- but it got to the point where I was just so embarrassed that our hosts were uncomfortable or offended and I had to tell him he was being rude. But there’s no question that “country” and a love of country is in your blood. Email: Dicko wondered at the start if it was just a case of Aboriginals “getting off their arse” and thought maybe it was laziness rather than being incapable of making a change. Ray Martin Company. I think Dicko was shocked by what he saw- by the poverty and depravity- and then he was won over by Timmy’s beautiful family in Bawaka and he thought, “how can you criticise?” The baffling part is why are there so many kids running around at 11pm in a town like Cunnanurra, and why no one is working, and why so many are drunk… And yet he realised that because the people were down trodden and beaten up- emotionally and physically- generation after generation, why should they have the energy that we have? So when they go back to a community- whether it be Dubbo or the outback- they feel that they’re amongst common people. Biography. And the truth is it wasn’t filthy at all- the woman had bathed ten kids, fed them and gotten them off to school just that morning so the place was in chaos but it wasn’t filthy- it was perhaps just untidy by our standards. By 1949 Ray Martin was one of the top English composer-arranger-conductors and a household name in the British isles, via records, radio, television and motion pictures. Ray continues to host Nine’s State and Federal Election coverage each term, as well as various other special events such as the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the 1999 World Cup Cricket. He said he’d have to come back and smoke the whole area to get rid of the negative vibes that David had brought. This time around it’s six Aussie celebs. 5126 F street. When I told this story of this one man with 13 kids to other men in Arnhem Land and the Kimberley and then up on the Cape, all the men that I spoke with- maybe fifteen over the month we were away- sheepishly smiled and would say they had between 3-10 children themselves, from 2-5 women. And beyond that, people talk to me in the communities because they know I have Aboriginal blood and that’s a huge advantage because they feel free and able to trust me.

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