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Marinette: (smiles, then looks sad; grabs her purse and opens it; whispering) What should I do, Tikki? (Chloé takes out the Miraculous Jewellery Box, she opens it, revealing a yellow, glowing orb), Pollen: How may I please you, my Queen? Ladybug and Cat Noir land and jump down to Chloé's balcony. Using the trash cans, Ladybug and Cat Noir swipe away the wasps and jump over Queen Wasp. Nathalie notices and hugs him. Adrien: I hope Chloé doesn't do anything foolish. (he jumps on top of the metro that speeds by) Alya: (half-whispering) Yeah… and one guy in particular. (The paparazzi keep taking photos as the Agreste duo is still in embrace.). Gabriel enters his lair and reactivates Nooroo. Cat Noir: What's that, an insect bite? I'm sure you'll even upstage Gabriel. (Audrey unfolds her arms and pulls her sunglasses down with her finger and Chloé mimicks the same pose, Alya and Marinette stand up in excitement) Audrey: (taking back her hand) I'm still quite overwhelmed. Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. Marinette talks to Tikki about this, saying that it's her dream come true. Ladybug & Cat Noir: Pound it! Scene: Metro. Ladybug saying that Miraculouses are indestructible was confirmed by Thomas Astruc to be a script error. In return, you must seize their Miraculous. This episode marks the first time a Miraculous holder's identity is revealed publicly. Act like a hero.". The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! Ladybug: Jump! Marinette reminds her parents and Alya why she wants to stay in Paris. It's about time. The fashion show continues, with Adrien modeling Marinette's hat and Alya filming the whole thing. Alya: Scoop. Hawk Moth commanded. Audrey: The only exceptional thing about you, my dear… is your mother. Gabriel Agreste's fashion show was recently delayed after the Queen of Fashion, Audrey Bourgeois, was akumatized. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Sabine: (to Marinette) Stay here, I'm gonna help your dad. (towards her mother) I've never been to New York with you and you’re taking Marinette Dupain-Cheng!? Gabriel is standing before Emilie's coffin. This page is an image gallery for Queen Wasp (Queen's Battle - Part 2). While underwater, Chloé takes the Bee Miraculous into her right hand, but once out of the water, she has it in her left hand. away; Queen Wasp transforms into Queen Bee, who transforms into Chloé; she grabs the broken pieces of the Miraculous; Above the water, the wasps disappear and the Akuma flies off; Ladybug and Cat Noir jump out of the water; Cat Noir takes the hose and the inflatable duck with him.) When Marinette leaves, Audrey asks Chloé if she is really as bad as Marinette said, to which she says that her only friend in school is Sabrina and she enjoys giving her butler a hard time. Gabriel tells her that he can't give up, as he misses Emilie too much. But I know whatever transpired, she will set things right. While playing video games with Alya and Tom, the latter asks Marinette if she's sure she won't regret not going to New York City. (Scene cuts to Gabriel's atelier where Gabriel comes out of the floor on the elevator. I'm giving you up, Nooroo. (hugs Chloé) I've decided I'm staying in Paris with you. How big is a queen wasp? Scene: Hawk Moth's lair. When asked by Nadja, Audrey reaffirms her earlier comment about Chloé not being exceptional, saddening her. Portugal's New Episode Dubbing. She's the worst person I've ever met. Gabriel Agreste has just turned up! Tom: We'll open a bakery in New York and introduce our Dupain-Cheng pastries to the Americans! They then turn to find Queen Wasp surrounded by an army of paralytic wasps. He then goes to the front of his office and sadly sulks. After failing to impress her mother by turning into Queen Bee, Chloé is akumatized into Queen Wasp. Chloé: Well, I don't have one single friend in school except for Sabrina, but she doesn't realize that I'm just using her. Heart Hunter (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 1), Miracle Queen (The Battle of the Miraculous - Part 2), Nadja: Queen Bee, or rather, Chloé Bourgeois, we're on the air with your mother, Audrey Bourgeois. The paparazzi start taking photos of Adrien and his father in embrace.) I wouldn't be able to come to New York with you. However, this is not true, as Gabriel Agreste had come out of his house in ", No one other than Gabriel himself and Nathalie knows anything happened in "Simon Says" more complex than the akuma dragging Gabriel out of the mansion. They decide to go to the lobby of the hotel only to find everyone paralyzed by stings. When she arrives, Audrey prepares for the two of them to take off. Audrey: Well, well. Marinette and Alya hug and Marinette winks at Tikki as the end card appears. Learn more about DVD region specifications, Previous page of related Sponsored Products, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 13, 2020. my daughters are mad about this program.gat it for a present for christmas. (looks at Marinette in an intimidating manner) "You said"I know! I personally made one by losing that Miraculous. Cat Noir is surprised when he learns that Ladybug lost a Miraculous, but Ladybug reminds him that he did the same and left her to fight Style Queen on her own. May I remind you I was busy taking care of Style Queen, all by myself? [6], In an attempt to impress her mother, Chloe tries to become the superhero Queen Bee but is instead transformed into the supervillain Queen Wasp.