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Functions are first-class and can be manipulated in the same way as data objects, facilitating meta-programming, and allow multiple dispatch. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. © 2012 - CNRTL corresp. R-Forge also hosts many unpublished beta packages, and development versions of CRAN packages. Major additional components include: ParallelR, the R Productivity Environment IDE, RevoScaleR (for big data analysis), RevoDeployR, web services framework, and the ability for reading and writing data in the SAS file format. [10], A GNU package,[11] the official R software environment is written primarily in C, Fortran, and R itself[12] (thus, it is partially self-hosting) and is freely available under the GNU General Public License. One of R's strengths is the ease of creating new functions. R is one of 5 languages with an Apache Spark API, the others being Scala, Java, Python, and SQL.[47][48]. [56] A similar development interface is R Tools for Visual Studio. For computationally intensive tasks, C, C++, and Fortran code can be linked and called at run time. Last version to support Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4.0. : +33 3 83 96 21 76 - Fax : +33 3 83 97 24 56. [citation needed] The R packaging system is also used by researchers to create compendia to organise research data, code and report files in a systematic way for sharing and public archiving. # external package providing write.gif function, # reshape as square matrix of complex numbers, R as competition for commercial statistical packages, Morgan, Timothy Prickett (2011-02-07). [76], Microsoft R Open is a fully compatible R distribution with modifications for multi-threaded computations. Added a new serialisation format to support compact internal representations. [31] R's extensible object system includes objects for (among others): regression models, time-series and geo-spatial coordinates. R is an interpreted language; users typically access it through a command-line interpreter. [citation needed], Wikinews anglophone du 22 mai 2006, page 1,, Lexique en conventions internationales de l’automobile, Lexique en conventions internationales de la métrologie, Mots en espéranto inclus dans la Plena Ilustrata Vortaro (1970), Wiktionnaire:Prononciations phonétiques manquantes en français, licence Creative Commons attribution partage à l’identique. [27], Another strength of R is static graphics, which can produce publication-quality graphs, including mathematical symbols. Découvrez également nos vidéos et news exclusives ! CXXR, rho, and Riposte[74] are implementations of R in C++. Many features of R derive from Scheme. In 2007, Richard Schultz, Martin Schultz, Steve Weston and Kirk Mettler founded Revolution Analytics to provide commercial support for Revolution R, their distribution of R, which also includes components developed by the company. R has also been identified by the FDA as suitable for interpreting data from clinical research. New load balancing functions.

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