startling sentence

4 Her technical accomplishment on the piano is, 11 The report has turned the spotlight on the, 15 Darden's examination of the witness produced no, 16 The conclusion which is reached is quite, 23 The love of their country is with them only a mode of flattering its master; as soon as they think that master can no longer hear, they speak of everything with a frankness which is the more, 24 Jane wrote a letter to a newspaper. There is no pain when the water breaks, although it may be startling. A feminine yet startling look, a tainted fairy is a fun alternative for the Halloween season. The everyday drudgery with which it presents its startling story is actually rather involving. The particulars of the proceedings of Governor Endecott and the magistrates of New England as given in Besse's Sufferings of the Quakers (see below) are startling to read. 5. Go there! When the larvae are disturbed the similarity is produced with startling suddenness by the telescopic contraction of the anterior segments in such a manner as to suggest a triangular, pointed head with two large dorsal eyes. A pure, startlingand resounding poetry, informed with so much legerity and fire. Throughout the semester the increase in poor grades of my most difficult subject became less startling. ramifications for the future, is quite startling. Black diamonds can be found in very exclusive designs, often paired with colorless stones for a startling contrast. The marketplace of 2011 is startling different from that of 2007 and 2008. The Apostolic Fathers say nothing about Simon Magus, but with Justin Martyr we get startling developments. Then Roderigo, who has left the room, suddenly and unexpectedly rushes back in to strike hands with Iago, When tests were carried out on a pelvic bone, the, Naturally, you are trying to get a fix on this, Elsewhere, the deep green of pounamu marks the sources of greenstone, and silver and greys are deployed in a, However, the two of them were in for quite a, The denouement of the final twist in the plot is so, Some of the concern over student debt is likely driven by the, The total breakdown of the socialist economies of Eastern Europe, on which East Germany was almost entirely dependent, occurred with, The narrator's apparent chumminess with such a. The stone cracked some of the pathway, and another soon fell behind her, The site features a hard-hitting poster campaign, which uses a series of, The simplicity of transforming the SC430 from a hardtop to topless is, But thanks to modern mobile technology, what was once only a hare-brained idea has now become a, Her long, straight hair fell over her shoulders in a smooth curtain to her waist and framed her face with a, Her skin was a dusty brown running to a straw yellow about the eyes and nose, around the, She knows how to pack the energy inside her lines and irregular stanzas with, He hobnobbed with the elite, and among his friends was a mathematician who made a, To recap the latest episode, the authors have stooped to the hoary old plot device of a, Thinking of Plato as semi-divine, alien to us, is not so, Even Rod has now been moved to join in with a. 428 seq.). Dean tossed aside the map and papers and flopped down on the living room sofa, startling Mrs. Lincoln. The cell phone rang, its jangling tune startling her out of her thoughts. The silence was startling to me. Questions can be a good starting sentence, or a vivid description or startling fact. Available in a range of luxurious hues and color overtones, these smooth gems make startling engagement rings that highlight the rarity of the couple's love with the rarity of a superb gem. It is the startling contrast of the Herati oasis with the vast expanse of comparative sterility that encloses it which has given such a fictitious value to the estimates of the material wealth of the valley of the Hari Rud. I'll let you know if we find any startling revelations. The only fun she had that day was running through the newsroom. This inconsistency, though startling at first sight, is probably more apparent than real. The lack of details and specifics, considering the importance of the issue and its ramifications for the future, is quite startling. : causing momentary fright, surprise, or astonishment a startling discovery. To confirm his worst fears, a yell comes out of the bathroom window upstairs, This year's finest traditional album, however, comes from a long-established artist who is still in remarkable, even, An Aussie wine-producing company recently commissioned a poll of restaurant diners about le vin, with some, Research into the apparently unrelated field of electricity and magnetism produced a, Behind him, leaning against the wall, was a young woman with long blonde hair and, Males of over half of the species of manakins produce, She opened her mouth to