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If a date has a plus sign beside it that means the same amount of snow also fell on at least one other day earlier in the year. The storm of Feb. 9 and 10 dumped 6.5 inches the first day, 9.3 the next in Philadelphia. Personally, I'll never forget the blizzard of March 1958 that left a drift filling our entire back porch in Springfield, Delaware County. No way a foot of snow should be treated as a once-in-decade kind of event. Area high: 25 inches in Swedesboro, Gloucester County. 3. ". Area high: 30.0 inches in Ridley Park, Delaware County. © 2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC Terms of Use/Privacy Policy. Top 10 snowstorms in Philadelphia history. 2.56 inches rain in Atlantic City)(2) 30.7 inches, Jan. 8-9, 1996, measured in Philadelphia, (30.5 in Palm)(3) 30 inches, Feb. 5-6, 2010, Ridley Park, (28.5 in Philadelphia)(4) 26.8 inches, Feb. 10-11, 2010, East Nantmeal, Chester County, (15.8 in Philadelphia)(5) 26 inches, Feb. 12-14, 1899, Hammonton, Camden County, (18.9 in Philadelphia)(6) 25 inches, Dec. 19-20, 2009, Swedesboro, Gloucester County, (23.2 in Philadelphia)(7) 24.5 inches, Feb. 16-17, 2003, Philadelphia's Byberry section, (18.7 at Philadelphia International)(8) 21.9 inches, Feb. 23, 1987, Coatesville, (6.5 in Philadelphia)(9) 21.5 inches, Dec. 25, 1966, West Chester, (12.4 in Philadelphia)(10) 21.4 inches, Feb. 12, 1983, Palm, Montgomery County, (21.1 in Philadelphia, 24 inches in Allentown)(11) 21 inches, Dec. 25-26, 1909, Philadelphia, (17.5 in Hammonton)(12) 20.9 inches, April 8, 1895, West Chester, (not available for Philadelphia) (13) 20.5 inches, Feb. 12, 2006, West Caln, Chester County , (12.9 in Philadelphia)(14) 20.2 inches, Feb. 13-14, 2014, West Caln Township and Honey Brook, Chester County (11.5 in Philadelphia). The Franklin Institute has kept that tradition alive by gathering “official” weather data (that is, data that the National Weather Service feels is reliable enough to be used in its record-keeping) for the city of Philadelphia since 1872, and functioning as an observing site for the National Weather Service since 1993. Note: Final tallies may be higher. (15) 19.4 inches, April 3-5, 1915, Philadelphia, (19.4 in Philadelphia)(16) 19.2 inches, Dec. 26-27, 2010, Wrightstown, Burlington County, (12.4 in Philadelphia, 30 inches in Brickstown, Ocean County)(17) 19 inches, Jan. 26-27, 2011, Verga, Gloucester County, (15.1 in Philadelphia)(18) 18.0 inches, Jan. 24, 1908, Hammonton , (5.8 in Philadelphia, 20 inches in Cape May)(19) 17.0 inches, Feb. 16, 1958, West Chester, (not available for Philadelphia)(20) 17.0 inches, Feb. 17, 1900, West Chester, (not available for Philadelphia)(21) 16.7 inches, Jan. 22-24, 1935, Philadelphia, (16.7 in Philadelphia)(22) 16.5 inches, Jan. 20, 1978, Palm, (9.3 in Philadelphia)(23) 16.0 inches, Feb. 7, 1978, Palm, (12.4 in Philadelphia)(24) 16.0 inches, Jan. 31, 1966, Palm, (less than 3 for Philadelphia)(25) 15.2 inches, Feb. 13, 1992, Coatesville, (less than 10 for Philadelphia). How was that not on the lists? Highest one-day total included, if available. Timing of the season's last snowfall varies a lot from year to year in Philadelphia. 21 inches, Dec. 25-26, 1909 (15.5 inches on Dec. 26). Here's a list of the 10 worst snowstorms in the City of Brotherly Love. 19.4 inches, April 3-4, 1915 (19.0 inches on April 3). © 2020 The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC Terms of Use/Privacy Policy. by Peter Mucha, Posted: January 21, 2014 . Because Philadelphia only got 9.6 inches, less than a third what some suburbs got. Based on official and unofficial data reported by the National Weather Service. Clearly, this revision resets the notion of what's historic. by Rob Tornoe, Posted: March 13, 2017 . Contact staff writer Peter Mucha at 215-854-4342 or 19.4 inches, April 3-4, 1915 (19.0 inches on April 3). 31 inches, Jan. 6-8, 1996 (27.6 inches on Jan. 7). 5. Area high: 24.5 inches in city's Byberry section. Every one includes at least two days. This represents about 40% of their customers and was the worst power outage in PECO's history, surpassing the 400,000 customers who lost power during the heavy wet snowstorm on Mar … Again, the suburbs got much more, with over two feet total reported in Chester County. Folks in the suburbs know: They often get more snow. Two towns in Chester County reported 20.2 inches for Feb. 13 and 14, while Philadelphia's total was 11.5, pending further udpates. How do recent winters stack up against the worst snowstorms in Philadelphia history? Judge storm size for yourself by looking at the snowfall maps in our slideshow, "15 greatest area snowfalls: Suburbs rule.". How do recent winters stack up against the worst snowstorms in Philadelphia history? Data comes from several National Weather Service sources. 2. Denver Colorado Monthly & Annual Snowfall (1882-2020) Historical Locations for Snowfall Measurements (Please note DIA is roughly 20 miles east northeast of the old downtown reporting sites and 13 miles east northeast of the old airport. Data comes from several National Weather Service sources. If Philadelphia does end up with more than a foot of snow, this latest storm (which the Weather Channel has dubbed "Toby") would end up in the history books, replacing the dreaded blizzard of 1993 (the so-called "Storm of the Century") as the biggest March snowfall in the history of the city. Another problem: Some Philly lists counted only one-day totals. Highest one-day total included, if available. Then again, many locations never got measured, especially with the older storms, so who knows where the maximum truly was? A fair criticism would be that these high marks might be outliers or flukes that might mislead about overall immensity, especially since unofficial spotter reports have been included in some cases. How Many Snowstorms Philadelphia Gets. 18.7 inches, Feb. 16-17, 2003 (16.0 on Feb. 16). This page gives the highest daily snowfall of each year in Philadelphia and the date it occurred. Philadelphia's first snowfall of winter usually arrives in December, although for at least one in four years December gets no snow. Here, then, is a new look at local snowstorm history, based on the highest snowfall totals reported anywhere in the eight-county area, according to several sets of National Weather Service records.

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