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", Was Surrendered to the English Without a Fight, The Dutch Empire: Three Centuries on Five Continents, Founding and History of the New York Colony, Founding and History of the New Jersey Colony, Essential Facts About the South Carolina Colony, Colonial Governments of the Original 13 Colonies. While some decided to take advantage of the offer, only Kiliaen van Rensselaer followed through. In character, New York was forged earlier with the help of its original Dutch settlers. On his bouwerie, the Dutch word for farm and the inspiration for the name of New York’s famed street Bowery, he lived out his life in peace with his family under his beloved pear trees. Meanwhile what did Stuyvesant have to defend his charge? No one took the offer, including Stuyvesant. That leader’s name was Peter Stuyvesant, sixth Director General of New Netherland, staunch employee of the Dutch West India Company, and notorious hard ass. The name "New Amsterdam FC" was also rumored to be in consideration. What was Stuyvesant’s strategy when he was told the English were coming? New Amsterdam FC II-SASC, formerly known as Sporting Astoria SC, plays in the Eastern Premier Soccer League and Cosmopolitan Soccer League system. In August 1664, four English warships arrived in the New Amsterdam harbor to take over the town. The story of New York’s growth from a frontier settlement known as New Amsterdam to the metropolis of the western world — Pictures of the city and its life in Colonial times, and in the early days of independence. About one-fifth of the enslaved people were "free" by the time New Amsterdam was taken by the English. The English held New York until the Dutch recaptured it in 1673. If provoked, the English could have leveled New Amsterdam in less than a day. Secrets from Below: Underground Tour of the NYC Subway! [1] It was then further reported in January 2020 that the investor involved in the New York group was rumored to be Laurence Girard, the CEO of Fruit Street. He came to North America and sailed up the soon-to-be-named Hudson River. Within a year, they had begun trading for furs with the Native Americans along this and the Connecticut and Delaware River Valleys. England Takes New Amsterdam . He unwittingly created a multi-cultural society with the perfect conditions for conducting peaceable business. Jacques Cortelyou / Biblioteca Medicea-Laurenziana / Wikimedia Commons / ​Public Domain. In 1647, Peter Stuyvesant became director-general of the Dutch West India Company. He also had a silver banded wooden peg leg to replace the one he lost during a naval battle giving him the nickname “Peg-Leg Pete” or Old Silver Bands. Thus, the number of inhabitants grew quite slowly. The document claimed that New Amsterdam was unanimous in their intention not to fight. Stuyvesant intercepted this letter, and some say, burned it hoping that his citizens would never know about Nicoll’s fair deal. Discover the city's most unique and surprising places and events for the curious mind. In character, New York … [9], The team also established reserve sides in both local and national amateur leagues. Stuyvesant knew this, the English knew this, and most New Amsterdammers knew this. The English held New York until the Dutch recaptured it in 1673. But a respected clergymen by the name of Dominic Megapolenis “took him firmly by the arm and lead him down.” He convinced a religious Stuyvesant that God wanted cooler heads to prevail. Secret Brooklyn: An Unusual Guide – Buy the Book! He met with Native Americans and purchased Manhattan for trinkets equivalent to several thousand dollars today. Image via Wikipedia Commons. "UPSL Announces New York Expansion with Bronx River FC", "XI for our away game against @DetroitCityFC go on boyzz #BusinessTrip", Sport teams based in the New York metropolitan area,, National Independent Soccer Association teams, Soccer clubs in the New York metropolitan area, Association football clubs established in 2020, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 30 September 2020, at 15:31. Beginning with the "purchase" of Manhattan, the town of New Amsterdam was founded as a way to help protect trading areas further upriver while providing a great port of entry. [11][12], "New Details On NISA's Possible Second New York Team – New Amsterdam FC", "INTERVIEW: New Amsterdam FC Hopes Community Is the Key to Success on the Field and in the Stands", "PRE-SEASON PREP: Cosmos, New Amsterdam FC to participate in NISA Independent Cup", "Where We'll Play - New Amsterdam Football Club", "NISA New York-based side New Amsterdam FC hires Eric Wynalda", "ERIC'S GONE: Wynalda won't coach New Amsterdam due to 'personal reasons. Antebellum: John Brown's Raid on Harpers Ferry, The Most Important Inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Now here’s what he did wrong: He used the slave trade to create most of the things mentioned above and tried to promote his own non-tolerant and bigoted agenda at the same time. In short, Stuyvesant tilled the soil to create the fertile ground from which New York sprang. Allegedly, Nicolls offered any Dutch citizen who would not swear fealty to the King paid passage back to Amsterdam. We at Untapped New York jokingly call our popular Remnants of Dutch New Amsterdam tour “DNA” not only short for Dutch New Amsterdam but also to recognize that the genetic material of this city stems from its short forty-year Dutch occupation. He lied about