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that the outfit he wore in the Top Coordinator Carnival was designed by the renowned Pokémon Stylist Lila. This listing is of the Ribbons Wallace has obtained: Wallace has competed in the following Grand Festival tournaments: He and Winona had a romantic relationship in the past. He often makes appearances in talk shows and other media outlets, such as magazines and radio. He's just a sweet, innocent little boy who wants to be a good Pokémon trainer. Once Wallace had finished his mission in Fallarbor Town, he went to Fortree City to meet with the other Gym Leaders and took Ruby there with him. I spoke to the other NPCs, most only repeated, "It's all your fault." At the Pokémon League, Wallace is revealed to have replaced Steven as the Champion, with Steven being available to battle as a regular Pokémon Trainer during the post-game at Meteor Falls. Once they arrive, Wallace realizes that Steven gave him the Champion's Cloak because he knew he would die after his plan succeeded. I always thought it was due to pollution. Milotic's known moves are Aqua Ring, Dragon Pulse, Safeguard, Twister, and Hydro Pump. When Wallace beat the Pokémon League, he turned down the position of Champion to take over the Sootopolis Gym after his master, Juan. In Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, when he is battled in the Delta Episode, he uses his Champion team from Emerald, with almost the exact same levels. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, Wallace runs the Sootopolis Gym.After being defeated, he gives out the Rain Badge, as well as TM03 (Water Pulse) R S or HM05 OR AS.. As I stepped away from the League entrance, following the zigzag path downward, I stopped a moment and opened my party. I wasn't beating him mercilessly; I was helping him get better. He and Winona stay behind to attend the reception while Ruby and Sapphire go to their mission at the Battle Frontier. In Pruning a Passel of Pals!, Wallace welcomed back the participants as the Wallace Cup was resumed. During the Delta Episode, Wallace is revealed to be a descendant of the ancient people of Sootopolis, making him one of the few people capable of opening the sealed entrance to the Sky Pillar. With the help of Ruby's Celebi, those who died in the battle were revived. Winona was opposed to this act, as she found the idea of a man much stronger than her constantly around to be smothering, which led to her breaking off their relationship. I selected my save file and saw that I had saved right in front of the Pokémon League, which was good considering I planned to challenge them straight away anyway. Its latest appearance was in a fantasy in Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!. I'm with you on that. Registeel was awakened by Steven so that it could use its powers to help contain the energy created by Groudon and Kyogre's battle. As soon as I touched it, the music stopped and a blank dialogue box popped up. Excuse me, I think there's a ninja cutting onions next to me... Great theory! Elizabeth's known moves are Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Sweet Kiss, and Water Sport, and her Ability is Swift Swim. Inferno plowed through each and every one of his saddened Pokémon, knocking them flat with one attack each. He called us using Wally's Nav. Wallace initially refused, but changed his mind after seeing how strong Ruby was and finding out that he was the son of a Gym Leader. When Dawn was taking the plane to Blackthorn City, Cynthia told her to send Wallace her regards. Man, I just beat Wally in Victory Road 2 days ago, didn't even think about this. In addition to his quest, Wallace also participated in a Pokémon Contest. Aroma Lady • Artist • Battle Girl • Cameraman • Clown • CollectorCowgirl • Cyclist • Dragon Tamer • Idol • Jogger • Lady • Ninja BoyParasol Lady • PI • Poké Kid • PKMN Breeder • PKMN RangerRancher • Reporter • Rich Boy • Roughneck • Ruin Maniac • SocialiteTuber • Veteran • Waiter • Waitress • WorkerArcade Star • Castle Valet • Factory Head • Hall Matron • Tower Tycoon, We're updating our policies! Wally is a sickly boy who's never been able to be a trainer. I shrugged it off, thinking that years of having the cartridge had actually put a little wear on the game's inner workings... not that I'm actually techno-savvy enough to really know how that'd work. Nonetheless, he will reserve time to spend with his Pokémon, as he greatly values the bond between Trainers and Pokémon. The way he accepted his defeat at my character's hands with the vow to try harder made me feel like I was a motivator of some sort. Wallace continues to tell Ruby how horrible his behavior was, but the stress causes Ruby to pass out crying as he apologizes to his runaway Pokémon. I located my DS -I misplaced my GBA SP quite a while ago. Wallace borrowed Steven's Metagross in order to control the aircar that Sapphire, Plusle, and Minun were trapped in using its magnetism. In the Pokémon Trading Card Game, one of Gym Badge's illustrations features Wallace and the Rain Badge. He will always lead with his signature Pokémon, Milotic. In Pokémon Emerald, Wallace is first encountered at the Cave of Origin, where he guides the player to the Sky Pillar to awaken Rayquaza. After Dawn was able to defeat May and win the Contest, Wallace awarded Dawn the Aqua Ribbon. Wallace, along with the Hoenn Gym Leaders and Elite Four, is called to Sootopolis City to assist in stopping a meteoroid threatening to destroy the planet. He doesn't bring his illness up again. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, Wallace runs the Sootopolis Gym. ", "Why couldn't you give him a break?" It wasn't even dusty, the cloth protection of a bunch of unused socks kept it safe from any damaging elements, which in turn answered the question as to why I had placed it in my sock drawer in the first place. Wallace appears at the wedding between Wanda and Riley alongside Winona, Ruby, and Sapphire. The area was completely devoid of all NPCs, but it didn't take me long to figure out where they all were. My party was there, so I didn't have to waste a few minutes in going back up to the League to switch out my dinky little under-leveled Pokémon for something a little better. The experience I'm about to recount to you is quite short, unfortunately, but I remember it quite vividly. Beneath it were three little words: Creepypasta Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. I sent out Inferno. Only Wally was no longer there. It stayed there for a few seconds before a single word was slowly typed out in it: A battle started--a real one this time, rather than the teaser I had experienced earlier. He then acted as a Contest Judge for the Performance Stage. Additionally, after completing the Delta Episode, Steven mentions to Wallace that he will relinquish his position as Champion sometime in order to travel the world, and asks Wallace if he will become Champion in his place, referencing their roles in Emerald. He was first seen on the Sinnoh Now television program when Rhonda advertised the Wallace Cup taking place on the shores of Lake Valor. He is also an accomplished Pokémon Coordinator, having won the Ribbon Cup and the title of Top Coordinator after winning the Hoenn Grand Festival with his Milotic. Tabitha starts attacking Wallace in an unpredictable frenzy, forcing Wallace to try and escape. Due to his accomplishments, Wallace attained celebrity status and amassed a strong fan following. Wallace helps the rescue the populace and eventually finds Ruby participating in a Pokémon Contest. He manages to easily defeat them, but they reveal they had captured Winona and hold her hostage. He was a couple years younger than you, and your father in the game sent you out to help him catch a Pokémon. After Ruby and Sapphire return, Groudon and Kyogre are defeated and return to their long slumber. The tempo had been noticeably slowed, further adding to the incredibly dreary effect. But I was excited to talk to him either way... whether I felt guilty for beating him or not, I really loved seeing him. But what hurt the most was the opening battle announcement. Wallace debuted in Our Cup Runneth Over!. It took two minutes to make me feel like crap. Ruby was defeated, but he was so impressed by Wallace that he demanded that Wallace become his master and train him in the art of Pokémon Contests. When May and Dawn were in the finals and were about to begin their battle, Wallace gave some encouraging words to the two.

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