[7]. There's a problem loading this menu right now. It's ridiculous! To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. While Ladybug keeps Queen Wasp distracted, Cat Noir calls upon Cataclysm and touches the Bee Miraculous, freeing the akuma. He reveals to his kwami that he has an opportunity to akumatize someone with a Miraculous and transforms into Hawk Moth. Queen Wasp: I was just having a bit of fun, Hawk Moth… before delivering the final sting! Nathalie: You said you were going to stop. Pooh's Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. We can take off, now. Audrey: My helicopter will be leaving for the airport at 8 p.m. tonight. Ladybug: Chloé? Scene: Agreste Repository. (lifts up her arms, expressing herself) Feathers are the trend of tomorrow! (Chloé hands Ladybug the Miraculous) Audrey accepts the apology and then notices Marinette's hat. Unable to add item to List. When Chloé transforms, the mask has yellow around her eyes and at one point the yellow surrounding her eyes is gone and her skin and makeup is shown. Cat Noir: Wherever she is, she must've transformed back by now. Huh Gabriel? Chloé asks her mother why she doesn't love her, to which Audrey hesitantly replies that she does. (Marinette smiles at him) Using the trash cans, Ladybug and Cat Noir swipe away the wasps and jump over Queen Wasp. (voice), Nino Lahiffe / Chloé gives back the Bee Miraculous and apologizes to Ladybug and Cat Noir. Marinette: (to Tikki) It's time we drag Chloé down to earth. Ladybug: That's impossible, she can only use her special power once, like my Lucky Charm. " "Anyone can make mistakes, even a superhero; what matters is how you fix them. I think it speaks for itself, doesn't it? (Cat Noir approaches Queen Wasp, who's occupied fighting Ladybug; Ladybug manages to stop Queen Wasp from moving, so Cat Noir can disintegrate the Miraculous; The Akuma flies/swims(?) (She runs off; she jumps to the wall of the tunnel, simultaniously wrapping her yo-yo around the train; the train slows down a bit; Cat Noir throws his staff in front of the metro; Queen Bee would be sandwiched in between the train and the staff, were it not for Cat Noir, who pulls her up in time; the doors of the train open and Cat Noir stands outside on to lend a hand) Ladybug: That makes sense, but Miraculous are indestructible. Everyone in the metro screams; the televisions turn on to show Queen Bee's face) Ladybug: I have to get the Miraculous back, Chloé. “ While they are arguing, Queen Bee sneaks off. They climb aboard the same boat as seen in Captain Hardrock) (Queen Bee is running on the side of the Metro; she enters the driver's room) Audrey: You're making a mistake, Marinette. Queen Bee accepts the deal and is transformed into Queen Wasp. Wayzz: How could Marinette have given the Miraculous to that Chloé girl? Chloe trying to stop a full speed train on her own wasn't going to work, because of on top of not thinking things through, she would need super strength, not the enhanced strength her suit gives her. Cat Noir: That's ironic, we just took a bath. Audrey is getting more irritated. He switches it off and puts it in his pocket. (somewhere in the Métro tunnels, Queen Bee is screaming as she is pushed by the metro; both Ladybug and Cat Noir are running atop the train, the look over the edge of the front of the train) They succeed when they jump into the Seine River, as the wasps don't like water. You've always been afraid of flying. The press also follows. 3dcrafter Ladybug Chloe Costume Queen Bee Hair Comb, Hairwear, Gold Color bundle wi... Bearington Lucky Bug Carrysome, Girls Plush Ladybug Stuffed Animal Purse, Handbag 7... Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Ladybug Garden, Watch From Larva to Ladybug, Lif... KiddoLab Lilly The Bug, Press & Crawl Musical Activity Toy. "She transformed"it is i Chloe Bourgeois"She jumps off,you whispered to Marinette"dont tell me You lost a miraculous! Ladybug spans a net to catch the car before it hits the civilians; Ladybug gets chased by the wasp-darts again, she avoids them; the TVi van with Nadja arrives; Cat Noir tries to hit Queen Wasp, who is flying using her wasps; Queen Wasp grabs Cat Noir's staff before it can impact; Queen Wasp swings him around) Gabriel: Did you enjoy the show? (She stings the Metro operator in his arm, who falls backwards holding the throttle, causing the metro to speed up. Glitter's had its day. (they fistbump) Marinette: She's not going to pull it off. (Both duo smile and then run off.). After becoming akumatized, she uses her wasps to paralyze her parents and most others. Traveling through Paris under trash cans, Ladybug and Cat Noir arrive at the roof of Le Grand Paris where Queen Wasp had been waiting for them. They sneak into her room. Queen Bee: (shaking, thanks to the sleepers) Sto-o-op sta-aring! Tom: I'd fly to the moon and open a bakery for my daughter if I had to. The press arrives once again, in time for Ladybug and Cat Noir to try to convince Chloé to return the Bee Miraculous. Queen Bee lands and looks down, dejectedly whilst panting. After making his first public appearance in ages, Gabriel hugs his son in front of everyone. (voice), Additional Voices Scene: Balcony outside Chloé's room. The fashion show continues, with Adrien modeling Marinette's hat and Alya filming the whole thing. Queen Wasp is an episode of Thomas' Adventures of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. I'll show you how exceptional I can be! Gabriel: She does have talent. When Ladybug and Cat Noir followed her to Le Grand Paris, she tries to have her wasps paralyze the two heroes. Thomas, and Marinette's friends and family are happy for her, but Marinette is unsure what to think of this. When the fashion show is over, Gabriel approaches Audrey and apologizes for the misunderstanding, saying that he fired the person responsible and knows that only the front row is befitting for her. Audrey: (on the tablet) According to me, Chloé just clearly demonstrated that there is nothing exceptional about her. Besides, everyone I love is here. Gabriel decides not to give up after all. I'll meet you at my helicopter. Queen Bee accepts the deal and is transformed into Queen Wasp. He takes off his hat as his father pulls him in for a hug. Scene: Grand Palais, entrance. Marinette and Tikki are in the elevator. Queen Wasp: I was just having a bit of fun, Hawk Moth… before delivering the final sting! Paris is my city. Although she did all that, the part that I absolutely LOVED, was her standing up to Audrey.

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