margate boardwalk

Learn how your comment data is processed. The seasonal residents should have a say in local issues and be given the right to vote when it is effecting our taxes and property values. They are drinking, having sex, jumping into pools ( trespassing). For all of us are walkers you would have another few miles of new territory to exploreAnd enjoy! Reality check folks. It certainly plays a large role in borrowing capacity. Instead of thanking me for participating &…, I love riding my bike in Ventnor& AC. After all, with all the planning and discussion, someone must have contacted the state and feds re: these subsidies. These possible grants, along with Margate’s excellent financial condition, would offset the many future costs of building and maintaining a Boardwalk. It would be a great asset. I would love to see this happen. Smarter protection. What a great idea. The boardwalk backers note that the project would include lighting, which it said is a well-established deterrent to crime. The bike lanes in Margate are often taken up by runners that use these lanes making bike riders moving into automobile lanes. No-brainer. “This leads us to wonder whether the city is making a good faith effort to have an honest dialogue, or are merely looking for ways to dismiss the idea.”. Yes, sea-view and breeze do count. The 3 Commissioners are not bound by the outcome. Every town needs a town square. Back when the Margate boardwalk existed, most of our beaches were much narrower than today. Those three turkeys are very thin skinned… especially the ragtime Mayor, Beth Holtzman. Almost half the beach is now wasted space. If that doesn’t work out, we should plant native vegetation in that spot like cape May, sea isle and Avalon so it looks more natural. The silver lining to that sad story? Today, if I want to see the ocean and horizon, I go to Ventnor’s boardwalk. Nothing more. On the boardwalk no cars, a forgiving surface, plenty of fresh air. Great idea. Example #2: Already existing jetties and groins can usually be rebuilt. They condemned and have taken the easement needed, to construct the current beach design. Some said residents would be opposed to it. The infamous Nor’easter Storm of 1962 took care of that last remaining section that extended south from the Margate Pier. Why hasn’t this issue been addressed. We can now build much better boardwalks. Makes it easier for those with walking issues, and families with children, wagons, strollers, etc. My family would love to have a boardwalk and it would make bike riding so much safer! THE 2ND HOMEOWNERS CAN’T VOTE. A boardwalk would be beautifully lit at night. THEY PROVIDE THE LARGEST PORTION OF TAXES PAID. A new Margate Boardwalk would enhance our beachscape. (like Ventnor and AC) These ramps would make beach access easier for everyone, especially families with kids, seniors, and those with limited or no ability to walk. This comes from increasing demand from second homeowners. Margate taxpayers could be on the financial hook for even more, unwanted dredging & sand-pumping. (AP Photo/Wayne Parry), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news.

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