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He was a fisherman by trade. One of the scholar saints, he practices non-violent opposition to Chinese rule while adhering to Buddhist values and traditions of compassion and forgiveness. He is regarded as the most prominent military saint and is one of the most revered in the Western World. His devotees consider him to be creator, sustainer and destroyer of universe. He is venerated in several Christian traditions. His idols are adorned with jewels and all kinds of Hindu vedic deities as he is supreme God. One of the most devoted disciples of Jesus, she is believed to have witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion and visit his tomb. She was beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920. He served as the Pope of Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican city during 1978-2005. After attaining nirvana, he spent rest of his life imparting life teachings and taking disciples mostly in the eastern part of ancient India around 4th to 6th BC. The votes are in and here are the saints readers nominated for being the most influential of their time—the results contained quite a few surprises. It’s his secret and legendary gift-giving habit that influenced the Santa Claus (St. Nick). Church Life; Lists; by ChurchPOP Editor - Apr 5, 2017. The brother of Andrew and the son of Jona, St. Peter was originally called Simon. Other Protestant churches commemorate her as a heroine of faith. Sai Baba of Shirdi, or Shirdi Sai Baba, was an Indian spiritual master and was revered by Hindu and Muslim devotees alike. She wholeheartedly dedicated all her life to care and service of poor. Practising severe austerities and intense meditation for next 12 and a half years, he is known to have acquired Kevala Jnana (omniscience). In 2012, it had more than 4500 sisters and was operational in 13 countries. She is one of the most important woman in Bible and several legends surround her. Veronica Seider’s super power sounds like a plot of a film. Mary Magdalene is regarded as a saint by churches of different Christian traditions. A figure of primal importance in Buddhism religion, Gautam Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama or simply Buddha was an ascetic and sage. All Christians are familiar with the role Mary played in the First Christmas, yet many may not realize the tremendous role sh… St George is undoubtedly amongst the most well known saints on this list. St. Christopher. She is known to have composed many devotional songs. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Other than St. Bernard and John Paul II, discussed in separate previous posts here and here, they are: 1. Veronica Seider - A Superhuman With Super-Eye, Most Notable Dead Bodies Left On Mount Everest, World's Strongest Toddler - Liam Hoekstra, 11 Facts About Hitler That Would Leave Every History Buff Shocked, This 94-Year-Old Johanna Quaas is the World’s Oldest Gymnast, Meet This 6-Year-Old Boy Who Saved His Sister from Dog Attack & Got 90 Stitches. She received many honors including Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and Ramon Magsaysay Peace Prize in 1962. He is one of the most influential spiritual leaders of 20th century. Before attaining nirvana, he gained enlightenment and preached the Jain religion to his disciples. Here are the most famous saints from diverse religions and spiritual traditions. She is a historical woman hero who devoted her life to humanity. 6 All-Time Great Minds Throughout The History. Some Catholics call him Saint John Paul the Great, he is Pope John Paul II. @ $36.97. The Blessed Virgin Mary is honored as the Queen of all saints. She is among the nine secondary patron saints of France. Born in Skopje, Mother Teresa was a true disciple of Christ who was beatified in 2003 and canonized as a saint in 2016… 10 Influential Saints and Their Legends Each of these saints has an amazing life story that will inspire your faith. As recognized by scholars, Mirabai was one of the most celebrated central poet-saints of Bhakti movement. He was a privileged prince who renounced the luxurious life and turned to asceticism. Born into a royal family around 6th century BC, he gave up all the worldly possessions to lead life of an ascetic at the age of 30. A historic Christian saint, Saint Nicholas was also called Nikolaos the Wonderworker because of his several miracles attributed to intercession. After her husband Bhojraj’s death, she devoted herself entirely to religious pursuits and sang praises of Lord Krishna. If you thought superman existed only in DC comics, think again. Saints are holy people who are considered pious and virtuous in different religions and traditions. He traveled around the world and shared message of religious values. The next name on the list of most influential saints in world history is that of Saint Peter, one of the 12 apostles of…

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