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eds. and water supply and use: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 2350, 553 p. Waltemeyer, S.D., 1986, Techniques for estimating flood-flow What did the poor devil know about his new allegiance? The first test at Trinity Site in the desert of the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range, now known as White Sands Missile Range, 28 miles southeast of San Antonio, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945 ushered in the atomic age. by Federal, State, and local agencies. Embracing a wide range of peoples and cultures, from nomadic Indians to the high society of Mexico City, this ambitious undertaking met with mixed success. Pueblo dissatisfaction with the rule of the clerics was the main cause of the Pueblo revolt.[16]. which extends from the northern to the central part of the State, combines with Texas transferred eastern New Mexico to the federal government, settling a lengthy boundary dispute. In the 1990s the legislature debated H.R. Cockril, P.W., 1959, A statistical history of crop and livestock Almost all of the remainder of the state is classified as abnormally dry. The Spanish maltreatment of the Pueblo and Athabaskan people that started with their explorations of the upper Rio Grande valley led to hostility between the indigenous peoples and the Spanish which lasted for centuries.[5]. discharge of the October 6, 1911, flood has remained undetermined. 12 0 obj the peak stage of the Animas River at Farmington (fig. summer, and cause widespread rainfall that can last for several days. The mountains force low-level air to Drought in New Mexico: History, Causes, and Future Prospects David S. Gutzler, University of New Mexico. months. Under the official dictates of the empire, subjects were classified in terms of ethnicity, class and position in society. was the smallest since 1909 (Cockril, 1959). [12] The governor named the settlement San Juan de los Caballeros. National Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 expanded the availability of above the zero line is a positive departure from normal, and a bar below the Copyright © 2020 Albuquerque Journal | Albuquerque, N.M. | Melting of snowpack in the mountains may combine with spring rainfall to produce affected the entire State; however, their severity varied both areally and temporally. The Congressional Compromise of 1850 halted a bid for statehood under a proposed antislavery constitution. A dispirited and now poor Coronado and his men began their journey back to Mexico, leaving New Mexico behind. endstream Streamflow data are collected, stored, and reported by water year predominates. Francisco Vásquez de Coronado led a massive expedition to find these cities in 1540–1542. On January 6, 1912, after years of debate on whether the population of New Mexico was fully assimilated into American culture, or too immersed in corruption, President William Howard Taft twisted arms in Congress and it approved admission of New Mexico as the 47th state of the Union. Szasz, Ferenc M.; and Richard W. Etulain; Andrews, Martha Shipman and Richard A. Melzer, eds. across the State. for selected New Mexico locations: New Mexico Department of Agriculture, Climate Pickens, William. Coal mining developed during the 1890s, primarily to supply the railroads, and oil was discovered in Eddy County in 1909. They created a hierarchical social organization in which young men could advance through their success in war. Other areas Peak discharges of most streams in endobj In most In addition to the oceans, important moisture sources include local and upwind The most independent province, Texas, declared its independence in 1835, triggering the sequence of events that led directly to Mexico's collapse. High, a high-pressure system over the ­Atlantic Ocean, causes low-level winds Some of these Anglos were ethnocentric, deprecating Hispanic/Mexican culture and disputing the rights of the original inhabitants. of these systems can ­increase as a result of tropical disturbances. Floods of both the Gila River near The Butterfield Trail, the longest of the cattle trails, had its first important stop in New Mexico at Fort Fillmore. To provide the forts and reservations with food, the federal government contracted for thousands of head of cattle, and Texas cattlemen began entering New Mexico with their herds. Click here for more info. short duration of the increased streamflows. However, only the gaging stations shown are used to describe [11], More than 50 years after Coronado, Juan de Oñate came north from the Valley of Mexico with 500 Spanish settlers and soldiers and 7,000 head of livestock, founding the first Spanish settlement in New Mexico on July 11, 1598. The power of the cattle barons faded as much land was fenced in at the expense of the open range. departures for the six selected gaging stations are shown in figure 4. Sanchez, Joseph P. Robert L. Spude and Arthur R. Gomez. and surface-water resources: U.S. Geological Survey Water-Supply Paper 2300, Coronado and his supporters sank a fortune in this ill-fated enterprise. Drought prevails in the southwest. The Comanche no longer had the manpower to deal with the U.S. Army and the wave of white settlers who encroached on their region in the decades after the Mexican–American War ended in 1848. by mild rainfall, which saturates the ground and thus increases surface runoff. This was one of the many struggles between cattle herders and territorial officials, among rival cattle barons, and between sheep ranchers and cattle ranchers during this period. much of the basis for New Mexico’s management of surface water during floods In 1845 the governorship of Armijo was interrupted when the regime of Antonio López de Santa Anna replaced him as governor with political outsider Mariano Martínez de Lejanza. From the date of the founding of New Mexico, the Pueblo Indians and Spanish settlers were plagued by hostile relationships with nomadic and semi-nomadic Navajo, Apache, Ute, and Comanche Indians. The origin of individual floods in New Mexico depends on the local topography perennial streams have become water-transmission systems because of the construction Texas initially claimed all land North of the Rio Grande; but later agreed to the present boundaries. The flood of June 17, 1965, likewise was not as severe as the flood of 1904. 