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0000040720 00000 n How does the resource base of a rebel group impact its membership, structure, and behavior? resource agencies with guidance for designing context-specific stakeholder involvement strategies. So far the literature falls broadly into two camps. ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any citations for this publication. Results show that these trends are predicted by the model. Resource-abundant countries tended to be high-price economies and, perhaps as a consequence, these countries tended to miss-out on export-led growth. 0000011055 00000 n �٘ޟ��K;}m���˶�C����%�����c�Z�K�tc�oS��؆�Ϛ"}6�yO�M�C��}��ӹ��Ƭ���(�_�7����$M�55��%�W� However, the structure of risk differs considerably from other regions. Frontline Diplomacy: Humanitarian Aid and Conflict in Africa by John Prendergast. 0000003220 00000 n John Prendergast. 0000015536 00000 n H�\�͊�0F�~ Africa’s natural resources provide a unique opportunity to foster human and economic development. 0000002271 00000 n 25 44 0000045103 00000 n emphasising the environment in which corruption evolves — whether shaped by international, national or specific institutional that are introduced into on-going economic activity are identified, together with the manner in which these distortions redirect This result is not easily explained by other variables, or by alternative ways to measure resource abundance. 0000003909 00000 n 0000015810 00000 n when children are all too often exploited for conflict and natural resource ex. 0000003944 00000 n 312 0 obj <> endobj xref 312 34 0000000016 00000 n Finally, the article reviews the empirical work 0000034604 00000 n H���yTWƫ��bk�"�ݩ� ���1D�EY�TDPP @�AqAΌ��Ǚ�3l� (� �hb\И�1(�9j25��� �⌓���s��r_��{��w?��b 0000017120 00000 n 0000011936 00000 n be maintained only when border safeguards are in place. a predictable and stable set of relationships between parties is established. Boulder and London, Lynne Rienner, 1996. More specifically, the third section applies the models to Malaysia and Ghana in order to show why countries with similar and favourable initial conditions but different political states will trace different development trajectories. Africa’s informal economies could be transformed int, The ACCORD Report also stated that diversifi, going to be preserved, and local conflicts prevented.’. On the other hand, political science literature concentrates on the link between natural resources and weak institutions. 0000044729 00000 n corruption pose for potential conflict in Africa. The paper particularly examines how the shift from customary tenure systems to private property—in land, trees, and water—has affected women, the effect of gender differences in property on collective action, and the implications for project design. The article sets out a framework within which the problem of corruption may be analysed in any specific country. 0000017476 00000 n 0000009530 00000 n fI��d���JXe�nR� �5�/�1h�u0�xK�,Қ᪸hN�=-��F�=�������� ���0\��_� �ݴ' l,�n�І�U�5���-q���c�euUG�Y>�#�����-J���9ΐ�i����)���p��y�捈�gmK�,#�6���5Y�ݪ�(j��b����qfDZ�� �-�) Hg ~Z�W�ӥ7���-���k�j5���~6����[�Lw�`��.��*��1w���L+P98ճ_�Ձ��C7��Q��p�cǩ��y�х%n�5?v_\PLy� >�,?��nGG�Y$��Zs�l�DU?5w̨/�����WZJ/��Ʈ�uA�T��Fkf�Z��s����l��.�wܑ�Q96;�#��Y���M���ޚ���y7DuG�՚q�F6��v��dL��XH84_)�[��R�n����ǜ�m��g;���{z�Wh�#������h��ޝ���KҜ,[�]��-8����'�ad**��S��$�ĵ���:3�h��K4�NW?�����99�����R���n*FiE�+��aJDJǥ��,[�m~����*eU���{Fu�p���Kn7l�P6�=9���D��V��h�z����aDs�f���ŎS{v���i[V�|zk�D-�4�+�� These in turn constitute low opportunity costs for rebellion and make civil war more likely. such instruments were, in the main, voluntary. 0000044066 00000 n The fourth section applies the models to a category of resource-abundant country, the mineral economy, which has performed relatively poorly, with reference to Bolivia and Saudi Arabia. 0000017839 00000 n endstream endobj 39 0 obj <>stream and managing on-the-ground problems than governments or civil societ, and natural resource endowments – a coherent whole, and whether th. staff are to be employed and not swayed by bribery or corrupt practices. 0000044421 00000 n activity in sub-optimal directions. 0000044348 00000 n programmes that should be pursued in order to reduce the impact on the development process. This article identifies a rebel “resource curse” much like the one that undermines state institutions in resource-rich environments. 0000051751 00000 n They are presented as stylised facts models, rather than mathematical models, in order to be accessible to non-economists. increase now that climate change had also brought the “greening” of certain areas. The Roundtable was organised into three sessions t. iii) resource governance and sustainable resource management. Thus, resource-rich economies need a distinctive form of democracy with particularly strong checks and balances. 0000011395 00000 n The first section discusses the evidence for these four regularities and examines some theoretical arguments that could explain them. An econometric model of civil war is applied to the analysis of conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. Attention to gender differences in property rights can improve the outcomes of natural resource management policies and projects in terms of efficiency, environmental sustainability, equity, and empowerment of resource users. 0000003161 00000 n Managing Natural Resources for Development in East Africa Land rights issues and the link to oil and natural gas exploration. 0000001176 00000 n factors — and the manner in which the different parties to corruption interact and organise themselves in conducting these 0000015912 00000 n startxref %%EOF 0000043337 00000 n 0000014554 00000 n It does not Africa's economic characteristics have made it more vulnerable to conflict, but this has been offset by social characteristics that make its societies atypically safe. 0000040607 00000 n 0000005633 00000 n To provide illustrations, we conducted inquiries in two communities experiencing wildlife management conflicts. Interested in research on Natural Resources? activities. This paper offers the outlines of a theory of natural resource corruption, defining it as a special case of extra-legal resource management institutions, exploring the challenge corruption poses for sustainable use of natural systems, and providing an example of corruption in the case of forest management in India.

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