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The new record is actually the second act of a different musical by the same composer and librettist, starring many of the same actors. Cast members included Phillip Jones, Nancy Thompson, Kelly Gilmour, Robert Godfrey, Maxwell King, Will Kempe, Liz Knight, Nicole Crumpler, and Sloane Wilson. Miller saw potential in the show and he optioned the rights. An out-of-town engagement followed at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles (2005), and after alterations, The Drowsy Chaperone opened on Broadway on 1 May 2006. It is a parody of American musical comedy of the 1920s. [23], A one-disc compact disc by the original Broadway cast was released in 2006. Man in Chair provides a running commentary throughout the show from the stage, though he is on the audience side of the fourth wall, invisible to the players. He puts on another record, saying that the audience can listen to the opening of the second act of The Drowsy Chaperone, and leaves for the restroom. The ensuing plot incorporates mistaken identities, dream sequences, spit takes, a deus ex machina, an unflappable English butler, an absent-minded dowager, a ditzy chorine, a harried best man, and Janet's "Drowsy" (i.e. She asks Robert how he met his bride, and he describes their lovestruck first meeting ("Accident Waiting to Happen"). All rights reserved. More helpfully, the chaperone tells Janet that she is feeling "drowsy" and must take a nap, giving Janet the opportunity to ask Robert if he loves her. [15], The show saw another revival at the Goodspeed Opera House in Haddam CT from 21 September – 25 November 2018, The first translated production of the musical opened in Japan on 5 January 2009. The show will be produced by Medicine Hat Musical Theatre in April 2016. The gangsters confront Feldzieg, threatening him with a murderous "Toledo Surprise" because he has not yet succeeded in cancelling the wedding. In the cast there were popular Brazilian musical actors such as Ivan Parente, Sara Sarres, Stella Miranda, Saulo Vasconcelos, Kiara Sasso and Andrezza Massei. (In the original Broadway production, he added, "They tore it down and put up a hotel," an in-joke reference to the fact that the show was playing in the Marquis Theatre, part of the Marriott Marquis complex built on the spot where the Morosco stood). They tell Feldzieg that he must sabotage the wedding and make sure Janet stays in show business. As he listens to this rare recording, the characters appear in his dingy apartment, and it is transformed into an impressive Broadway set with seashell footlights, sparkling furniture, painted backdrops, and glitzy costumes. Sitemap. Those in attendance include aging hostess Mrs. Tottendale; her loyal employee known only as Underling; Robert's best man, George; Broadway producer Feldzieg, who is hoping to persuade Janet to forgo marriage and continue starring in Feldzieg's Follies; ditzy flapper Kitty, who hopes to take Janet's place in the Follies; two gangsters disguised as pastry chefs; self-proclaimed famed Latin lover Aldolpho; Janet's alcoholic Chaperone, who is supposed to keep her away from Robert until the wedding; and Trix, an aviatrix. On Valentine's Day 2007, a limited-edition 1,000-pressing vinyl-record version was released, available only on the Ghostlight Records website and in the lobby of the Marquis Theater. Care-free, often because she is drunk. As he listens to the show, Man in Chair is torn between his desire to absorb every moment of the show as it unfolds and his need to insert his personal footnotes and his extensive-but-trivial knowledge of musical performances and actors, as he frequently brings the audience in and out of the fantasy. The plot incorporates mistaken identities, dream sequences, spit takes, a deus ex machina, an unflappable English butler, an absent-minded dowager, a Broadway impresario and his Follies production, comic gangsters, a ditzy chorine, a harried best man, and Janet's "Drowsy" (i.e. The original cast recording contains two bonus tracks titled, "I Remember Love," which is a duet between Mrs. Tottendale and Underling, and "Message From A Nightingale", which is the unabridged version of a portion of a song that is cut short in the show. The Drowsy Chaperone: Synopsis. To appease the gangsters, Feldzieg tells them that he has discovered a new star: Kitty. Despite the show-within-the-show being a two-act musical, The Drowsy Chaperone is played without an intermission; at the end of the "show"'s first act, the Man in Chair observes that there would be an intermission "if we were sitting in the Morosco Theatre, watching The Drowsy Chaperone. Mix in two lovers on the eve of their wedding, a bumbling best man, a desperate theatre producer, a not-so-bright hostess, two gangsters posing as pastry chefs, a … In a musical dream sequence, Janet laments her lost romance and decides to return to the stage ("Bride's Lament"). [4] London's critics were generally optimistic about the show,[5] although some had been less impressed. Ovation Productions and Alex Segal presented a fringe production Upstairs at the Gatehouse directed by Racky Plews, musical supervisor Michael England, choreographed by Fabian Aloise, casting by Ellie Collyer-Bristow. The show was nominated for multiple Broadway and West End theatre awards, winning five Tony Awards and seven Drama Desk Awards. This edition, which included only the musical numbers, along with extra specially recorded dialogue, was meant to re-create the album listened to by the Man in Chair. "Tipsy") Chaperone, played in the show-within-a-show by a blowzy Grande Dame of the Stage, specializing in "rousing anthems" and not above upstaging the occasional co-star. The Drowsy Chaperone is an homage to American musicals of the Jazz Age, examining the effect musicals have on the fans who adore them. The Drowsy Chaperone: (40s-50s) Janet’s alcoholic confidante. Events allegedly twisted in the mind of the man who sits in a chair in his rundown home and listens to the recording of non-existent musical The Drowsy Chaperone, created on Broadway in 1928. Outside by the pool, Janet tells reporters that she is happy to be getting married and ostensibly doesn't want to be an actress anymore ("Show Off"), but her song evolves into a big production number. Meanwhile, Janet is having doubts about her groom. The Man in Chair, a mousy, agoraphobic Broadway fanatic, seeking to cure his "non-specific sadness", listens to a recording of a fictional 1928 musical comedy, The Drowsy Chaperone. The story concerns a middle-aged, asocial musical theatre fan. Novello Theatre’s owner Sir Cameron Mackintosh, who had seen the show in previews in New York had supported its transatlantic transfer.

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