calvin johnson hall of fame eligibility

Quite possibly, he changed the game in the biggest way possible of any wideout on the list, which makes him the biggest missing element. Despite this, it’s not likely he can be snubbed forever from Canton. The impressive thing is that he did all of this even though he was usually the focal point of every opponent’s defense. If Johnson isn’t an early-ballot Hall of Famer, though, it’ll likely have more to do with circumstance and other players involved. 10 players cracked the list and Johnson wasn’t one of them, even in spite of his statistical dominance. First, his potential enshrinement is at minimum four years away. 75 yards. Can you guys make sure underrated players, Matt Light, Asante Samuel, NT Ted Washington and DT Kevin Williams are on the initial ballot ? And he never had a down year, either, with over 750 yards receiving in every season he played. In comparing Johnson directly to Owens, Owens has better stats and more longevity, although Johnson walked away a year ago on his own accord. Johnson’s was not. On Wednesday afternoon, the Pro Football Hall of Fame announced the nominees for their 2021 class. Calvin Johnson prior to a Lions game. Six of the Top 10 teams compete in the AFC. In his career, Johnson put up 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns and more than that, was a human highlight reel unlike any other receiver on the list. very little to seperate . Yet he’s not in the Hall of Fame after two years of eligibility. According to Judge, Johnson could be asked to wait when all is said and done and not be a first ballot member in Canton. Johnson decided to retire after just nine seasons, and that was mainly due to two reasons: His body was beat up and he was fed up with the Lions. “First thing, I’m like, ‘Whoa, this is how you should take care of your players,'” Johnson told the Behind the Mask podcast. Close. What I can share, however, is that one guy in there holds the key to Canton’s doors next year, and it’s not Peyton Manning or Charles Woodson. Open thread: Have the Lions fixed their defense. Even then, he doesn’t ruminate on it much. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen with Calvin Johnson, too. And if that occurs, the queue of qualified finalists waiting on the steps of Canton has a chance to move forward.”. Falcons, Officiating blunder costs Lions 3 yards before game-winning play. The list consists of 130 modern-era player, including 14 players who are eligible … If Jimbo Covert can make the Hall, why not Nate ? Megatron also led the NFL in receptions in 2012 when he caught 122 passes.

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