protest, but found Abigale had already turned to leave, severing their conversation with a, He opened his blue eyes and, seeing Wesley, grinned with a suddenness that was, His mind throbbed with greater insistency at the, One of modern art's most fascinating figures, Salvador Dali was a self-confessed genius who took surrealism to. In that case, why do you feel seventies horror was so startling and original? Sentence Examples. Only the most daring body modification enthusiasts would go for such a startling mark. The ventriloquial effect was, A survey of doctors' views on mercy killings has thrown up some, Louis-Dreyfus combines optimism, vulnerability and world-weariness to, Kochen, another Princeton mathematician, proved the free will theorem, a, This effort sought the application of the most elementary human rights and constitutional principles in the face of a, Bastards, badmash, sala junglee crooks, never worked a day, took everything, even my new wedding ring,' wails the youngish bride of, Hyer in 1863, opposed the points mentioned in Hopkins' pamphlet and revealed a, This ground-breaking study has uncovered another, There are no straight lines in nature, so the runwaylike precision of the canals is, World traveling sorcerer supreme Charles Carter, yclept Carter the Mysterious, has made a, Were it possible to reduce the sum of human ideas to underived originals, the small numerical result would be, In the noonday light the intense, opaline pallor of her face was, A man with tenderer nerves than Foyle would have found it a, On a morning in August the matron's report had closed with a, She had never conceived of the form of God except as nebulously naked, and the thought-association was, Mr. warne did not seem in the least disconcerted by this, The observations of an Ingersoll which stood near me were particularly, Then he dropped the easy, bantering manner with a suddenness that was, This confirmation of the theologic theory is, Occasionally a degree of cyanosis develops that is quite, These facts of allotropism have some corollaries connected with them rather, The note of permanency in the chronic rite of disinheritance was, And the silence, broken only by the faint rustle of the doura, was, She bestowed upon him a smile which was a, Here I meet the annunciation of a character as august as it must have been, Suddenly she leaped with a bound from the witch-elm block, her eyes full of a, A wind-borne branch, falling on the roof, made a sudden racket that was. Have a nasal polyp all each one startling reminder of license to harrah's. Spanish rule, however, came unexpectedly to an end by the retrocession of Louisiana to France in 1800; and French dominion gave way in turn in 1803 - as the result of a chain of events even more unexpected, startling, and for the United States fortunate - to the rule of the last-named country. At one point, the white stone portico of a cemetery appeared out of the darkness, startling me. There is the widest and most startling variety of local climates. Gone is the startling preference for the ├╝ber-long extensions and tumbling waves cascading for miles down lithe backs. noxia, harm, as the source), an excessive, offensive, persistent or startling sound. It's a startling look that compels the onlooker to want to see more. It is so smooth you'd never guess it runs on diesel, and the little Hyundai goes like a bomb, A child disappears from a Haitian village, showcasing how the island connects with grief in, But the headlong rush to drill has caused a number of social and environmental consequences that are just too, Surprisingly unconfined by this genre, he continues to produce, Only twice did Democratic presidential contenders make the sort of, Playwright Edward Bond supplied sinewy dialogue, but nothing could compete with Roeg's, The crispness of the unpainted, undecorated oak and bare walls is a, Though she's known for her powerful sense of drama and has often deployed, For many governments, corporations, and individuals, these numbers are, If you view all cheating husbands as subhuman, her assessment is to be expected, but I found the comment, Grey carbuncled shells of giant clams open up to reveal a flesh of, The battles showcase a generalized blur of blood within much frenetic camerawork, but we get very few, I'm trying to find a suitable metaphor for the. Even more startling, most of those pesticides are ineffective in treating the plant itself and are released into the environment. All Rights Reserved. The sharp corners of the princess diamond shape are comparable to the sharpness of platinum's color, and the bright white metal offers a startling contrast to the deeply sparkling facets of a princess cut. The loud metallic sound is startlingand helps add impact to your verbal correction.

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