meaning of rockabye baby

A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, Originally titled "Hush-a-bye Baby," this nursery rhyme was said to be the first poem written on American soil (according to 1904's. It topped multiple international charts and, as of 2018, its video almost had 2 billion views on YouTube. One speculative theory simply holds that the baby in the song is this little guy, and the lyrics were a “death wish,” that the little Catholic prince would die and a Protestant king would ascend to the throne. Supposedly written in an English pub, the original lyrics served as a death wish upon the newborn prince in hopes the empire would be overthrown. Since he only converted to Catholicism in 1669, this theory holds that the baby boy was switched with another at birth, “to provide a true Catholic heir.” In this version, the bough and the wind still represent the Stuart monarchy and the Protestant wind, respectively, but the baby represents the country of England, “in dire peril from the conflict between these two opposing forces.” [2]. We've heard of artists putting their hearts into their music, but some take it literally. The chorus goes something like this: So, rockabye baby, rockabye Remember that Henry VIII (1509-1547) had only broken with the Catholic Church 150 years before, the Protestant wind that will blow the fleet of William over to Britain, The Alphabet Song is Based on a Tune by Mozart, The Author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb” was Largely Responsible for the Establishment of the United States’ Thanksgiving Holiday, The Song “Happy Birthday” is Copyrighted and Brings in About $2,000,000 Per Year to the Copyright Holders, The Disturbing Origins of 5 Common Nursery Rhymes, That Time Toilets Gave Away a Cold War Secret, The German Rocket Fighter that Dissolved its Pilots Alive, That Time Scientists Ran Experiments on Whether Pinching Someone in the Butt Could Cause a Nuclear Meltdown. Your email address will not be published. Take the quiz to find out! The first printed version from Mother Goose's Melody (London, c. 1765), has the following lyrics: More songs that are also the names of movies. Radiohead's "Paraonid Android" was written after a confrontation in a Los Angeles bar with an irate woman. Some theories aver that the rhyme has nothing to do with politics. Rock-a-bye is often used to mean the lullaby, “Rockabye Baby.” Rock-a-bye is also closely associated with lullabies and sweet dreams more generally. Rock-a-bye baby can also be interpreted as the moment of conception to birth; rock-a-bye baby on the treetop, refers to the fallopian tube‘s and eggs… when the wind blows the cradle will rock, refers to the woman breathing with contractions… when the B.O.W.

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