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The fan is on in the living room reminding me of our pathetic and failing air conditioning unit. Be authentic. You’ve come to the right place! Yoga is about believing in YOU - your power, your energy, your abilities. This was pushed to the extreme when I became a new style of caretaker of two children with incurable illness and at the same time my own health was on the decline. I hear you, mama. Earned my respect so I be wit' paroos who be steppin' and rock with them niggas who crippin'. EVEN. When you do not love yourself and provide the self-care that you need then truly everyone around you suffers. Everything from your line of work, to cleaning your home, parenting your children and doing the things that you love. What was I lacking? This song was first teased on YSN Flow’s Instragram, when he made a video of him freestyling some of these lyrics while making a beat with his hand. The beginner online yoga program is not a prenatal focused program. ", "I love that this program is geared towards mamas and the intentions for each class are amazing! Allow the people who don’t fit in your life to move on. Such a simple concept yet it terrifies me. It’s about building new, I don’t believe in the pre/post baby body comparison and this program is focused on accepting, loving, and strengthening the body you have now. Permission… How far can you get if you just try? Hear me out, mama. Now, hold on, I am not referring to vanity here. What should my blog look like? Truth is, I hated myself and the life I feel I failed miserably at. NOT. I’m passionate about helping mamas glow from the inside out by giving them the tools to build a consistent yoga practice and self-love mindset. I had to learn to FLY on my own. So, what are you waiting for? Access to an online program you can do from home is only a small part of the challenge when it comes to creating a longterm health+wellness routine for mamas. I have discovered that I try to dodge that feeling and avoid it by giving in and giving up. This is exactly how I felt before jumping into this program, but that’s why I specifically designed the program to have shorter class times and light weekly schedule. Like you’ve got a little extra pip in your step. We’ll meet over video call once a week to map out your goals, identify your roadblocks, and create solutions and systems to achieve your goals. Don't do no acid but niggas they say that I'm trippin' 'cause I just been keepin' my distance I find myself stopping because I don’t know where to start a project. This is an 8-week program for a reason. Support group for women and moms of children who suffer from anxiety. Out of k-cups, I use the old coffee maker that is sputtering while making me a fresh brew. Try harder… what is wrong with you!? Now, hold on, I am not referring to vanity here. Yoga Mama Flow content is for informational purposes only. Absolutely. You’re sick of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and ashamed of your body and need an outlet to help release your anxiety and build confidence and self-esteem. Listening to the cue your body is giving you. Everyone has the opportunity to start fresh right here, right now. While I believe it is a good approach it is just not practical all of the time and it blocks the path towards our authentic selves. If you enroll in the wellness coaching + online yoga program, you'll have lifetime access to all classes and online content. This is also where the 1:1 coaching comes in - part of it is having built in accountability, but more importantly, you and I will work together to design the mindset and environment to make sure you can fit in your yoga on a consistent basis.

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