it, withheld information, and told everyone that he intended to fight to the death for New Netherland when the English arrived. This is probably true since the company was not thrilled with the profits being turned in New Netherland and did not think it in their best interest to properly protect the colony. Even though New Amsterdam was the "capital" of New Netherland, it never grew as large or as commercially active as Boston or Philadelphia. However, the way that the Dutch dealt with enslaved people was quite different from that of the English colonists. While the Dutch did not immigrate in large numbers to New Amsterdam, those who did immigrate were typically members of displaced groups like French Protestants, Jews, and Germans which resulted in quite a heterogeneous population. Yet, New Yorkers collectively remember so little of that pivotal conception since it’s often portrayed as a blip on our historical radar. They established Fort Orange at present-day Albany to take advantage of the lucrative fur trade with the Iroquois Indians. [3] At the time of the reveal, it was not announced when New Amsterdam FC would begin playing. And if people died doing so, eh they died doing so. They felt the English should just have New Amsterdam so everyone could go back to their business. He is the author of "The Everything American Presidents Book" and "Colonial Life: Government. In fact, by 1640 about one-third of New Amsterdam was made up of Africans. In some instances, they would allow enslaved people to earn wages and own property. Stuyvesant ripped this letter to shreds again attempting to deceive his people a second time. This week in September was a big one for New York back in 1664, since on September 8, 1664 New Amsterdam became New York in name. He believed when all those nationalities were allowed to live together, peacefully in close proximity, they got soft. 2 HOURS     $35 Even Stuyvesant would choose to live out the rest of his days in the city he begrudgingly helped to create. New Amsterdam became New York. From that point on it remained in the hands of the English. Stuyvesant, now furious, hobbled his way to Fort Amsterdam (today the footprint of the Alexander Hamilton Customs House) climbed to the bastion of the fort and told the lone gunman stationed there to ready the canons. In 1653, settlers were finally given the right to form a city government. The club competes in the National Independent Soccer Association, the third tier of American soccer. [6] It was later clarified that the venue choice was due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City and the team plans to move games back into the city proper once fans are able to attend. The King said yes only if he paid proper tribute and raised the funds to mount the expedition himself. 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What Were the Top 4 Causes of the Civil War? The original Castello Plan of Dutch New Amsterdam drafted in 1600 was found in the Villa de Castello in 1900 and was eventually donated to New York Public Library. Lucky for us all, the population of New Amsterdam was having none of it. There is a popular belief that for a few decades this city was known as New Amsterdam and suddenly one September morning in 1664, it became New York. And thus the real DNA of New York was spun in a triple helix of drive, ingenuity, and tolerance. Learn More. The Dutch economy was good and therefore very few people chose to immigrate. Martin Kelly, M.A., is a history teacher and curriculum developer. The land was quickly settled. However, this was short-lived as they ceded it back to the English by treaty in 1674. The club was founded by both Laurence Girard and Maximilian Mansfield, with Mansfield serving as sporting director. [2], In May 2020, it was stated by New Amsterdam sporting director Maximilian Mansfield that the team would opt for a local approach, similar to Spanish club Athletic Bilbao, where 50 to 60 percent of the team will be local New Yorkers. [3] On July 1, 2020 it was announced that New Amsterdam FC would be participating in the NISA Independent Cup, a tournament created by the league in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He did and soon, Stuart sent out three well-armored frigates and about 1,200 soldiers across the Atlantic to claim New Netherland for King and Country. © 2020 Untapped Cities All Rights Reserved. The Dutch established colonies and trading outposts around the world in the early 17th century. And yet Stuyvesant had made New Netherland so attractive that in March of 1664, James Stuart, Duke of York, and brother to the newly reinstalled English King Charles II asked if he could seize the land between the Delaware and Connecticut rivers from the Dutch so the English could have coastal supremacy in the New World. In November 2019 it was revealed by some journalists that a possible New York-based group had applied for a team in the National Independent Soccer Association, a new third division soccer league. A lane leading to his farm still exists in the East Village today, jutting diagonally into the regimented grid today. Untapped New York unearths New York City’s secrets and hidden gems. Location of Fort Amsterdam, now Alexander Hamilton Customs House. He worked to make the settlement better organized. [7], Former US international and Major League Soccer player Eric Wynalda was announced as the first coach in team history on July 30.

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