rambo: the video game review

Rambo is an icon of masculinity. Meaning, you don't get to move your character, other than by a ducking to cover motion. And this time around, you don't have to stock your pockets full of quarters to prepare to blast your way through screen after screen of Vietcong, Afghan, and Soviet enemies. Não, The last of us? Waste of time and money! The enemies always run, dive, and sprout out from behind the same walls and crates, and stand obediently in the same positions until you kill them. yep. Majorly disappointing. Just do that. There are many things you should not take in a mans life. Rambo: The Video Game just disappoints, over and over. I'm not going jump on-board with the 0 votes because frankly to get a 0 it needs to be so terrible that it's insulting to even see and frankly it's not it is playable however that "playable experience" if very very lacking, Some things cannot be undone, by that I mean why oh way did i play this game.This is far by many means one of the worst games ever. Countless quarters and tokens have been spent on the Time Crisis series, and a few playthroughs of Rambo: The Video Game brought back those olden times. The people who made this crap should get a kick in the face. Generally unfavorable reviews And the best thing to do is: go for a walk, find a video arcade and beat Virtua Cop one more time. Não, The last of us? the controls are among the worst iv'e ever seen in any game period, the developers might as quit their jobs after making this piece of crap. Rambo is thrown into jail by the sheriff of Hope, Washington. What's this? On PS3 the game features Move support for the sliver of players who still actively care about Move, which at least partially emulates a light gun, but the Move has never made anything more fun and Rambo: The Video Game is no exception. The legacy of Rambo is one of death, destruction, and spent M60 shells. No, player 2 is just an additional reticule on screen. to gaining health back from headshots or disarming opponents, to bonuses to your Wrath mode. Developer Teyon could have done a lot of things with Rambo: The Video Game. Graphics could have been better. And the best thing to do is: go for a walk, find a video arcade and beat Virtua Cop one more time. With or without scores or perks or unlockables, replayability isn’t this game’s strength. If you want to buy this crap. Rambo The Video Game is the game that was never released back in the 1980s due to technological limitations. The blasting action is non stop. Playing a light gun game without a light gun is kind of like eating cereal with a fork; you can get the Fruit Loops into your word hole easily enough but without the milk you’re missing out on a crucial part of the cereal-eating experience. Rambo sucks major ass, but the game is actually so bad, that in some crooked way it's good. Although some of these involve moving from quick-time event to quick-time event, you're also given a helping of helicopter missions and an opportunity to use enemies' own tanks against them. This page works best with JavaScript. Than by all means go ahead. Rambo: The Video Game does a solid job of breaking potential monotony with various alternate battle methods. 0/10. After war, regular life just isn't the same. Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2015, Reviewed in the United States on May 1, 2014. Rambo: The Video Game Review Rambo is an icon of masculinity. The 2-4 hour completion time people are clocking themselves at is with the mouse and keyboard. However, while the escalating bodycounts of the movies in the Rambo film franchise have made the character an icon of over-the-top cinema ultraviolence, it’s worth remembering that in First Blood John Rambo is responsible for precisely one death in 90 minutes. Please enter your birth date to watch this video: You are not allowed to view this material at this time. The graphics would have been above average then and Sony would have sold more controllers. A mediocre on rail shooter that could become somewhat enjoyable for huge fans of the character that are willing to play with the PlayStation Move. These are the words you hear at the funeral that launches the game. But, 5 Stars because of the RAMBO fun factor. Of course, since Stallone wasn't available to do voice acting for the game, Teyon decided to instead use sound bites directly from the movies. Rambo: The Video Game just disappoints, over and over. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. I opted for a perk that meant I’d never fail the quick-time events (whether I pushed any button or not) and another that gave me a 5% health increase for every headshot (which are ludicrously easy with a mouse). on February 26, 2014 at 12:32PM PST. Dunno why so hate. Neither a mouse nor a joypad are suitable proxies for a light gun. I have nothing against on rail shooters but this game cant even do that right..All this game is, is cashing in on the "RAMBO" name, you can clearly see no effort went into this game.. Instead, they took the easy way out. It’s a B-movie game in every sense, but approach it with sufficiently lowered expectations, and you may just be pleasantly surprised. It's an interactive turd, but the transition from bad action movies to bad action games is as smooth as possible. The somber brass of the main menu and funeral scene, the melodic strings that tie the plot together, and the upbeat tracks that fuel the explosive carnage of combat are perfectly at home and enjoyable to listen to in their own right. I accidently killed a whole mess of them. This game is getting bad reviews because of the release date. It is not a regular first-person shooter; this is … Grid Autosport: Current-gen’s racing swan song. Or how about the one where Rambo comes back to Hope and massacres several dozen local and State police officers?

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