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'I was worried I would bleed into my brain and even if I survived I would have permanent damage. Fry said the pain is 'just straight forward' but it still made his top ten list. I was bleeding out of my butt and my mouth and everywhere,' Dr Fry said, according to the ABC. 4. It is truly like being shot by … His on the job injuries include three concussions, a near fatal scorpion sting while in the Amazon, a centipede sting in Costa Rica, multiple stingray attacks. The urchin is well known for its vivid red colour – but its spines can vary from brown to purple and nearly black. With a pain level of 2.5, the sting of the Polybia simillima is one of the most painful stings in the world. Spider Wasp. It is found in the Indo-Pacific region at a maximum depth of about 70 metres which means that can be found lurking below the surface in Hawaii, Africa and Australia. The agonising bite of the yellow-faced whip snake causes localised swelling which is rare with Australian reptiles, The snake is common across Australia and has a distinctive yellow face. The red back spider makes it to number seven - this spider's bite attacks the nerves. The stinger on this species of spider wasp that preys on tarantulas can be up 7mm or 1/3 to 2/3 of an inch long. The platypus is a freshwater creature and can be found from southern Queensland to Tasmania. 'It should be called a 'give-me-a-gun-and-I'll-shoot-myself-ray', Fry said. By Belinda Cleary For Daily Mail Australia, Published: 08:06 EDT, 9 September 2016 | Updated: 10:15 EDT, 9 September 2016. See … A bee sting feels similar to a wasp sting, but the sting will often be left in the wound. They are found across Australia, females can be identified by the red line on their back – the colour intensifies as the spider becomes agitated. The pain from an Irukandji jellyfish sting starts slow but builds to 'full-body agony', A sting from the Irukandji jelly fish can make the victim feel a sense of impending doom. Play it now. He then admitted he was stung on his left nipple which is a very sensitive area. Although the painful signal acts as a deterrent, intelligent predators will learn the dishonesty of this signal with repeated exposure – that there is no real damage … The small jelly fish is primarily found in Australia's northern waters. The pain can last for weeks according to the venemologist – they are also found in the warmer Indo-Pacific waters of northern Queensland. The star fish are found in the Indo-Pacific region their painful sting is used to protect them from potential predators. The box jelly fish takes the top spot for Fry who says the pain can last for weeks, The tentacles can wrap around your body stinging large portions of skin at a time. Bee stings. Fry's 'scariest' experience with being bitten didn't make the list of most painful bites and came from a rare Stephen's banded snake. Like its name, the pain of this insect or ant feels similar to a bullet, gunshot. The most painful sting goes to the box jelly fish, according to Fry, who says it is like being 'wiped with acid'. It is the largest ant in the world. He says the sting can put your body into shock and 'make you want to vomit' because the pain is so intense. Most of the painful stings belong to creatures which live in water and only one snake made the list. Bryan Fry, affectionately known as the 'Venom Doc', has been bitten by 26 of the world's most venomous snakes and has compiled a list of ten of the most painful stings by Australia's inhabitants. ', Fry's 'scariest' experience with being bitten didn't make the list of most painful bites and came from a rare Stephen's banded snake. The stingray's jagged barb releases venom directly into the prey's freshly opened wound. Next on Fry's top most painful stings list is the crown of thorns starfish which is currently attacking Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Pain is an advertisement of damage in the body, but molecules that produce pain and those that are toxic, and actively cause damage, are not the same. These ants are commonly found in Tasmania. The stonefish is the second most painful sting in Australia according to the expert, Most stings from this animal occur on the foot - and happen once they have been stepped on, He says the sting can put your body into shock and 'make you want to vomit' because the pain is so intense. Tasmania's Jack Jumper, left, is number four after Fry was once bitten bu the creature on the nipple. Also recognized as “tarantula hawk”, the insect is one of the deadliest insects to cause … It's painful bite puts it at number eight. Australia is home to some of the world's most venomous creatures but some bites pack more of a painful punch than others - in fact the most deadly reptile doesn't even make the list for the worst bites. It is rated 4 on the pain index. Bryan Fry, pictured, is a venom expert who as a result of his job has been stung by a lot of dangerous animals, Fry has ranked the top ten most painful Australian stings or bites  based on his own experience. The creature which led to Steve Irwin's death is listed at number three. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Although the … The fire urchin is also known as the Astropyga radiate and can grow up to 20cms in diameter. Hospitalized patients already taking the drug daily were 47% less likely to die of COVID-19, The US is still in an 'elongated first wave' of the pandemic, Dr Fauci says after daily coronavirus cases hit record-highs, Fewer than HALF of Americans are now avoiding restaurants and gatherings to reduce the spread of coronavirus compared to 80% in April as 'pandemic fatigue' takes hold, Parents create 'Mom Code' agreement to avoid testing their children for COVID-19 so schools can stay open in Utah - as Gov. The fire urchin was tenth on the list and has a sting which leads to a burning sensation and leaves quite a mark, right. The comments below have not been moderated. 'The scariest snake bite was from a Stephen's banded snake. The platypus makes a surprising entry at number five and while most people may never experience the pain brought on by the adorable monotreme it is said to be 'painful, immediate and long lasting'. Bullet Ant. Although it only stings when extremely provoked, it is very potent and considered to be one of the most painful in the world. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. The stingray packs such a punch it has been put at number three on Fry's list. Fry puts the Jack Jumper ant at number four and described the pain as being stung by 200 bees at the same time. The common snake can be found across most of Australia. The pain level is 4+ and is the most painful sting in the world. The female red back spider which is the larger of the species is also the one to watch out for. Stingrays can be found across Australia – there are 50 types, some which choose muddy river openings and others which live in open waters. At number seven is the famous red back spider the bite can be 'severe' according to Fry. The most painful sting goes to the box jelly fish, according to Fry, who says it is like being 'wiped with acid'. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Dr Fry has published a memoir called 'Venom Doc' where he explains what it is like to be faced with dangerous and venomous animals every day. The bullet ant sting is the most dangerous and painful to the human being. It also leads to muscle weakness, nausea and seating as the venom attack's the nerves. The Schmidt sting pain index arose from the pursuit of a larger hypothesis: that the evolution of sociality in Hymenopterawas dependent on the evolution of venom that was both painful and toxic. A unique psychological response known as Irukandji syndrome where people feel a sense of impending doom is also a symptom experienced by people who have been stung. The only snake to make the list is the yellow-faced whip snake. Because the platypus delivers their venomous spurs so deeply they have to be removed by hand. The pain from an Irukandji jellyfish sting starts slow but builds to 'full-body agony' with headaches and vomiting a common side effect. The venomous fish is found in the Indo-Pacific region – the same as many of the other creatures on Fry's list. 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While it is not considered dangerous the bite can be 'agonising' according to Fry. He describes it as a burning sensation at the site of the sting. The snake's venom also 'produces localised swelling' which is not common in Australian snakes. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Jared Kushner accused on race after saying 'complaining' black Americans have to 'WANT to be successful' in order to benefit from Trump's policies, Clarence Thomas will swear in Amy Coney Barrett at White House as soon as she is confirmed to the Supreme Court by Senate tonight - with 'large' guest list similar to infamous superspreader Rose Garden event, 60 Minutes episode showing Trump angrily ending interview with Lesley Stahl becomes most-watched news or entertainment show since the Oscars - as he ridicules interviewer as 'a zippo', Could ASPIRIN be the first over the counter treatment for coronavirus?

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