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Some projects can move slow, but others move very quickly. Protecting Canada from the mountain pine beetle protects our forest sector, our wildlife habitat and our water quality, and it helps mitigate the effects of climate change.”, The Honourable Seamus O’Regan Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, “The mountain pine beetle outbreak has negatively impacted forests across Alberta and British Columbia, including our treasured national parks. The Centre’s activities focus on four main areas: In addition, CETC-Varennes lends its expertise to support Natural Resources Canada in its program planning and other decision-making activities, including the development of standards, codes and regulations. Email: Box 2380 Tel. Email:, Janice Zinck Director GSC Northern Canada They will also develop infrastructure to provide clients with Web-based access to information held by federal, provincial, territorial and other government and non-government agencies. Search 40 Natural Resources Canada, Canmet jobs now available in Ottawa, ON on, the world's largest job site. Sidney, B.C., CANMET Energy Technology Centre Devon (AB) research centre. Fax: 204-983-0157, Northwest Territories Regional Office Natural Resources Canada online science magazine. Process-oriented studies on the continental lithosphere; geochronology and geochemistry (GSC's centre of excellence in precise radiogenic age-dating and isotopic studies)., Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Email: 588 Booth Street, 2th Floor, Great Lakes Forestry Centre 282A CETC-Devon Contacts The organizations will work together to address the challenges posed by the spread of the mountain pine beetle, one of the most damaging pests in western Canada. Telephone: 902-661-6766 : 613-992-2451 Devon, Alberta The program did not extend and I lost my job . With over 230 scientists, engineers, technologists, managers, and support staff, we develop and operate science and … We look at these issues from both a national and international perspective, using our expertise in science and technology, policy, and programs. Telephone: 867-766-8530 Applications include mapping, charting, navigation, engineering, boundary demarcation, geodynamic studies and other georeferencing activities. InSAR- and LIDAR-generated Digital Elevation Models Satellite imagery: characteristics and potential of images for geospatial data capture and update, sensors, standards and interpretations. Generalization and scale variable representations, 4D virtual spatial tele-presence and environmental monitoring. The sustainability of Canada’s forests issue is concerned with improving our knowledge of the health of our forests, identifying threats and developing strategies to manage these threats, and raising the economic and social value of our forests. E3B 5P7. 5320 - 122nd Street AP/CR4 Accounts Payable Communications Receptionists (yr4), Management can be very difficult at times, was great employer for time I was employed. 1079 Kelly Lake Road, 1st Floor, Room. Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, Home > Students and Fellows > Postdoctoral Programs > Visiting Fellowships in Canadian Government Laboratories Program > Natural Resources Canada. The Director left, the chief was relieved of their duties and as a contract/temp I get the shaft and my contract was renewed because no one knew where things were left in regards to the negotiation of my contract. Tel. The Processing and Environmental Catalysis group uses its core competency in process modelling, catalysis, and membrane development to solve industrial process problems and to research selected chemical conversion processes for natural gas, biomass-derived oils, waste treatment, and engine emissions. 1 Haanel Drive The Canadian Forest Service – Pacific Forestry Centre (PFC) works within a national science/policy project framework to coordinate and deliver information and knowledge about climate change, forest protection, forest ecosystems, landscape disturbance, invasive species, forest health and biodiversity, and synthesis of knowledge and information. Office: Earthquakes and seismic hazard, crustal deformation, marine geology and geophysics (including swath mapping and side-scan imagery), estuarine and coastal geology, gas hydrates, paleomagnetism, geology and metallogeny of the Canadian Cordillera, gravity, geomagnetism. Development of decision-making tools (remote sensing and geomatics). Read verified and trustworthy customer reviews for Natural Resources Canada or write your own review. Sault Ste. Over the next five years, these programs will develop and deliver integrated national forest information methods and products.; Natural Resources Canada; ... Canada’s leading research and technology organization in the field of clean energy. Natural Resources Canada : 705-541-5555 Operates on a scale of two to five litres per minute with several flow sheet alternatives. Improvement of our knowledge of how a tree functions. I was not happy in that place . Email: The CANMET hydrocyclone is licensed to the US-based Krebs International, the largest company in the hydrocyclone business. 335A At NRCan, we deal with natural resource issues that are important to Canadians. Fax: 867-393-6709, Surveyor General Branch Ottawa, ON Telephone: 825-510-1324 Has independent modules with interchangeable, skid-mounted units and self-contained instrumentation for delivery, treatment and deposition of tailings. Forest ecosystem processes: To conduct research to determine how fundamental ecological processes affect the productivity and resilience of forest ecosystems; sustainable productivity research; forest succession research; population dynamics research. Natural Resources Canada., Laurentian Forestry Centre Acquisition of aeromagnetic data for the Canadian landmass and offshore. Ecosystem productivity: for example, the effects of current techniques for forest management on forest productivity, and improvement of forestry practices. Marie, Ontario Develops and evaluates new technologies for producing solids-free, dry (low water content) bitumen that meets pipeline specifications. CCRS is participating, in partnership with other departments, in the development of the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) and works with industry to develop geographical information systems (GIS) applications. 250 - 365 Hargrave Street CanmetENERGY in Ottawa engages in research and development in the areas of energy efficiency, clean fossil fuels, and renewable and alternative energy sources. I enjoy it because I enjoy the type of work I'm doing. Tel. Fax: 416-973-1004, Quebec Regional Office Director General Canadian Business Listings. 3303 – 33rd Street Northwest Natural Resources Canada Our goal is to protect the forest sector and communities where mountain pine beetle outbreaks are prevalent and slow the eastward spread of the insect throughout Canada. Email: National programs led by the PFC, in collaboration with provincial and territorial partners, include the Earth Observation of Sustainable Development (EOSD) of Forests, Forest Carbon Measurement and Monitoring Framework, National Forest Pest Strategy, National Forest Inventory, and the National Forest Information System. Fax: 613-992-8928 Website: October 8, 2020 Ottawa, Ontario Natural Resources Canada The health of Canada’s forests keeps our economy strong, sustains good jobs and preserves our environment. The Fredericton site includes state-of-the-art research laboratories, a comprehensive insect and disease collection facility, and a sophisticated climate-controlled greenhouse/nursery complex. Integration of GIS and remote sensing for mapping applications. G1K 9A9. International Boundary Commission – Canada Section. In addition, NoFC hosts CFS staff working with the Fibre Centre, a national virtual organization dedicated to improving the value of wood fibre resources in Canada. It also gathers and disseminates knowledge in order to produce and use energy in ways that are more efficient and sustainable, and in order to stimulate the health of the Canadian economy.

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