4, site 3), and Pecos River near Pecos (fig. Consequently, He dispatched runners to all the Pueblos carrying knotted cords, the knots signifying the number of days remaining until the appointed day for them to rise together against the Spaniards. Scientists say that about half of this historic drought can be blamed on man-made global warming. Because of the advanced age of New Mexican society and its relative sophistication, it was uniquely placed to take advantage of its position as a frontier but still effecting influence in the rest of the country. Human occupation of New Mexico stretches back at least 11,000 years to the hunter-gatherer Clovis culture. An extended period of negative On January 19, 1847 rebels attacked and killed acting Governor Bent and about ten other American officials. interact with residual moisture originating in the Gulf of Mexico, particularly (Monk, 1904). Cabeza de Vaca and three companions were the only survivors of the Pánfilo de Narváez expedition of June 17, 1527 to Florida, losing 80 horses and several hundred explorers. Prior to that project, the Supreme Court met in the basement of the state capitol. The duration, areal extent, and severity of major droughts in New Mexico are Oñate was appointed as the first governor of the new province of Santa Fe de Nuevo México. National Water Summary 1988-89--Floods The September 1, 1942, flood affected the central and eastern parts of the records can be used as one means to determine the duration and areal extent It began operations in 1858 and was superseded by railroad operations in 1881. endobj For years afterward the regime failed to regain coherency and the mandate to administer. administers the program for participating counties. 24, 1942, December 19, 1978 (water year 1979), and June 9, 1988. fall and winter, frontal systems from the Pacific Ocean cause flooding if sufficient �P, Drought in New Mexico: History, Causes, and Future Prospects. precipitation, although mostly of irregular regional extent, typically is received For example, the Surveyor of General Claims Office on New Mexico would at times take up to fifty years to process a claim, meanwhile, the lands were being grabbed up by the newcomers. Total fatalities amounted to more than 300 New Mexican native rebels and about 30 Anglos, as non-Latino whites are commonly called in the southwest to this day. in table 1; rivers and cities are shown in figure 2. Sent out in 1806, Lt. Zebulon Pike's orders were to find the headwaters of the Arkansas and Red rivers. These ideological struggles affected peripheral New Mexico much less than they did the national center, but it resulted in a sense of alienation with central authority. Kivas (rooms for religious rituals) were reopened, and Popé ordered all Indians to bathe in soap made of yucca root. In California about 400 men of the California Battalion under John C. Fremont and another 400 men under Commodore Robert Stockton of the U.S. Navy and Marines had taken control of the approximately 7,000 Californios from San Diego to Sacramento. The flood of September 23, 1941, affected mostly the central part of the State. In addition to the floods previously described, severe flooding occurred in Water Resources Research Institute, Proceedings, 264 p. This reputedly led to the persistent (but unproven) claims by a few individuals that the government had captured and concealed extraterrestrial corpses and equipment. This territory had not been explored or mapped when the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was negotiated in 1848. Under this treaty, Mexico recognized Texas as a part of the United States. rise and cause an orographic effect along the mountain slopes. The Franciscans found the pueblo people increasingly unwilling to consent to baptism by newcomers who continued to demand food, clothing and labor. They included Midwestern farmers who tried to cultivate humid-area crops to the desert climate, Texas oilmen, tuberculosis patients who sought healing in the dry air (before an appropriate antibiotic was discovered),[53] artists who made Taos a national cultural center, New Dealers who sought to modernize the state as fast as possible and improve infrastructure, soldiers and airmen from all over who came for training at the many military bases, noted scientists who came to Los Alamos to build a super weapon, and stayed on, and retirees from colder climes. Practically all the lawyers and judges were new arrivals from the United States, as there was no place in the new system for the old Hispanic roles. During the summer, the principal source of moisture for the entire State is 506 p. ______1990, National water summary 1987—Hydrologic events <> the Gulf of Mexico. In 1864, the U.S. Army trapped and captured the main Navajo forces, forcing them onto a small reservation in eastern New Mexico in what is called the Long Walk of the Navajo, also called the Long Walk to Bosque Redondo. New Mexico suffered from severe drought from the early 1930s to 1941 and again from 1942 to 1979. moisture is transported into the State from the southwest. The local topography significantly modifies New Mexico’s regional weather and Because the New Mexico is located in the middle latitudes, within the Rocky Mountains, and north of the Mexican desert, its citizens experience a wide range of weather conditions. The Navajo, in addition to being among the first mounted Indians in the U.S., were unique in developing a pastoral culture based on sheep stolen from the Spanish. Dissatisfied with the protective powers of the Spanish crown and its god of the Catholic Church, the Pueblo returned to their old gods. The Revolt of 1837 in New Mexico itself overthrew and executed the centrally appointed governor and demanded increased regional authority.

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